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True Nutrition Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY True Nutrition Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

True Nutrition is a company that manufactures and sells protein powder and other health products directly to customers. This helps them to enjoy certain unique features at a reasonable price, as the manufacturer claims. The main advantage of True Nutrition is the ability to create your own custom blends of proteins. They contain popular vegan ingredients like brown rice protein, pea protein, etc. For most people, it is easier to pick a ready protein powder, rather than make it for themselves. The company offers a variety of products, even though it is not a very well-known manufacturer of the US. Vegan Protein Optimizer formula is probably one of the most prominent pre-made options, so we are going to focus on this product in our review.

The manufacturer of the product carries the name of True Nutrition and has an official website. The latter is not information enough in terms of the products' ingredients but it provides information on the location of this business: 1211 Liberty Way #B, Vista, CA 92081. Their site's address is admin@trueprotein.com. The company has been in business since 2001. The President of the company is Mr. Douglas Smith, while its Co-Owner is Mr. Dante Trudel, General Manager is Mr. Carl Manes. The company promises to offer products of high quality and with minimalist packaging style. They can customize almost every product for their customers. They offer customized protein powders, amino acids and pre-workouts in nearly every flavor. They also allow you to select the intensity of the flavoring or whatever protein source you wish, ranging from pea protein to grass-fed whey. Let us take a look at the ingredients in True Nutrition products.

Ingredients of True Nutrition - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the company offers a wide variety of dietary supplements for you to choose from. There is Female Post Workout Protein with Aminos in Cafe Mocha flavor, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein High Grade in Very Vanilla flavor, and BCAAs in plain flavor. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein High Grade in Very Vanilla flavor is a protein that has good macros and is not very expensive. It is claimed not to clump and to have good flavor. However, we have some doubts about the superior quality of this supplement. The manufacturer does not provide exact ingredients and their amounts used in this supplement, which makes it unreliable.

True Nutrition

Female Post Workout Protein with Aminos in Cafe Mocha flavor is a product that needs to be taken when you finish your workout. It contains both amino acids and protein. We are also not aware of the dosage information. Amino Acids in Plain Flavor do not have any flavor at all. While some users don't like this feature about the product, others on the contrary appreciate it. These amino acids are versatile as they can be easily mixed with anything you like. For example, you can mix your amino acids with either lemon water or peach mango tea with caffeine.

According to webmd.com, there is insufficient Evidence for the effectiveness of Whey Protein for improved athletic performance. One broad research shows that taking this product in combination with strength training is able to increase strength, lean body mass, and muscle size in young adults who are relatively healthy. Taking whey protein can also improve recovery from exercise and running speed in untrained adults. But this product does not improve recovery or running speed in trained athletes. Whey protein doesn't seem to boost muscle mass or strength in overweight men with high cholesterol levels. The upper mentioned products seem to be harmless but let's check it out by taking a look at possible adverse reactions.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of True Nutrition products does not describe possible health risks associated with taking Whey protein. This product is considered to be safe for most adults when appropriately. High doses of Whey protein can cause nausea, increased bowel movements, thirst, cramps, bloating, reduced appetite, headache, and tiredness (fatigue). Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid taking whey protein, since there is lack of reliable information about the effectiveness and safety of this product in these periods of life. If you are allergic to cow's milk, do not use whey protein.

There is a limited number of customer reviews about True Nutrition products. Many of the users are not satisfied with mixability, saying that too many "clumps" are formed when making a protein shake. You are recommended to follow the directions on how to use protein powder correctly. Many customers do not like the taste of True Nutrition products, while some find it quite drinkable. The only way to check whether you like the taste of the product is to buy it first. Some consumers found it rather thick, almost a jello-y texture. There is some chalkiness and aftertaste even though it is not too strong. The nice thing about the product is that you could get a higher intensity of the flavor. Let us take a look at the real customer reviews available online.

"I ordered one True nutrition whey protein product with flavors added. Next order of mine was the unflavored whey protein, so that I could add my own flavor and control its intensity. The product should have had a "mild milky flavor" but not bitter taste. I ordered two pounds of the product and used only two scoops. The product tasted bitter and rancid. I had to throw the rest in the trash."

"TrueNutrition was completely unusable because it could not dissolve in any liquids. The product did not work as advertised. I requested a refund but they refused to give my money back. According to them, I could not get a refund because I had already opened and tried the product. I have bought similar products from both Vitamin Shoppe and GNC and if the product doesn't work they will at least exchange it for something else."

"I live 97 miles away from the True Nutrition Company and it took eight long days to get my order from them. When the product arrived I was disappointed with my purchase, since it had awful smell and texture. I wanted to return it to them but was denied. I feel being pissed off as a customer. Do not buy this product. The company's customer service is terrible!"

Where To Buy True Nutrition?

The products of this brand can be bought directly from the official website. Customized products will be more expensive than standard proteins. The prices of proteins differ ranging from about $7 per pound to about $28. They will be more expensive if you add any additional ingredients. If you order 3 lbs, you will get three bags that are 1 lb each. Ordering more than 5 lbs, you will get 5 lb bags. The red price on the site is the "bulk" discount price that you get ordering more than 16 lbs. It is actually 5% off. The Vegan Protein Optimizer formula has a price of $9.99 per lb. Shipping costs $3.99 flat rate in the U.S. It is about $30 to Canada.

My Final Summary

Overall, TrueNutrition products do not seem to provide the highest quality, as promised by the manufacturer. Custom tailored products are extremely expensive. The company doesn't spend tons of money on packaging or anything. The customer service department works terribly, based on real customer reviews. You will not be able to get your money back in case if you are not satisfied with your purchase. True Nutrition proteins do not mix well, and while the taste is often not appreciated by the customers. The company offers products of several flavors for you to choose from. With all these disadvantages in mind, True Nutrition cannot be recommended to usage.