TrueCar Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


TrueCar is a company that was founded in 2005 and is located in Santa Monica, CA. Its primary goal is to simplify the car buying process making it fair and fun. The consumers are free to locate trustworthy dealerships and establish fair prices. The company intends to do this by issuing localized price reports for definite vehicles. These certificates can be then taken to a TrueCar Certified Dealership in your location. According to the company's official website, its certified dealers have already sold more than one million automobiles, and have helped customers to save more than $2.3 billion with an average of more than $4,000 in savings per transaction. The company also partners with a wide variety of organizations, such as Consumer Reports, AAA, and USAA to educate consumers on the ways to get a pleasant car buying experience without any hassle. TrueCar holds a B-rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are only two closed complaints within the past three years. Besides, the company has more than 36,000 likes on Facebook, and about 10,000 Twitter followers.

When you use for the first time, you might notice that it works similar to some other auto pricing websites like NADA and Kelley Blue Book. But unlike those choices, less than 25% of auto dealerships in the country have met the TrueCar's strict membership criteria. Few of them are certified by the company. It means that only these Certified Dealerships will be shown in your search results. To start using the site, you will need to choose a car's model and make, and enter your zip code. The company's staff will redirect you to an area that contains such details as average price, MSRP, your target price, and a loan payment calculator. To enter the "Dealer Pricing" page, enter your first and last names, your email address and your physical address. Your target price will be visible. You will also see the distance to TrueCar dealerships that have a car that matches your needs. Click "Next" and you will land on a page where you will be able to print your TrueCar certificate and contact the Certified Dealer you have chosen. You can refine your car's specifics, such as color, important features and even your purchasing strategy. You will have to enter an account password.

Customer Reviews - Does TrueCar Really Work?

There is a great number of online reviews about the company and the services it offers on the internet. The consumers tend to lean toward a pleasant and fair experience they had with TrueCar. There are however some complaints. The major one was that dealerships did not honor the certificate price. At the same time, the customers are satisfied with the ease of the whole procedure. The company describes each step in detail which makes it fast and easy. After you have applied for a definite vehicle, be sure that you will get an email from the company almost instantly. You will get further information on how to finish the buying process. You may get several emails in your inbox. This is a normal thing for cooperation with the company.

After the above steps are complete, you will see your complete TrueCar certificate with your personal information including your name and address, name and address of your Certified Dealer, and your vehicle's make, year, model, and other important features. You will notice the following statement near an official-looking barcode and certificate number: "TrueCar estimates that [User Name] will save at least [Average Savings] on ANY in-stock [Vehicle Year, Make, and Model]." At the bottom of the page step-by-step instructions will be depicted. Follow these instructions and ensure that you will be obliged to pay only the "target price". You will see the information on the fees you will need to pay for your new vehicle. However, you will be given an opportunity to negotiate the price you are ready to pay for the chosen car. For instance, the initial price offered by your salesperson may be $22,000 but you can get the deal down to $20,000. Remember, the higher the price of the vehicle, the higher interest you will need to pay. The company earns money by getting a commission from each deal. Many consumer advocates recommend not buying any additional protection from the dealership. It can be expensive and unnecessary. But if your dealer insists that you buy supplemental protection, just go away. If the deal is real, they will call you back. Let us take a look at what real customers of TrueCar think about their experience with this company.

"TrueCar is a great company that offers wonderful deals. Personally, I got the best deal on my car through their application. It took me just a few hours to choose and get the car I wanted. Fortunately, the dealer agreed to sell it to me for the price depicted on the app. I had talk to the dealer and was satisfied with his politeness and professionalism. In general, this website is worth using if you are looking for a good inexpensive vehicle. I do recommend it to my friends."

"True Car is a perfect way to buy a car. I have used their website twice in the last six months. At first I bought a new 2015 MINI and recently I helped my son to buy a 2016 VW Jetta. In both cases, the process and experience was pleasant and fast. I saved more than 10% on the MINI buying it at $1000 discount from the dealer cost. My son saved almost $5000 on the Jetta. Both of us are so happy! We faced no hassles and finished each of the deals in an hour. I highly recommended this website."

"Truecar matched me with the dealer really quickly. In fact, I was offered a few dealerships at first, and then I compared them and chose the one that met my need best of all. Some of the dealerships did not have a car in stock and suggested me something else. It is not the company's fault, though. As a result, I purchased NYE Toyota, Oneida NY. The staff employees were honest and straightforward. I think I got a great deal! Before buying a car, make sure that car salespeople are honest and TrueCar matches to the dealerships."

My Final Summary

TrueCar appears to be a legitimate company with great passion for offering transparent and easy car purchases between buyers and auto dealerships. The majority of consumers who have left their reviews online really appreciate the service provided by the website. The overall customer feedback appears to be very positive. Each customer has an opportunity to lower the vehicle's price when cooperating with the dealer. It is a great advantage for them. Unfortunately, there are no details on how dealerships become certified but their selection criteria are very rigorous. These dealerships then train their sales assistants. The training process is completely legitimate.

If you are looking for a new or used car, TrueCar is at your disposal. This company tries to do their best in order to make your overall buying experience as pleasant as possible. The most useful feature of the website is your ability to see what other consumers in your area have paid for their cars. Buying a car on this website you are not going to spend too much money, as the process is usually very fast and easy. All you will have to do is to sign up for the website, enter your information, print your certificate, and work with only Certified Dealers. With this in mind, I would gladly recommend TrueCar.

TrueCar Pricing and Rates

The website can be used completely free of charge. It can help you to save about $4000 on your next auto purchase. The company earns money by getting the commission from dealers.