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Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a relatively new clothing styling service for both men and women. It has similarities to Stitchfix in some issues, for instance, that subscribers need to fill out a detailed style profile which will be used by your assigned stylist in order to select clothes, accessories, and shoes for you. You will have to pay a $25 styling fee which is credited to anything you will keep. The company claims that the clothes and other items they put into their boxes have high quality. Usually the items in each box tend to reflect the style preferences of each client. The representatives of the company also try to meet individual budget of every customer. At the same time, the contents of boxes may be completely different! So, you never know what you will receive next month. The majority of customers confess that they are always looking forward to what they will see in their boxes.

The Trunk Club is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews in which people report high quality of the contents in their boxes. The suitcase trunk itself is made of thick cardboard. It features a handle at the top that can be used for carrying the box everywhere you go. It is very convenient. In general, Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company. As a rule, they send similar brands the price of which ranges from $75 to $300. When filling your style profile, you will be able to choose the preferred price range for every category (for instance, $50-100, $100-200, or $200+). If you don't like anything in the box you can send it back to the company without any fees. In order to better understand whether the service is worth paying for let us take a look at the customer reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Trunk Club Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, Trunk Club has a lot of testimonials from real users on different websites. The majority of these reviews appear to have a positive nature. The customers are pleased with the idea of the service. Many people find it very useful because they simply do not have time to go shopping. Besides, it is always interesting to be looking forward to a surprise in the box. According to the reviews, the items arriving usually have good quality and reflect modern fashion tendencies. Each box comes with a packet of information (including stylist's recommendations) and shipping materials for what you may decide to return. The stylist tries to meet your fashion preferences and chooses clothes, boots and accessories depending on the current season. So, you are unlikely to receive a swimsuit in the middle of winter. You price preferences will also be taken into consideration.

One client of Trunk Club writes that when she originally filled in her style profile, she was matched to a stylist named Kaley. They discussed the woman's profile and she shared her on her Pinterest board for inspiration! Recently the woman mentioned that she would be traveling to Europe and would like to get some nice vacation options. Stylist Kaley sent her a preview, which was very kind of her. Thus, the woman was able to remove items she didn't need. The stylist included replacements instead. The box contained the list of what was sent, as well as the pricing in case if she decided to keep anything. There was also a list of instructions of what to do next. Within five business days the woman could try everything on. She shipped back two things she did not want to keep. It should be mentioned here that you can ask to extend the trial period if you need more time.

Another customer boasted that she received really cool things last month including gladiator style sandals made from the soft gray leather. They were super comfortable and had an inside zipper that makes them put on and take off really easily. The shoes had high quality and the price was corresponding. The woman also received Sam Edelman Paris Backless Tassel Loafers ($129.94) and she could not refuse from them. Even though she doesn't typically wear shoes of this style, she decided to keep them. She appreciated the stylish color. Her box also contained an instruction for returning the items and a prepaid shipping label. Let's see what people tell about Trunk Club Women's Clothing Subscription in their reviews.

"My husband and I had a perfect experience at Trunk Club. We purchased several items but since my hubby is 6" 5' we had some of the pieces customized. They turned out wonderfully and fit him ideally. It is a convenient way to get personalized clothes. All of the items had high quality and exceeded our expectations. The service is designed for those men that experience difficulties finding "off the rack" clothes. It is more expensive but it is worth it. We were amazed with the hospitality of our stylist Kimberly (Kim). Thank you so much!"

"I have had excellent experience with TrunkClub and I liked just everything about it - custom gear, great tailoring, and stylist's advice. I have always had trouble finding large fitting clothing, so it is a wonderful option for me. I was pleased with the professionalism and care of my stylist Annalise. She knows exactly what I want and what I need even asking me. She is a real master of her craft! But be prepared for spending more money than just on shopping."

"I decided to write this review because I really enjoy my experience with Trunk Club. I continue using this service and I am going to do it further. It is suitable for those who want to look great but don't like to go shopping on their own or usually get very frustrated by shopping for clothes just like I do (not fitting appropriately, size out of stock, wrong color, etc.). I was assigned an amazing stylist named Molly Rose. I love her work because she understands me without words."

My Final Summary

Trunk Club is a nice place to shop if you need customized clothing and a professional stylist's advice. It is a good option for those who want to change their style. Your stylist will take your measurements and help you to pick out different patterns. A good stylist will manage to make you go out of your comfort zone. You should not be hesitant to try something new, but be bold enough in your outfits. Most customers report that every time they had something to keep. This service is not for people who are looking for a sale but it is for someone who is willing to look their best.

If you hate the idea of standing in crowded lines to get some cheap clothing, Trunk Club is for you. It will help you find your particular size, style, and color. As a specialist I like this idea of going shopping with this service. I felt it is nicely curated and is able to meet different needs for vacationing or traveling. You will always find a suitable option for each shoe or clothing category. The price points are well balanced too. I can definitely recommend Trunk Club because it is an easy and low-risk way to open high-quality brands for every person.

Where To Buy Trunk Club In Stores?

It costs $25 to use the club's service each month. This styling fee is credited towards any items you decide to keep. You don't have to pay for the shipping and returns. The products you will receive each month include clothing, accessories and shoes. All items are selected by your stylist based on your style preferences and budget. The company ships to 48 states for free. Customers from Alaska and Hawaii will need to pay shipping and return fees.