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University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded by John Sperling in 1976 with a goal to help working people receive higher education. It works by offering local campuses that are easy to access, as well as convenient class schedules. Since 1995, the University has offered online studying, which gave it a good position in the industry of distance learning. At present, this institution is considered to be the nation's largest private university with 100 physical campuses throughout the U.S. and more than 300,000 students visiting their online classes. Despite this, the college claims to have just 14 students in one class on the average. According to the official website of the university, in addition to the possibility to attend classes whenever you wish, one of the biggest advantages offered by the college is that you can earn a degree created for the career you are interested in pursuing.

Besides, University of Phoenix features eCampus that promises to offer you the ability to do research through their University Library. You will be provided with a wide variety of methods of communication, tutorials, productivity tools, practice tests, and even testing your knowledge using "virtual organizations" and simulations. This institution is a perfect option for a working parent who has decided to improve their career by getting more knowledge in a definite field. University of Phoenix is also a good choice for a recent high school graduate or an individual who is not interested in studying in a "traditional" college. In any case, University of Phoenix can be the right variant for you due to the number of reasons. The first one is the variety of degrees offered by this higher educational establishment. The second is an overall positive online reputation among customers. Let's take a closer look at both of these factors.

Customer Reviews - Does University of Phoenix Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the University of Phoenix offers such basic programs as associate's, bachelor's, master's, MBA, and PhD. You can also receive certifications in the following areas: Business (Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Organizational Leadership, etc.); Advanced Studies (Educational Leadership, Philosophy in Nursing, Educational Technology, Organizational Psychology, Health Administration, etc.); Health Sciences and Nursing (Health Information Systems, Healthcare administration, Science in Health Administration, Nursing, Health Education, Family Nurse Practitioner, etc.); Criminal Justice and Security (Institutional Healthcare, criminal justice administration, Public Administration, Human Services, Concentration in cybercrimes, etc.); Education (Liberal Studies, Elementary Education, Special Education, Adult Education/Training, Teacher Leadership, Higher Education Administration, etc.); Humanities and Sciences (Communication, English, General Studies, etc.); Information Systems and Technology (Information Systems, Management, Advanced Networking, Information Technology, Mobile Development, health Care IT, Web Design, Programming, Networking, Multimedia and Visual communications, etc.); Social Sciences (School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Management, Behavioral Health, Family and Child Services, Industrial Organizational Psychology, etc.). It should be remembered that not all programs are available online. Because of this, you are recommended to read through the University's Degree Programs page and check whether the program you are interested in is available in its virtual variant.

According to the official website of University of Phoenix, this school is accredited through certain national, state, and international accrediting bodies. Actually, this institution offers a few accredited business programs. In order to gain a better understanding of how the college works and whether it is a proper option for you, let's take a look at what real students think about it. They say that the enrollment process is straightforward and easy. You will be assigned a liaison who will accompany you throughout the whole enrollment process. They will help you choose your classes. Most students are satisfied with their teacher student relationship. The classes are not big and self-paced. There are no strict deadlines for assignments. Your professor will gladly answer your questions via email or even Skype. Here are some of the actual students' reviews.

"UniversityOfPhoenix is the most awesome school I have ever encountered and studied at. Teachers were polite and knowledgeable, while the coursework was difficult for me. But in general, I had a great experience with the students and the staff while taking my courses. I like the fact that the university was self-paced and I could decide whether to work part time and take classes from home. The cost was reasonable and the material was very interesting to learn."

"University of phoenix has a wonderful platform and offers high quality studying programs. I did a thorough search online and have encountered a lot of reviews about them before I choose them. I was enrolled quite soon and I liked the whole process of studying. The college offered a number of helpful features including responsive faculty. The website was easy and comprehensive to use. One of my professors helped me a lot during the process. I liked the whole university's system."

"University of Phoenix has great faculty. As a rule, I go to an online portal and select the classes I want to take. After that I enroll and pay for the studying. There are no hidden costs. It is very easy to do the payments. The enrolling and taking courses are easy too. But one of the main reasons why I choose this university was the possibility to study online. There are many other positive features about this institution."

My Final Summary

University of Phoenix is mostly designed for busy adults who have no time to receive the education they need and want. Their courses are focused on providing real-world skills to guarantee success in the future workplace. The online material is available to the audience. It is interesting yet challenging to learn at times. The university offers a number of popular programs including Graphic Design Information Systems Management, Accounting, Web Design and Development, Marketing, Medical Assistant, Engineering, Health Care Administration, Paralegal, as well as Electrical and Computer Technology.

With more than 800,000 connected students, the University of Phoenix allows students and alumni to connect with one another directly to share special interests, the same degree plan, and more. With more than thirty support and learning communities, students can learn more about student services, financial aid, as well as technical issues. The university is regionally accredited. It offers an opportunity to earn a PhD program online, as well as professional development courses, and teaching programs. If you need information about admissions, you can find it on their website. With this in mind, I do recommend University of Phoenix to everyone who would like to earn a degree.

University of Phoenix Pricing and Rates

No per-credit hour prices are listed on the official university's website. The institution offers private student loans, scholarships, tuition deferral plans, Federal financial aid, and military discounts. The average annual tuition for the university student is $14,550 per year, with a 26% loan default rate and a 10% graduation rate. University of Phoenix offers their risk-free period program that allows you to study free for three weeks. If you want to speak with a counselor about any issues (from tuition and fees to your degree program), call at 866-766-0766.