Unreal Mobile Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Unreal Mobile Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Unreal Mobile

Unreal Mobile is a new offshoot brand from MVNO FreedomPop that offers inexpensive text, talk, and 4G LTE data. The setup process may see to be somewhat challenging, but it is simple in reality. After that you will be able to enjoy good service. The company's prices are much lower than those of fellow Sprint MVNOs like Tello, Twigby, and Republic. Let me remind you that FreedomPop is a leader of the "freemium" market that has launched the brand known as Unreal Mobile several years ago. According to the customer feedback, the new venture really offers unlimited text, talk and varying amounts of data (1GB, 2GB, 5GB). The price of the service starts at $10 per month. In fact, the company offers a package with unlimited "everything" but in reality the unlimited data is limited to 2G speeds, which is actually enough for anything you may do on your phone. We had a chance to try out Unreal Mobile and we have much to share with you for you to learn more about the service.

Let's start from setting up the service on your phone. You may buy a phone of a chosen model to your taste with an app/account loaded onto it. For example, it may be a Samsung Galaxy S6, e good and respected inexpensive model. This will allow you to start using the service straight away. You will need to fire up the phone and connect it to WiFi. You will immediately see that calls and texts work well. However, you will need some more setup processes to go through to get it going. If you face any difficulties, you are advised to check out the help section on the company's website. It is quite easy to install the services following the instructions on the site. Remember to sync the Unreal Mobile app/account to the phone, which will allow you to start using the data. Let us take a look at other features of the product and what actual users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Unreal Mobile Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about Unreal Mobile on third-party websites. The available ones are mostly positive. The customers report that they are satisfied with the process of signing up for the service. While the company's representatives have told that their services would be available at major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Amazon, currently, the only way to sign up for Unreal Mobile and buy their plans and equipment is through the official website. Once you have verified coverage, you will need to go through three steps. First, you'll need to choose a phone or BYOP. The UNREAL Mobile website offers potential customers browsing the models if they are not bringing their own phone. At present, you can choose from four options: Alcatel Dawn, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Apple iPhone 7. Each of the purchases comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It should be kept in mind that the start date of the guarantee is not from the delivery date, but from the shipping date. The equipment you are going to return must include all accessories, be in "like-new condition" and include original packaging. Defective equipment can be returned within 90 days of shipment.

The second step involves choosing an LTE plan. After you have selected the phone or decided that you can bring your own device, you will be asked to choose an LTE data plan. All plans are called "unlimited everything" and they include: Ad blocker, VPN service for data encryption and privacy, Data rollover, Live agent support, Share data with friends, and Unlimited text, talk, and 2G data. There are no contracts or hidden fees. You will simply need to choose the amount of LTE (high speed) data from the following options: 1GB ($10 per month), 2GB ($15 per month) and 5GB ($30 per month). The company allows customers to downgrade and upgrade between plans any time they wish from their account. It should be noted, though, that downgrading can lead to losing extra data. Upgrades may require prorated data amounts and charges. Such changes can be made at the end of a billing cycle.

The third step involves checkout and payment. Once you have selected the phone and data plan, proceed to the checkout cart and pay with a major credit card or PayPal. There is no contract at UNREAL Mobile, so your service will renew automatically on a monthly basis at the agreed upon rate. Unreal Mobile gives an opportunity to make calls via VoIP (voice over IP) or network (Sprint). To make calls via network, you will need to use the phone's native calling app. Most users do not have any problems with this. To make VoIP calls, you will need to use the app that requires a solid network connection or a WiFi signal. Calls go over Sprint's data network. If the signal at your place isn't strong enough, you will have to move to an area with better reception. Texting usually works fine with the use of the phone's native messaging app. You are not expected to experience any problems downloading web pages using the Unreal Mobile if you have good reception at your place. If it is not so good you may need to change your location. You may easily test the data out at home and anywhere else with WiFi connection. The Unreal app provides good speed so you can use your data efficiently. You can cancel the service via customer support or online. Let us take a look at the real consumers' opinions about UNREAL Mobile.

"I am pleased with Unreal Mobile. I bought their 3G data plus Unlimited text and talk for $20. This was enough for me to make calls and send text messages. Their app was easy to use. It was much better than that of regular mobile service providers. I was satisfied with the data connection. If you have experienced issues with Sprint's network or you need more than 5GB of high-speed data per month, you should look elsewhere for a better deal."

"I switched from MetroPCS to Unreal Mobile and used the GSM service (ATT network). I had to use the app to create and receive texts, as well as to make and receive calls. But this was not a drawback for me, as I was quite satisfied with the GSM service. I could perfectly hear anyone on phone calls. Unreal offers very cheap plans, which is a big advantage. I do recommend their services!"

"After signing up for Unreal Mobile and paying for the service, it worked flawless. However, I do have one regret. What I did wrong was that I bought a too cheap phone from them and I damaged it easily. It was an Alcatel for $50. For that reason, I wish I had bought a better phone from Unreal. The 1GB high-speed data limit wasn't a problem for me, since I was connected to Wi-Fi so often that I didn't use much data. I really liked this service."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about, Unreal Mobile turns out to be a brand-new service. Setup may be challenging, but the recommendation provided on the official website of the company will help you to make it easier. It is one of the VoIP providers offering data. Their prices and offerings are very reasonable. Unlimited 2G data with high speed data plan at a reasonable price may be a good option for those who have reliable and frequent WiFi access. It will be also suitable for consumers who don't need high volumes of international calls. Most users appreciate transparency of how and when data is used. Unreal is offers refund guarantees and returns of defective products. The service itself is easy to sign up for and to use. The above said, I do recommend Unreal Mobile depending on your consumer preferences and needs.

Unreal Mobile Pricing and Rates

Buying a phone from the company will vary in the price depending in the model you choose. There are four options on the official website. Alcatel Dawn costs $49.99. You can buy Samsung Galaxy S5 for $99.99. Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced at $149.99. you can order Apple iPhone 7 for $299.99. All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee. All "unlimited everything" plans include: Data rollover, Ad blocker, Share data with friends, VPN service for data encryption and privacy, Unlimited talk, as well as text and 2G data Live agent support. There are no hidden fees or contracts. You can choose the amount of LTE (high speed) data from the following options. 1GB costs $10 per month, 2GB costs $15 per month, while 5GB is available for $30 per month.