TruGreen Lawn Care Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

TruGreen Lawn Care

All of us would like to have blooming and attractive lawns near our houses. But many factors often interfere with our efforts to do so, including lawn damaging insects and unpredictable weather. If your lawn needs ongoing attention, TruGreen Lawn Care may be very helpful. This is the system that will help you to take care of your lawn. It is developed by TruGreen, a company offering science-based solutions for your healthy and green landscape. You will be taught how to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients, to moisturize the soil, etc. TruGreen has a number of lawn care plans designed to meet the needs of your lawn based on the science of plant's life. What is important to note is that the company has more than 35 years of experience. So, it has PhD-certified specialists who can properly evaluate your lawn and suggest science-based solutions that would perfectly meet the specific needs of your lawn's for each season of the year.

TruGreen Lawn Care offers Healthy Lawn Analysis designed to evaluate your soil condition, climate, grass type and the ways you use your lawn. Agronomic experts are aware of the conditions in your region, so they design services for your lawn depending on threats and needs in your area. According to the Healthy Lawn Guarantee, TruGreen experts will gladly come to see your property to ensure what you want and that you are satisfied. You are going to get the best lawn care advice as the company's specialists go through a special training program that ensures that they develop their skills. They receive annual recertification to be aware of the latest lawn care products, techniques, and equipment. If you have any questions you can call at 800-464-0171. The headquarters of the company are located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. CEO is R. David Alexander. The company was founded in 1990.

Customer Reviews - Does TruGreen Lawn Care Really Work?

TruGreen offers different lawn care plans each of which provides lawn care tips and lawn care services that will make your lawn alive again. TruMaintenanceSM Lawn Plan includes the essentials to promote a nice lawn free from weeds. This plan presupposes the use of a slow-release fertilizer that stimulates the density, growth, and green color of plants. Weed control protects your lawn from weeds. TruHealthSM Lawn Plan provides essential nutrients, protection, and balanced soil for your lawn. This plan is added with soil amendment to create a rich soil base and to improve the effectiveness of your plan. The third plan is called TruCompleteSM Lawn Plan. It provides the same services plus lawn aeration to provide you with the greenest and thickest lawn possible. TruNatural Lawn Plan consists of 100% natural fertilizer that improves natural growth and lawn density. The customer may request a hand-detailed weed application that has minimal impact on the environment.

You can find a lot of customers' reviews online. Most of them are saying that they are pleased with the work of the company and the results they saw on their lawn. One man writes that his yard was a complete mess of weeds and bare spots. He addressed many companies who said that it would be difficult to create a good batch of grass. But due to TruGreen Lawn Care this man received a wonderful yard after only one short season. Another customer writes that these specialists perform the service flawlessly and on time. They provide their clients with the information sheets containing recommendations for mowing, watering, weeds, etc. The aeration service also proves to be very beneficial. The third customer says that he had bare spots in his yard for many years before TruGreen company started their work. Within a year, all bare spots were gone. The client is happy with your service and now recommends the company to other people.

The neighbors of the fourth customer are going nuts wondering how the man got his grass so luscious and green. TruGreen has completely changed the look of his lawn on the block. He is happy that he doesn't have to do anything on his own and worry about spilling fertilizer. This company can rejuvenate any lawn. All of those people are sure that this is a first class company who do a professional job. TruGreen Lawn Care aims to meet any needs of your lawn, from turf to trees and shrubs. They offer scientific solutions to give the best lawn results throughout the year. All this is backed with their TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee. Let us have a look at a few reviews left by the customers of this company.

"I have always been satisfied with the great TruGreen Lawn Care Service. The service technician used to come to apply fertilizer on time. Once, when I told him that I was going to have my grass cut, he postponed our meeting without any problems. He was ready to rearrange his schedule. It is really difficult to find service like that. Now my lawn looks perfect. I want to add that the service people are always fast and gladly give me consultations on my bill. I haven't had any complaints yet. All of my visitors are amazed with my lawn. Thank you very much."

"Tru Green Lawn Care specialists did an outstanding job. I can confidently claim that their professionalism is exceptional. Due to their remarkable work, my lawn has completely recovered from the stress because of temperature fluctuations and cold winter. I am going to have additional weed and fertilizer applications next year. My friends are sure that my lawn looks much better than last year. I am also pleased with their service group. The specialist always comes on time. He is professional, friendly and does his job quickly. I think this company deserves the money they bill. Our specialist was so attentive that he even closed and locked the gate to the backyard. It is important to us as we have two small dogs."

"I am very happy with TruGreen LawnCare and my new lawn. I hired specialists from this company a few years ago and I have had a greener and thicker lawn since then. They always call me to remind me of the planned meeting with the specialist. The man always rings my doorbell and does not enter without permission. The specialist also informs me on what kind of treatment the grass will receive. The man also lets me know of what job has been done. He always takes care of solving possible problems and answering my questions."

My Final Summary

Overall, I can gladly recommend TruGreen Lawn Care as this service can take proper care of any lawn. With this service, you can be sure that your lawn will stay protected from any disease throughout the year, from any threats carried by unpredictable climate conditions. The specialists working for the company will immediately improve the growth of your lawn, promote its repair, fertilize it in a proper way and provide lawn aeration. Your lawn will always be rich with nutrients and moisture to a deeper level, through soil aeration and fertilization. The specialists know how to fight against different lawn-damaging weeds and insects, with proper weed and insect control. TruGreen also offers many other lawn maintenance services.

Where To Buy TruGreen Lawn Care In Stores?

If you would like to order TruGreen services, it is better to call them or via the official website. A certified specialist will visit your home as soon as possible and offer you lawn care services. Any of the upper mentioned plans require your first application which costs $29.95.