TushBaby Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE TushBaby Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


TushBaby is an original hip baby carrier that is USA safety certified. This product is claimed to be seen on Good Housekeeping, Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, Redbook, Parents Magazine, Woman's Day, Daily Mail, Cheddar, Best Products, etc. The item is manufactured by the company based in the USA but it is not so reputable as to be fully trusted. They claim, though, that their priority is the baby's safety. This carrier is lightweight. It weighs less than one pound. It features a diaper bag with large storage pockets, so you will not need to take an additional diaper bag with you. TushBaby is claimed to be a very durable product that will serve you for a few years. It is suitable for newborn up to three-year old toddlers (or 44 lbs). The item features four positions: feeding, front facing, side carrying, and face to face.

The product is approved by pediatricians (for babies), and chiropractors (for adults). There is an ergonomic seat that puts your baby's hips in the proper M position. It also reduces spine curvature for grown-ups, which can be painful for some users. The modern market offers a number of cheap imitations, so you should ensure that you are getting an original product. A fake baby carrier is not safety tested for the USA market. Is TushBaby premium hipseat really able to change the way people carry their babies? The seat is lined with memory foam that provides optimal comfort for your little one's hips. There is also a supportive belt that is meant for even distribution of your baby's weight. The large storage area within the seat can be used for keeping diapers, changing essentials and wipes, while side pockets can be used for your phone, keys and wallet.

Customer Reviews - Does TushBaby Really Work?

TushBaby is advertised as a super baby seat by the manufacturer. The official website praises the product in all possible ways saying that it features big storage bag, is lightweight and compact, is safety certified, durable, is made by the American company, is comfortable and doctor approved. But in reality it is not as perfect as claimed by the manufacturer, based on real customers' testimonials. During our research we have encountered a lot of user reviews on third-party websites. While some people are pleased with their purchase, others are not. They are not satisfied with the item's quality, functionality, price and customer service offered by the company. Let's read what people are saying about their experience of using the product.

One woman writes in her testimonial that she hoped to get a high-quality product, but she received an absolute crap. As soon as she took the product out of the box, she saw glitter on its portion, and it smelled strange - like rancid. It was terrible. The woman also says that no matter how tight she wraps it around herself, the seat bends under her one-year old son (he is 22 pounds), or wraps being angled downward. The woman feels that her son is in danger of sliding off. This makes the product totally unusable. The customer is going to return it back and to get a much cheaper Bebamour hip seat. She says that there are similar products for just $10.00. it is definitely wiser to purchase a cheaper model, not the one for $79.99.

Another buyer reports in her review that TushBaby does take the strain off the back and arm but it is still uncomfortable. She says that when she puts her daughter on it, the seat digs into her side and into her stomach causing discomfort and even pain. The user also had to make the belt very tight to prevent it from slipping down, otherwise the belt slides down all the time. Even though the product helps to alleviate pain in one place, it causes pain in another part of your body. This woman definitely does not recommend this product to anyone. Some customers consider TushBaby to be a good idea. For instance, one woman saw it on Shark Tank and decided to try it as her baby was getting heavier at that moment. She ordered one item, which arrived in a week. When the customer started inspecting her purchase, she quickly realized that its quality left much to be desired. It would be good for a baby sit that costs $10, but not $80. It was so awkward for the woman that she ended up returning it. She simply couldn't justify spending $80 for the purpose. The customer adds that it was just her personal taste. Who knows maybe some other buyers will like the product. Let's read the reviews from those who have tried TushBaby and see how satisfied they were with their purchase.

"I was very excited with ordering the TushBaby baby carrier, so I spent more money on this item. In reality, Amazon offered much cheaper options at that time. We were disappointed to see a tear (see picture) directly out of the box. Now I am worried about the safety and quality of the product in general. It can be unsafe for a child. I am going to return it to the seller. Don't waste your money."

"TushBaby is a too expensive product for what it offers. Even with this carrier you still need to make sure that your baby is secured. You will still have to hole your baby with your arm all the time. I don't see the need for this stuff, so I plan to return it. I will buy a baby wrap which is more secure and leaves your hands free. Besides, it is several times cheaper. I know how to spend my money wisely."

"TushBaby is a poor baby carrier. After wearing it for just a few minutes, it gets very uncomfortable. My baby starts to get irritated too, mainly because she can easily slip out. I have to constantly keep a firm grip underneath the seat; otherwise, my baby will slip out. This makes my hand hurt a lot. Ii is not worth the money."

Where To Buy TushBaby?

TushBaby set includes Buckle with Two Safeguards, Loop for Toy Attachment, Side Zipper Pocket, Button for Easy Fold Up, Anti-Slip Fabric Patch, Phone Pocket, Storage and Front Pockets, Memory Foam Lined Seat, YKK (the best) Zippers, 47" Adjustable Waistband. Amazon sells TushBaby (grey in color) at the price of $79.00. The shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the TushBaby baby seat, this product does not seem to be a worthy one. It is not as functional as promises by the manufacturer. The item's quality leaves much to be desired. It is also not comfortable. While the baby can sit on this carrier, you still have to hold your baby with one arm. As a result, your arm starts to ache a lot. Besides, the seat itself tends to dig into your side causing discomfort and even pain. The child feels this and gets irritated too. The product can give awful back strain too. It is not suitable for very heavy children due to the safety concerns.

So, the concept of the TushBaby is great but the product is not. According to many customer reviews, using this baby carrier can be really exhausting, especially if you have a heavy infant. Some mothers report that their backs start hurting so bad that the only thing they want is to get rid of the item. The belt is so stiff that it drags the weight on your back. In fact, nothing supports the seat but the belt. The carrier bends down from the baby's weight causing even more discomfort. Changing positions doesn't seem to help much. With all these drawbacks in mind,I cannot recommend the TushBaby. There are more comfortable baby carriers available on the market for you to choose from. They also come with big storage pockets for diapers and other vital things for child care.