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Twinkle Play Tents

Twinkle Play Tents is a tent for children. It includes an interactive LED which creates a light show inside the tent. A star-shaped LED fluctuate colorful patterns to the sound of music and vocals. The official website of the product is It was registered in July 2017, which means that the product itself is quite new. There is not much information about the manufacturer of the product online. The company has the name of Jay at Play. The postal address for the customer service and returns is 3PL Worldwide; 500 Bic Dr Bldg 4; Milford CT 06461. Customer Service Email is If you have any concerns or questions you may just call at the phone number 8664271649.

The official website claims that Twinkle Play Tents will light up once your kid enters them and starts making noise or just moving. Unlike tents for camping, these items are meant for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors. The product comes in two styles. When choosing a tent, you will have an opportunity to select between the Dragon's Lair and the Princess Palace. Each of the options will offer your child an opportunity to use their imagination. The tents are big enough to give space for two adults, so parents may join their kids, too. Children can dance along to the music and the light show when they enter the tent. Sound and motion sensor automatically turns off with inactivity. LED light operates on three AAA batteries which need to be purchased separately. The product comes with a convenient storage case. The tent itself requires some assembly.

Customer Reviews - Does Twinkle Play Tents Really Work?

If your children like tents this product may be a perfect gift for them. It comes in designs for girls or boys and includes a star that features dancing lights. Before using the tent, you will first need to assemble it. It is comprised of a thin fabric and plastic frame that makes up the outer shell. Hang the electric star in the center of the tent. You will need to buy three AAA batteries. This star is motion and sound activated, so it will start its light show when your kid enters the tent, and it will switch off automatically when no motion or sound is detected. The star also reacts to sounds, so the music may be playing in the background. Generally, the tent has a simple design, and aside from the star, there are cheaper indoor tents ($18 model, without a star). It appears that you are paying roughly $25 for the star only. It's quite expensive. Some consumers may have problem with the price and may seek out less expensive options. One can even create a DIY version with a traditional tent and a disco ball.

There are currently limited reviews for this product available online. This may be due to the fact that people simply are not buying Twinkle Play Tents or it is still a new item on the market. Some people mention in their testimonials that the product has an idealized advertising. In reality, Twinkle Play Tents are much simpler. Most kids quickly get bored with these tents and move onto something else. You may try the product if you think your children will like it, though. But many buyers say that it is not worth $50. According to the official website, Twinkle Play Tents are also available at Walmart, but it does not appear anywhere on Walmart's website. People experience difficulties finding this product in any nearby stores too. Many of them have to wait until it arrives in Walmart to buy it; however, they often experience high shipping costs and delays. Another complaint is that the tent of this kind is difficult for kids to assemble. They will certainly need the help of their parents before starting playing with it. Younger children should be supervised by gown ups when using the tent for safety measures. Twinkle Play Tents feature LED lights inside. Even though they are claimed to be safe and cold to the touch, it is still better to keep an eye on your child.

Many customers feel disappointed with the fact that the company offers just two types of tents. These include the Dragon's Lair and the Princess Palace. So, in fact there is no choice at all. Boys will be left with a Dragon's Lair, while girls might prefer the Princess Palace. The manufacturer says that each tent has a generous size, but in reality it is not as generous, based on customer feedback. These tents are even smaller than camping tents of the standard size. They are not big enough for a few kids. Adults and taller children will not be able to stand still; they will have to crouch down. Each tent is about four feet tall. It is a big drawback. Each purchase includes a carrying case that can be carried with you conveniently; however, many customers report experiencing difficulties folding the tent. Let us take a look at the actual customer testimonials available online.

"I bought two Twinkle PlayTents, one for my daughter and another one for my son, but I am not quite happy with them. I can't fold any of them back into a bag. That's just impossible no matter how hard I try. I twist an item in the middle forming figure 8, then I fold it in half again but it still doesn't fit in the bag. My kids don't play with the tents anymore and I need to store them. Can anyone help me?"

"TwinklePlay Tents are not worth the money they cost! These are made from cheap materials and poles seem to break very soon. They are flimsy. We purchased another tent at Walmart for just 15 dollars and it is much better than this one. I am thinking about sending it back but I am not sure whether they will give me a refund. The star turned off and won't turn back on. My children are disappointed and I regret this purchase. I expected a better tent for over $40."

"I don't like Twinkle Play Tents. It was not a problem to assemble a tent but it is difficult to fit it back in the bag for storing. I am not pleased with the fact that there are no online videos for how to fold this item to put it away. It should be kept in mind that if your kids trip over the pole, it will break in half. My kids were so excited the first night that they tripped falling into the pole across and bent it. We tried to make it straight again but in vain. It is certainly not worth $40."

My Final Summary

Twinkle Play Tents feature a number of negative points. The first one is that the product needs to be assembles, which can be too difficult for a child to do. While it is stated on the official website that you can play music in your tent, there is no information on where that music will come from. It means that you might have to provide your own music. It could take a while to create a suitable playlist. You will need to buy CDs at the store or online or download tunes. Another drawback of the product is that it does not include batteries. You will need to buy three AAA batteries separately, otherwise the light won't work. This may take some of your time too. Many people complain of facing a problem when folding a tent and fitting it in the bag. What is good about Twinkle Play Tents is that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, there is no zipper on the front flap, so your kids won't be able to hide from rain or wind. Remember that children will require adult supervision when playing with the tent. Taking into account all pros and cons of Twinkle Play Tents, I cannot recommend these tents to buying, especially when it comes to their too high cost.

Where To Buy Twinkle Play Tents In Stores?

One unit costs $39.99 plus $8.99 shipping for a total of $48.98. It can be bought on the product's official website, but these products are currently sold out. Even though the website states that they are available at Walmart, they are not. At present, there is no way to buy Twinkle Play Tents. If you are interested in the product, you may call the company and ask when they will be available.