Twisty Petz Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Twisty Petz Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz are wearable collectible toys that transform from cute jewelled animals into a shiny necklace or bracelet with just a pull or a twist! There are over seventy sweet Petz that can be collected including unicorns, ponies, kittens and tortoises. These toys are manufactured by the company called Spin Master that has recently entered the business, thus is badly known in the country. This manufacturer also offers some other products of the kind. Unlike other collectibles, these toys can be used as jewelry. Twisty Petz are sold on the official website of the company. They come in several different packs including the single pack, three pack (with surprise collectible) and the four pack with a smaller baby named Petz and a nice jewelry box. The company claims that all of their Petz are so beautiful that you will want to collect all of them. But why are they so good?

According to the manufacturer, Twisty Petz are not just non-moving collectible toys. These are multi-purpose fashionable that can be worn and rolled into one. The toy features a simple concept. All you will need to do is twist the beads together to make a pet and pull the ends away to separate the beads. To make a nice bracelet you will need to connect the head and tail. If you have many petz already, you can interlock them to make one large necklace. It should be kept in mind that the Twisty Pez babies won't fit with the petz of a standard size. They come with different sized connectors. These toys are so small that you can put them in your pocket and take them with you as travel companions. Little children love to fiddle with these Twisty Petz. You can take them on holiday and even to play with them on the flight.

Customer Reviews - Does Twisty Petz Really Work?

Twisty Petz are claimed to be the glitzy bracelets that can be worn and transformed with a single twist! Each set includes four Twisty Petz made of dazzling gems; a sparkling jewelry case and a sweet charm. To create a bracelet, you will need to connect any two toys together and clip on your charm. This bracelet can be worn by a young lady with any outfit. Whenever she wants to play, she can simply twist her bracelet into an adorable animal. It can be a kitty, puppy, panda or a unicorn! When not playing with your pets or wearing your jewels, keep them safe in the case that has a gem shape. This case features a glitter-flecked lid, and a stylish interior allowing you to store your Twisty Petz. You have an opportunity to collect 24 animals and create attractive bracelets or backpack accessories from them. Explore charming possibilities of these toys.

There are not so many customer reviews about Twisty Petz on third-party websites. However, not all of them are positive. Let's take a look at wat people like about the collectible bracelet sets they have purchased for their kids. These toys are sparkling, small and adorable, which is why they are appreciated by little girls. However, some kids may find it difficult to connect two baby toys together and may need the help of an adult to transform them into dazzling necklaces, stylish bracelets, or trendy backpack decorations! The toys are available in different kinds of dazzling finishes, so you may collect various cute animals. The toys are so small that they should not be given to children under three years of age. There is chance of choking. Another advantage is that the kids may carry Twisty Petz with them wherever they go and even trade with friends!

The product is associated with a great number of complaints from real buyers. They say that the set is too tiny, so that it is difficult to even imagine who it would fit. This was one of the reasons why many buyers sent it back. Another common complaint is that the product broke within just a few days. It means that its quality leaves much to be desired. One customer reports that the string on the item is not durable at all. His daughter loved it but even when she used in a gentle manner, it didn't hold up. He says that they ordered a bigger one from another brand and that bracelet is holding up well. There are several reports that the toy arrived opened and damaged. One woman wrote that the company sent her the wrong one. She ordered one panda/puppy and one panda/kitties. Instead they sent her two panda/puppy ones. Another customer reported that it was impossible for her kids, dad, and other family members to accomplish. So, they tossed it aside. Some of them would not snap together because of the big knot, others would not stay in the necessary shape because the string was either too long or too short. Several users complained that they could not fit a toy back together after it is a bracelet. In general, many of those people who have bought Twisty Petz confess that they would not get another. It is time to take a look at some actual customers' testimonials.

"Twisty Petz is a fine product but, to tell you the truth, you will not get what you are paying for. These tiny toys are not worth the money they cost. I ordered two sets and only one of them was the correct set. I would not recommend buying these toys. They are too cheaply made but are expensive. Beware! I think, Amazon should get a handle on this and not advertise this product."

"I purchased these Twisty Petz for my seven-year old daughter because I had seen an attractive commercial for the items. I can say with confidence they are not what they are advertised to be. In reality, these "babies" are so tine that you would need to have extremely small hands to ever twist them back into shape. I was frustrated at the low quality of the product. Total waste of money!"

"Twisty Petz are too tiny figures, and it takes at least three of them to make one bracelet for a small child. They are also hard to use when it comes to twisting them back into the animal shape. You need to do a delicate but rather strong pull on both ends. My kids have good motor skills (ages 7 and 8), but they were annoyed with these toys and gave up. Besides, once you pop them open to create bracelets, they don't stick together securely enough. One head tends to pop out almost every time. In short, they are too small, too cheap, and don't work well. I would return them but I have already opened the package!"

My Final Summary

Twisty Petz are associated with a great number of disadvantages. They have low quality and may break after just a few hours of playing with. These toys contain small details, which is why they should not be given to children under three years of age. It can be dangerous for their health. The manufacturer does not mention what materials these toys are made from, which does not allow us to determine how safe they are for kids. Another complaint about Twisty Petz is their high price. In general, they do not cost the money. They are so small that they are almost impossible to use and play with. You will need at least three animals to make a bracelet for a kid. You can save your money and buy a better toy instead. Since many customers were not pleased with their purchase, they ended sending it back. The only advantage of these toys is that the whole collection contains 24 items. Taking into account all pros and cons of Twisty Petz, I cannot recommend the product to purchasing.

Where To Buy Twisty Petz In Stores?

You can buy these lovely toys from the manufacturer's official website or from some retail stores. The cost may vary from store to store. Twisty Petz (4-pack unicorns and pandas collectible bracelet set) is priced at $7.00 plus free shipping. It means that you are going to pay almost $2 for a tiny plastic toy, which is rather expensive. For the same money you can buy a much better toy for your kid.