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Instead of attending many different booking websites available on the internet, you can use the service of Trivago, a company with an official website that claims to be the largest information and hotel search website in the world. It allows you to compare hotel prices gathered from more than 200 booking websites. In this way, the company promises that you will have a chance to see more than 700,000 hotels, and to save about 35% compared to booking your room through a hotel. With this company, you will save both your time and money. Let's look at the facts to find out more. As Trivago gives you an opportunity to compare hotel deals not only across the USA but also around the world from more than 200 booking websites, it can be a perfect starting point for live travel research offering anything from low-cost hostels to expensive suites. The company claims to have a million searches every day and more than 45 million monthly users.

When you are looking for hotel rooms, Trivago works in two basic steps. As soon as you come to their official website, enter the city where you would like to book a hotel room together with the date of your visit. You can search for a room by filtering by distance to facilities (gym, pool, etc.), attractions, price, number of stars, etc. The company is associated with more than 82 million hotel reviews from people who have used their services. There are more than 14 million property photos that can be used for making an informed decision about what place to visit. Each listing in your search will display the hotel's name, the city it is located in, up to six prices, which booking website provides the price, average user rating, and a picture of the room. If you have found a property you have been looking for, you can click on the View Deal button. You will be directed to the booking website that has this very room. If you want to book your hotel room from this site, remember that the transaction will occur between you and the booking site.

Customer Reviews - Does Trivago Really Work?

The company is headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, and was founded in 2005. This American company is based in New York and holds a B rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are only two closed complaints about the company. There are numerous online customer reviews about Trivago. They have a very mixed character, with the most common complaints regarding changed booking dates. The customers would find a hotel they were looking for, click on the View Deal button, and make their reservation through the third-party booking website. They often see that the dates would be changed and that the price increased significantly. A few customers, as well as hotel managers noticed that the company would list the wrong prices per-night. For instance, Trivago might show a hotel normally being $300 per night, but available at a reduced rate of $230. But the reality may be that the normal prices at the hotel are actually $235. Nevertheless, you are saving at least some money.

Some people complain of lost bookings. They say that they have made a hotel reservation, but when they contacted the hotel manager directly to confirm, it was shown that no reservation was processed. If this happens to you, call the company customer service and you will have your issue resolved immediately. This occurs due to a third-party vendor's error in most cases. Fortunately, the customer service of Trivago is very responsive and is always ready to help you. Their customer service department works round the clock and has good reputation among clients. In general, the customers of the company seem to be pleased with its work and services. But to get a better idea of what kind of experience people usually have with it, let's take a look at the actual customers' testimonials left online.

"I love Trivago very much and I have used their services for a few years already. I book hotel rooms via this company quite often. It saves me a lot of time, as I don't have to review dozens of other websites. Recently I booked travel for the South Caribbean and was very satisfied with what I received. I could not be happier with the service and the price. I had no problems with booking on their official website. Once I called their customer service and it worked great for me. Thank you very much. I would recommend this company to my friends."

"I have used trivago many times in order to find rates for rooms in different hotels of the world and had luck every time. The only warning I have is that the provider should be thoroughly selected. It is not always good to stick to the lowest rates. The company offers a lot of benefits including the ability to cancel your booking on short notice with no penalty. Many other websites have bad restrictions, so it is important to be careful. To avoid any problems ensure that you read everything before signing up through the website."

"At present I am satisfied with Trivago, especially with their friendly staff and perfect service. I have always received the best bed and great food through this company. I am going to stop at the hotel via this company next time too. They have met all of my expectations. Thank you very much. I would undoubtedly recommend this company to all of my friends. Don't hesitate and address Trivago, you will not regret."

My Final Summary

With this in mind, Trivago seems to be a worthy hotel booking company; however, you will need to remember the following things. The company aggregates hotel deals from more than 200 third-party booking websites (e.g. Expedia,, Agoda, etc.). What they do is display the deals in an easy and readable format, in this way, saving a lot of your time. So, you won't need to visit any other booking websites individually. In addition, Trivago is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews. The majority of clients are pleased with the services offered by the company. However, there are some annoying things about the company. They tend to be sending advertisements to their customers. From the professional point of view, there is nothing bad about it, as you stay informed of any booking news on the official website. There are several minor customer complaints from unsatisfied customers. These included incorrect prices, changed booking dates, and lost bookings.

The greatest advantage of Trivago is the responsive customer service that employs representatives always ready to help their clients resolve any kind of issue. What is notorious about the company is that even if their customers have any complaints, the customer service is always there to help. Some errors with booking hotel rooms may occur due to the fault of the third-party. Trivago really offers good reservation prices, so that you can do the reservation based on any dates you need. Taking into account all pros and cons, this company can be recommended to usage.

Trivago Pricing and Rates

Trivago is completely free to use. You are not even required to sign up in order to use their service. The reason is very easy; the company aggregates hotel deals from many other booking websites such as Expedia,, and Agoda. Each of these sites pays the company a commission for the referral.