TuraPur Pitcher Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY TuraPur Pitcher Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

TuraPur Pitcher

The TuraPur Pitcher water ionizing system is claimed to enrich water with hydrogen and high levels of antioxidants. The manufacturer promises that your water will smell and taste better, but what is more important is that it will help you feel more energized, get healthier joints and more radiant skin. You can visit the company's official website and find enough proof that this system can make you feel and look younger, as well as revitalize your cells from the inside out. But what exactly can you expect from drinking TuraPur Pitcher water? Will you find its price reasonable? How does the system provide healthier water? Let us discuss these important questions right now.

It is important to mention that the TuraPur Pitcher is one of the two different filtration systems manufactured by TuraPur. Another one is a Countertop model. Today we are going to focus on the first system. It is made of BPA-free plastic and is claimed to filter water over three stages. The first one is a layer of NSF-certified activated carbon. The second one is a layer of ion exchange resin that removes unpleasant tastes and odors, as well as softens your water. The hydrogen is responsible for enriching water using infrared ceramics, magnesium, and tourmaline. Besides, TuraPur Pitcher produces water around 9 pH, it fits in your refrigerator, and can be taken with you for picnics and trips. This 3-stage filter does not require assembly or installation.

Customer Reviews - Does TuraPur Pitcher Really Work?

There are not many users' reviews on the TuraPur Pitcher, as the product is relatively new. However, it has gained positive reputation among its users. Most people who have tried the system are pleased with the results they received. The company has made a number of scientific claims providing enough evidence of the high quality and performance of the product. It is mentioned that part of the system is made of metallic magnesium, which reacts with water and releases hydrogen gas. The latter dissolves in water within a minute. This reaction takes place only when the water is in the cold surrounding. It means that the system should be kept in the refrigerator. You should be aware of the fact that several other manufacturers produced hydrogen-freeing, alkaline-inducing water pitchers. Some of the models include Anself, Pitcher of Life, and The Alkaline Water Pitcher. Be careful with these systems as there is no evidence of their safety and quality.

The TuraPur Pitcher is manufactured by Laissez Faire's Living Well, LLC, who also produces a collection of nutritional supplements meant to support joint health, brain health, and more. The company is headed by Nate Rifkin, a specialist who has devoted many years to the development of water filters and nutritional supplements. The man got into the industry after he met a man who looked no older than 30 but was 50 in reality. Nate says that this man revealed his secret of youth - usage of an electrolysis machine that made water rich in hydrogen. Nate sampled the water and checked its beneficial properties. The man's system cost $4,000 at that moment, but Nate created a cheaper machine that worked much of the same. He named it the TuraPur Pitcher.

One man who has used the device claims that it lives up to advertisement. He was a little skeptical at first. Then the man found the paper about hydrogen reducing inflammation and oxidation. And he decided to buy it. Another man from America also shares his experience online. He is a massage therapist by profession, so his joints get quite a lot of workout. He has had increased inflammation in his knees, hips, hands, elbows as well as muscle cramps in his back and legs for the past ten years. He discovered that freshly juiced celery helped to reduce inflammation and magnesium intake helped the cramps. He also bought the TuraPur Pitcher and started to use it every day. The man consumed at least a gallon of water per day. The results were impressive. The man even had to get his wedding ring resized as he got rid of so much swelling in his hands. He stopped suffering from cramps in his legs and back, had his libido and energy levels increased. Let us have a look at some actual online customer feedback in this review.

"TuraPur Pitcher is a great system. I have been using the device for over six months, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The water has no smell and tastes so much cleaner. Now I drink water with pleasure and I consume much less tea and sodas. Probably, this is the main reason why it helps me to relieve my acid reflux a lot. Besides, the water really tastes better. I hope to lose extra weight soon."

"Tura Pur Pitcher is a wonderful product. I received it only two days ago and am already pleased with how it works. I prefer to add ice cubes to the container. Even tap water tastes good. I have noticed that I stopped drinking so much soda. I take some cold water with me wherever I go and I feel fresh and filled with energy. Another benefit of this system is that it allows me to save a lot of money on bottled water and sodas."

"TuraPur pitcher is a very good device. I have been distilling water and added minerals to it but it was too bothersome for me. Now, having this system, I can just pour some tap water into it and enjoy the results quite soon. I am satisfied with the system; it produces tasty and healthy water. By the way, the removed material from water looks like diesel fuel, so you can imagine what you are consuming every day. Order the pitcher and drink clean water rich in minerals."

My Final Summary

Everyone knows that it is very useful to drink plenty of water. Water takes part in energy levels of the muscles and body in general, calorie control, healthy look of skin, proper kidney function, etc. Drinking alkaline water can be very helpful for reducing of symptoms related to acid reflux. Based on the professional feedback and available clinical evidence, hydrogen-infused water is really beneficial. The good news is that the TuraPur Pitcher can help your water smell and taste much better. Avoid buying cheap charcoal pitchers online or at nearby retailers to avoid fake products.

The only disadvantage of the device is that no refunds are available if you are not satisfied with the product. It is not very cheap, but, as users' reviews show, the system deserves your attention. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the TuraPur Pitcher, I can say that this system is worth spending the money it costs. You will not only look much younger, but you will also feel healthier and more filled with energy.

Where To Buy TuraPur Pitcher In Stores?

TuraPur Pitcher is priced at $69.95 plus $4.95 shipping. If you need to replace your filter, a new one will cost you $17.95. Three filters can be bought for $49.95, while six filters cost $97.95. You will also add $4.95 for the shipping. The TuraPur Pitcher comes with a 3-year warranty for free replacement of possible defective parts. No refunds are available.