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Tovnet is a unique combination of a security camera and a light bulb. It uses wi-fi technology to connect a camera to your device, smartphone, or custom remote to help you to monitor any room of your house with ease. This bulb fits into any light swivels and sockets so that you can adjust it as you like. This device has been funded by about 400 backers and it has raised more than their initial goal. Tovnet uses conventional light sockets to empower both the camera and the bulb. This product is said to be practical since it performs two functions - of a light bulb and a high definition camera. The latter can be used indifferent places such as backyards, day care centers, inside or outside your house and even in stores. This is a compatible since it can work well with both Apple and Android devices via a mobile app that can be easily downloaded. Both of the functions are completely independent, since Tovnet's camera and LED lights can be controlled separately. It means that you can record video with the light turned off and vice-versa.

The fundraising goal of the company is fifty thousand dollars. As soon as the company reaches this goal, they will include a reflective mirror cover to make the camera even more versatile. This will allow you to see around corners better. If they gather eighty thousand dollars in fundraising, a water proof and theft proof covering will be included for you light fixture. But who is the manufacturer of Tovnet? What is known about the company? The company's name is Tovnet CO., LTD. The postal address is: NKIC 312, 484, Tongil-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. Their telephone number is +82-232163983. This is a Korean company that is not very popular in the country. The official website is low-informative and provides little information on how the product is constructed. However, it provides some information about the features of the device. Let us discuss this aspect of the product, as well as take a look at what real customers are saying about their experience of using the device.

Customer Reviews - Does Tovnet Really Work?

One of the important features of Tovnet is that it is compatible with SD cards so any footage caught by the camera can be recorded and stored. The camera features audio and video recording with H2.64 video compression and shows video in high definition 960p. It also features infrared technology that gives an opportunity to record in the dark. This device features a built-in motion detector that can automatically start recording detecting any movement. When motion is detected you will automatically receive email notifications. The camera has a two way audio ability, which means that it can record your own voice or audio and have it projected through the camera system from far away. LED light of Tovnet has a timer function which enables you to set to have the light come on and turn off automatically. You can access this feature via the mobile application.

As it was already mentioned, this device is still in the fundraising process, which means that there have not been enough people who have bought or tried Tovnet. There few reviews available on how the product works in reality. The users disclose some negative aspects. The product requires a steady stream of electricity to record video, so your light switch will need to stay on and draw power all the time. This product does not feature an open API for security reasons, but the manufacturer has considered it for future business. Most customers complain that there is no enough installation information. And when they try to contact the company's reps, no one answers. The product does not have proper networking connection. Picture is ok but feed gets distrusted frequently. The device is not weatherproof. Some people confess that Tovnet never worked from the first day. No detailed instructions come with this product except for a web address, but it does not work. What is even more disappointing is that the buyers need to wait really long for nothing worthy. Is this device complete junk or is it worth the money? Let's find out by taking a look at some of the actual customers' reviews available online.

"After I finally received my Tovnet, I faced instruction difficulties. The set up instruction sheet that came with the product is too difficult to follow and even to understand. The Youtube video is narrated in poor Korean/English. I was not able to set the device up, so I can say nothing about its functionality. Do not waste your money."

"Tovnet is very difficult to install and set up. There were no instructions in the box to describe the process of setting it up. There is no one to contact to ask for help. I was able to get them set up using a completely different app which I downloaded using smart link. Another drawback is that the files are .hkv files. They are stored on the micro SD card and cannot be viewed on a computer. There is no converting service to convert these files to view. I cannot view them on my phone either."

"Even though I received tovnet just a week ago, I am sending it back. I cannot get it to connect with my iPhone or my Android. I spent three hours unplugging and resettling but I did not succeed. I tried to be patient, but this product is not worth the aggravation. I cannot recommend it to anyone."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Tovnet, this product does not seem to be as promising as claimed on the official website of its manufacturer. It is not easy to set up. Most people report facing problems with understanding the instructions that come with the program. This item is not compatible with ADSL/VDSL Wifi Router. The LED light can be turned on and off separately from the camera with the help of the remote controller that is included in the box. There is also an ON/OFF function in the smartphone's app. Tovnet CAM is compatible with a commonly used socket type (E26/E27). You can supply the power through the socket, so there is no need to connect power separately. The only advantage of the product is that the sensor in the device operates in infrared detection mode automatically in the dark. The video recorded by the camera can be stored on an SD card but the problem is that it cannot be watched on a computer and some phones. It should be noted that the SD Card is not included. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the device, I cannot recommend buying Tovnet online. I would advise searching for more cost-effective alternatives available on the market at lower prices.

Where To Buy Tovnet In Stores?

Tovnet can be purchased from the official website or from a number of retail stores. The cost may vary based on where you are buying the product. Amazon sells one unit for $130.00 plus free shipping. Which the company may ship the product for a month, Amazon promises to ship it within just four or five days.