TripLog Reviews - What Is It?

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TripLog is a mileage-tracking application specially designed to help self-employed people, freelancers, and regular employees to track the miles they drive for their work and business. This is one of few apps in the mileage-tracking space that was designed to simplify workers' life who had to write down their mileage on forms and spreadsheets in the past. The company behind the product started in 2013 and is based in Seattle at present. The company was founded by Ted He, who is its CEO now. Before starting the company, he was a consultant at Marriott and an enterprise architect at GEICO. This type of apps was created for tax purposes and is said to be valuable to drivers who use their cars to get to their businesses and don't get compensated for these miles by the company. TripLog app promises to help you in this problem. Let's see how the app works.

To understand how the app actually works, it is a good idea to download it first and use a 30-day free trial. It takes a minute to sign up for this app. You will have to provide them with your name, email address, password, and your postal address. This information will be kept in TripLog's cloud and. Then you will be asked how you want to track your miles. This is when you will have to choose from five different options. First, it uses your car's Bluetooth to learn when you are driving. Second is Magic Trip that is the tracker that starts and stops automatically. iBeacon is a tracking device that needs to be plugged into a USB outlet in your car. Manual requires you to tell the app when to start tracking. Finally, Plug-N-Go plugs into USB and tracks when the veicle is going faster than 5 mph. iBeacon is claimed to be the best of all of these options. But you will need to buy a beacon separately. The app recommends a unit that costs $29 on Amazon.

Customer Reviews - Does TripLog Really Work?

Most people choose MagicTrip because it starts automatically and does not require any additional equipment. After choosing your tracking method, you will need to enter the vehicle you will be driving and the odometer reading. Your trips will be logged as soon as your account is set up. You will be able to view all information about your driving and related expenses. You will be able to track your fuel consumption. To do it you will need to add how much gas you purchase. The menu of the app has a page where you can see the deduction and reimbursement rates for business, medical and moving trips. The mileage deduction and reimbursement rate for business trips is currently $0.545 per mile. Based on the reviews from real users, the app is really automatic. Once you start driving, you are informed that the app is tracking your trip. TripLog will calculate your mileage, unless you choose to manually enter your trips. The screen lists trips and you can verify it any time you want. The app recognizes stops, logs the addresses of where you start and stop, as well as the odometer reading.

The screen of the application has the option of creating return trips or merging trips, all of which could be helpful if your phone unexpectedly died during your stop and the app could not track your trip back home. The app allows you to make changes to your trip on the fly. All you will need to do is to tapping the "Edit" option that can be seen when you expand the notification informing you of the start of tracking. The available edits include: the car you are using, the beginning odometer reading, choosing the purpose of the trip (charity, business, medical, etc.), and adding tags or notes to classify the trip. TripLog seems to offer all the most important customizations and edits you may need to get trip data and mileage. But what about public opinion on this application? Is it as effective as claimed by the official website? Let's check it out.

TripLog received an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 1,300 reviews on third-party websites. We are talking about the newest version of application. Its previous version had an average rating of 4.3 stars based on over 5,500 reviews. The iTunes store gave the app an average rating of 4.8 stars. Many people report that the app works fine if you drive for business only. This "bug" needs to be fixed very often! Some users complain that it is very cumbersome to use. At the same time, the app is not intuitive at all. One user failed to lock it onto GPS and could not figure out how the app works at all. He says that it is much easier to write down mileage. Do other customers find TripLog as useless? Here are several actual customer reviews.

"TripLog is an unreliable app. I lost all of my data! I think my carrier- was appalled. The customer service is unresponsive. I contacted them via e-mail and did not receive a response. Then I called at the number and got a message that they were unavailable. I also left several messages but got no response. I can't believe I paid for this app $15. Do not use this app ever!"

"I downloaded the Trip Log app and I liked it at first. After three weeks I paid the $3 fee and signed up. I faced repetitive monthly charges to my bank account. I only received a receipt from the company. Last week TripLog cut my service off saying that my "Trial Expired". I can go online and see a receipt for my payment. There is no phone number on the site, so I tried to contact them online but in vain. I stopped my reoccurring charges with the bank and I am happy I did not pay in advance."

"Triplog is a rip off. I tried its free trial at first and I liked it. Then I decided to pay the subscription. Now I need the data for taxes but I cannot find it anywhere. It is difficult to reach the company's representatives. I don't know what to do. Do not use this app and don't deal with the company."

My Final Summary

Based on everything that we have researched about TripLog, it should be pointed out that it is not as great as promised on the site. The app provides a set of features but very often it fails to work, according to some users' reviews. Thus, the major downside of this app is its functionality. This app is not intuitive to use. With a great variety of other apps available over there, it seems that TripLog is not the best option. It is up to you to decide which app is the most suitable for you; however, based on all advantages and disadvantages of TripLog, we cannot recommend it to usage.

TripLog Pricing and Rates

TripLog is not just a mileage tracker. It offers different reports and performs many functions. Thus, your monthly payment depends on the number of features you get. The free version is different than the free-trial version. The latter lasts for 30 days and involves a Basic membership that generally costs $2 a month or $20 a year. But the free version gives you as many trips as you want but you can use only manual tracking. The tax documents prepared by the app are not as extensive as those of the other tiers. The app won't back up your trips to the cloud automatically. Basic package costs $2 per month or $20 per year. You can choose from five tracking methods with this option, as well as some significant upgrades. Professional package is available for $3/month or $30/year. It provides all the features of Basic plus a number of tools for business owners who need regular reports about their trips and mileage.