TrackR Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY TrackR Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


It is no surprise that many people often have difficulty finding their wallet, mobile phone or keys in the modern busy life. Fortunately, today's market provides a product that will definitely help you find your items fast and easily. It is called TrackR and the device was originally founded in 2009 by the company known as Phone Halo. The latter specializes in producing low-energy Bluetooth dongles designed to determine the location of any item they are attached to. Each of such units works using your Android or iPhone smartphone. According to the company, they can help you find your wallet, purse, laptop, bike, dog, or almost anything else. The greatest advantage of the device is that it is thin, small and durable. It is also the simplest way to track your items and even if you lose anything again, TrackR will be useful again. The product has managed to raise more than $1.2 million online through Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns. But do these Bluetooth dongles really work well? Let's find out below by looking at the details behind how the unit works.

Actually, TrackR offers three dongles. The first one is StickR TrackR. This device has the size of a coin and is made of plastic with an adhesive to easily attach to whatever you wish. Wallet TrackR is a device that has the size of a credit card, it is ultra-thin and can slip inside your wallet or can be attached to any item. It includes sound alerts. TrackR bravo is the newest device constructed of anodized aluminum and attaches to your items. It can be placed into your wallet, looped through a keying, stuck to a laptop, or even worn around your dog's collar. Each of these options will work well in combination with the TrackR app available for Android and iPhone smartphones. The TrackR dongle will be connected via Bluetooth to notify you once it has been found. If you cannot find the item, you can try the audible "beep" function. It is important to mention that if your phone gets too far from an item you have the dongle attached to, TrackR will notify you for you not to leave it behind.

Customer Reviews - Does TrackR Really Work?

You can find not so many customer reviews about these dongles online, but the available ones appear to have a positive character. The users appreciate many features of the product. Let us have a look at least at some of them. When compared to the competition, these devices we have discussed differentiate themselves by applying the "Crowd GPS" technology into their units. Thus, even if you are out of Bluetooth range, you will get an alert of its approximate location. Even though the TrackR bravo was released in January 7, 2015, it has already received good reputation among its users, just like the Wallet and StickR models did. Among those who liked their TrackR devices, the most common compliments referenced the ease of pairing and setting up. However, there were some complaints regardless of the device model. The most common cited poor Bluetooth range. Some people found it to be in the 10-20 feet range, while the manufacturer promised 100 feet. The users are complaining about frequent disconnections too. Some customers got irritated with the constant alerts, even when their phones were within a few feet of the device. Nevertheless, in most cases, the location feature works properly.

One customer reports that he ordered a 3-pack of the basic TrackR Bravo, and it arrived in a week. The man does not understand all the one-star reviews. He ordered a silver device without any custom engraving and he is completely satisfied with his device. It works well, so he does recommend it to all of his friends. The company appears to be completely legit, and as such manufacturing functional and high-quality products. Nevertheless, before ordering any product online it is recommended to do a thorough research first. To learn more about the device, it would be useful to take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

"Track R is a great product! I ordered my devices during the Black Friday sale. The box arrived quickly, and the units were very easy to setup. I use them all the time myself and I gave a few as gifts to my friends. Everyone of them was impressed, and likes them very much. I did have some problems getting my separation alerts to work, but the representative of the customer service responded right away and helped me to solve the problem. I am planning to buy more devices soon. Christmas is coming!"

"I own several Trackr devices and all of them work great. I don't know what one-star reviews are all about. It is true to say that the vast majority of testimonials on one site are negative. What a cunning model to profit off your AdSense campaign by trashing a legitimate business. TrackR offers high-quality product and I do recommend them to everyone."

"My TrackR device works pretty well. In fact, I ordered three units but I received six. It was a pleasant surprise, though. As soon as I received them I tried them on several items including my wife's purse and my remote control. I found that these devices worked as advertised. No problems with connection at all. These units also look very nice and seem to be durable."

My Final Summary

If you often lose small items such as your keys, phone or wallet, TrackR devices can help you stay more organized. However, you need to keep in mind that these devices may not be very useful for you. As they use Bluetooth for functioning, the TrackR app will only show the location of the item if it is too far from your device. You may need a few minutes to establish proper connection with the dongle. The app can send a "beep" to help you find the lost item. So, you will find the necessary thing much faster than you would go from room to room around your house looking for lost keys or anything else.

The company has recently released a great number of their devices to the public, so you are free to choose the model according to your needs and desires. Like most high-technology products, TrackR proves to work as well as advertised by the manufacturer and will certainly help you find any item you attach it to. The company itself appears to be constantly improving creating the devices that may be ideal for tech-savvy people. Do not wait until the technology passes you, but order TrackR today.

TrackR Pricing and Rates

Each of the three dongles cost differently. One-device pack of StickR is priced at $24.95, while a two-device pack costs $39.95 and a ten-device pack is priced at $149.95. You can buy one-device pack of Wallet for $29.95, two-device pack for $39.95, and a four-device pack for $79.95. Bravo One Device Pack costs $29, Two Device Pack can be purchased for $49, Five Device Pack is priced at $95, while Ten Device Pack costs $99. You can also order an accessory pack (metal loop, pet collar, and waterproof shell) for $19, and custom laser engraving for $10. The bravo's major color is steel, but it is also available in rose gold, black, or sky blue for an additional $5. The official website of the company offers free Standard shipping within the USA. All purchases arrive within one-three weeks of ordering.