TubShroom Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you have ever shared a bathroom with a woman you have probably faced the problem of clogged drains, huge pools in your tub, mold development and expensive troubleshooting. Lots of long hair in a bathroom may require hiring a plumber whose visit may cost you half a month's rent. However, there is a better option for you to choose. It is the TubShroom for just $13. It is a strange-looking device that will save your money on the plumber. The item looks like a little rubber mushroom and is used to prevent clogging of drains by stopping hair from going down the drain. This device is easy to install: it is suitable for any standard 1.5 inch by 1.75 inch bath tub drain. Even if you've got a metal catcher above the drain, it is not a problem. You can remove it with a screwdriver and place the TubShroom instead. The item will catch hair and prevent your drain from getting clogged. It is recommended to take the TubShroom out once a week, to remove the hair and rinse it with running water. Then you can easily place it back in the drain. You will spend only a few minutes on cleaning it and returning it into a like-new condition. The manufacturer also offers a few other options for your kitchen sink, bathroom, shower drains, and stopper drain covers to keep drains in your house free from any hair.

At the moment, TubShroom, it has over 3,887 customer reviews on Amazon with the average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. 71% of users gave the product five stars, which is a very high rating. This means that it is a trusted product. The majority of users love how the TubShroom works. It catches even long and thick hair in an easy way, keeping drains clear of hair, mold and bacterial. Some reviewers use the item when washing their dogs to catch their shedding wool. As a result, they can enjoy not only clean pets but also clean drains and happy roommates. Using the TubShroom is a great alternative to the drain cleaning chemicals with a terrible smell. Many of those products are simply ineffective and you may be literally pouring your money down the drain. The manufacturer of the TubShroom promises that it will not only keep your drain unclogged and your shower clean, but it will help you to maintain harmony in relations with people you share your bathroom with. To understand whether TubShroom really works as effectively as promised, let us take a look at what actual users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does TubShroom Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, there is a great number of customer testimonials about TubShroom on third-party websites. Most people are satisfied with the work of the device saying that it is easy to use, simple to clean and has a good price. The item is so easy to use that you will just need to place it inside your drain in the bath tub. If there is a cover in your drain, you can remove it with a screwdriver within a few seconds. Afterwards just check the device every other week to see if any hair has been gathered. The TubShroom is also simple to clean. Just lift it out of the drain and remove the gathered hair with a toilet paper or a paper towel. The hair will come off in one swipe without creating a mess. The process is generally neat and fast. This anti-hair device has some other benefits too. Despite its small size, it is more effective than other hair strainers or drain protectors. The latter only take too much room without providing much help. TubShroom always gets it right. And many users can confirm this fact saying that the unit works great. It does require regular cleaning but the procedure is relatively easy. One woman reports that if you have short hair you will need to clean the unit every month, while the owners of long hair may need to clean the TubShroom every week or two.

One customer writes in her testimonial that she has been using the device for about six months and has been pleased with the usefulness and the quality of the item. She also purchased two more items as gifts for her friends. The woman confesses that at first she was skeptic about TubShroom but upon trying it, she fell in love with it. The customer herself has long black hair that often clogs the drain. She she removes the TubShroom, she can see all the hair wrapped around the base. The hair is easy to remove. The customer highly recommends this device to her female friends. Another customer writes in her review that TubShroom is just like advertised by the manufacturer online! This item catches the hair even if it is short! She uses it all the time when she takes the shower or when she bathes her my dog. Because of the dog she used to face clogged drains very often, which made the water run down very slow. As a result, she had pools of water in the bath tub, so she needed to empty it in some way to get rid of the hair that stuck because of the slow moving water. The woman also had trouble with soapy residue. However, she found a great solution. The TubShroom works perfectly. Gone are the days of manual cleaning the tub drain for a long period of time. The device sits well in the drain, just as advertised. It does not interfere with water flow at all. It is also effortless to clean. The woman waits until nobody has had a shower for hair to get a bit drier, then she collects it with her fingers without even using a paper towel.

One more customer agrees that TubShroom is a great thing. She says she has been growing her hair out longer lately and it tends to get stuck in the drain, causing clogs and interfering with proper water flow. The woman claims this little guy catches every hair going down the drain. One thing she does not like, though, is that she now has to clean it more often because of her longer hair. Now clogging happens more quickly than before but still it is easier to clean the hair off this item than to have to call the plumber and pay them a lot of money. Overall the woman is quite pleased with the unit and would recommend it to anyone who faces a clogged drain due to hair. Let us read some more testimonials left by true users of TubShroom online.

"I tested out TubShroom when I was bathing my dog. The device collected all of the hair and soap grime. It was easy to remove my dog's hair from the item. I cleaned it thoroughly with water and soap inside out once in three days. The only drawback was that I had either to get a rag or a brush to clean within the item, which could take a bit of time (about three minutes). The item helps me to keep my tub clean and free from hair for. Within a few months it has not worn down at all. I would recommend this product to every household."

"I bought my TubShroom because I feel disgust when I see long hair. I had to call a plumber from time to time. I recently came across this product when I was browsing the internet. It works great when catching every hair. It easily pops out when I need to clean it. For me it is more convenient to use this item than to dig out yucky stuff from the drain. I bought the TubShroom from the manufacturer and I am really pleased with how it works. I have been using it for several months already."

"TubShroom is the most effective hair catcher I have ever used. The only thing I don't like is that I need to clean it after each shower. The matter is that I have very long hair and I tend to lose some during the shower. Nevertheless, I am pleasantly impressed with the item. It does work as it should. You clean it when the hair in it is still moist. This is probably the cheapest and the most effective product I have bought. It is up to you, though, whether to buy it or not."

My Final Summary

Despite the fact that we live in a modern world we still face a lot of challenges every day. One of them is cleaning clogged drains; however, this problem can be easily solved with the help of the TubShroom, a bathtub hair stopper that fits well inside any modern shower tub drain. It works by gathering all hair that is making its way down the drain. You can be calm knowing that the device works perfectly for all kinds of hair - pet and human. It prevents you from the need to pay high bills from the plumber as well as from using harmful chemicals that can damage your pipes and harm your health. The TubShroom has a number of benefits. It is long-lasting and features a durable construction. It matches almost any bathtub and looks pretty well. The unit is easy to use, to plug and to clean. The device features an award-winning technology. According to the manufacturer's claims, it has protected more than three million drains worldwide. It will be a great option for everyone who has long hair or who lives with long-haired people or pets. Unlike traditional plugs, TubShroom does not go over the drain, it fits inside instead and neatly collects hair. The product is available in five colors: organic green, autumn orange, marine blue, clean white, and neutral gray. It fits any standard 1.5-inch Tub drain, but it is not suitable for shower stall drains. The device is associated with a great number of customer reviews from people who have really used the Tubshroom. They are mainly positive and back up high quality and effectiveness of the product. It can be easily ordered online and usually arrives within three working days. The item does not interfere with the water flow. It is rather affordable and is not expensive when compared to the competition. With all pros and cons in mind, we can highly recommend the Tubshroom to everyone who faces clogged drains.

TubShroom Pricing and Rates

The revolutionary tub drain protector and at the same time hair catcher called TubShroom can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from some retail stores. At present, Amazon sells the unit in blue color at the price of $14.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. The product can also be found in a number of other colors.