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If you have always dreamt of cruising Route 66 not in a standard sedan, you can greatly benefit from Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service similar to AirBnb. The only difference is that instead of allowing hosts to provide spare rooms, your idling assets can be transformed into an earning machine. If you need wheels, the company promises to provide you with them. This is what differentiates it from the standard car rental service. No matter whether you need an F-150 truck on a moving day, a classic VW bus to have a picturesque road trip or a Tesla for a unique weekend away, Turo will help you rent the car and have a fun adventure. Those who have already rented a car know that the process involves fair share of hoops. Who hasn't ever worried about a scratch left on a rented car? What can be done in this case? Is there any coverage offered by the company? Let's take a closer look at whether Turo provides enough support to the client who wants to get you into the driver's seat.

Renting a car with the company is very easy because they have an easy and comprehensive website. You will need to sign up for the service with Google, Facebook, or your email. Then your identity and eligibility need to be confirmed for you to become an approved driver. You can use also use Turo's app or their official website to enter your preferred travel location and dates for locally owned cars. As soon as you find a vehicle you like, you will need to request to rent it. You can be either confirmed or declined, but in any case you will know the decision within eight hours. Some cars are available immediately due to a "Book Instantly" badge. The company operates in more than 2,500 cities and 300 airports of the country, so the chances that you will have an opportunity to rent a vehicle with Turo are very high. The company claims that they offer a good choice of hundreds of unique cars suitable for every budget and every occasion. You will be able to save with this company as they offer their services at up to 30% less than traditional agencies. The service is accessible to everyone in the USA, so you will also have a chance of booking a car from home or on the go.

Customer Reviews - Does Turo Really Work?

Turo promises that picking up a vehicle from them is unbelievably easy, so that any owner may deliver their car to you. In addition, the company claims that all you have to do is check the car, show them your license, take the keys, and just drive away. That is all! When you are done, it is important to replace the gas you have used, do another walk around the vehicle, and hand over the keys. The company is associated with a great number of customer testimonials on the internet. These seem to have a mixed character; however, the number of positive ones prevails significantly. Turo has a little more than 700 reviews from users on Yelp in their two major hubs, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In both of these locations, the company has received an average rating of four stars out of five.

But it would be wrong to say that Turo has positive feedback only. There is negative feedback too. In fact, if you look at Los Angeles reviews, you will see that the company has some complaints from customers. Bad reviews mainly revolve around poor customer service. Thus, one owner says that his car was damaged by the user but Turo refused to cover repairs. One renter reports that he was charged for cleaning the car. As a specialist, I can say that if a vehicle gets dirty due to the renter's fault, it is their responsibility to clean the car at their own expense. Some clients report that they found it difficult to reach the customer service when they needed it. Nevertheless, in most cases, the clients are highly pleased with the staff of the company and their work. Some of the negative reviews seem to be fake, as they depict identical situations. A renter should remember their own responsibilities. Thus, if you are an owner of "Premium" Package, you will be charged $500 if damage is reported. It means that if your rented car gets a flat tire when you are using it, you will be responsible for fixing it or prove that it is the result of preexisting excessive wear or a defect. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left online.

"I absolutely love turo app and that the company does not require any security deposits required by traditional car rental companies. It is very convenient! They offer a plenty of choices with diverse price points, proximity to your location, car type, etc. I can contact the customer service via phone, text or email options. The only disadvantage I have noticed is the inability to talk to a representative from the company in the midst of an emergency but their official website contains topics you can sort through every now and then."

"Turo is a wonderful service that connects me with good opportunities to visit a new place in the country. I have used the service two times now and stayed satisfied with everything. Communication is the major benefit provided by the company and they provide many different ways to do so. I especially liked Nathan, one of their representatives. He was a great communicator, true professional, and did everything he could to please me as a client. I loved the car. I would definitely recommend them and I will definitely use their service again."

"Turo is a great car-renting service! I recently used their app to rent a car for a few hours on a weekend trip. When we needed to take a trip nearby, it was an inexpensive and convenient way to do so. The app guided me through the whole process and was extremely simple to use. I am looking forward to using their service again! By the way, this is a great platform for people with cars to earn money! Thank you for responsive customer service!"

My Final Summary

Turo is an excellent concept in the field of car renting in any part of the country. It is known for proper providing a desirable service. Vehicle owners need to consider sharing and realize the real value of their vehicle. It means that renters should get many "before" pics when giving the keys to a new driver. The renter is recommended to do the same to avoid being charged for any pre-existing damage. Also you should study their coverage FAQs before using the service.

The company works in a fairly straightforward manner, no matter you are a car owner or a renter. The official website of the company is very comprehensive, so you are not expected to face any problems. Turo has a great number of positive reviews from satisfied customers. What the clients like is the responsive and professional staff. Generally, the company can be recommended to using by anyone who would like to rent a vehicle or has a spare car and wants to earn some money.

Turo Pricing and Rates

If your car is collecting dust, the company will help you to earn money on it. For instance, a $18,000 car could earn $5,781 over 15 days of sharing per month. Drivers who leave their car at Los Angeles and San Francisco airports for two weeks can earn at least $425 a month. Speaking about renting a car, you will need to choose any of the packages. The cost of renting a car is based on the model of the vehicle and on the period of time you will be using it. "Premium" Package will cost you $500 if damage is reported. There are also "Basic" Package and "Decline Coverage" Package.