UpWalker Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE UpWalker Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


The UPWalker is a mobility device that promises to help a user walk upright with less pain, better posture, and more security, due to its adaptable elevated design. This enhancer is claimed to help you get independence, which will allow you to have a more active lifestyle outdoors and indoors. The product's frame weighs 23 pounds and can be folded up for transportation and storage. It features armrests whose height can be adjusted as well as a sliding chair with back support, which allows the user to sit comfortably and stand up more easily. In addition, it features an easy locking handbrake system that will help you to stop and park the walker whenever you want.

According to the manufacturer, the UPWalker is designed to help people with mobility problems, including people who suffer from neurological, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and other health disorders. This product promises to provide them with a more effective method of walking, while restoring your dignity too. The company behind the product also claims that the UPWalker addresses the disadvantages of traditional walkers, including slouching, the risk of falling, and lack of confidence and comfort. Is this what you can really expect from this device? Before we answer this question let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online. There is not much known about LifeWalker Mobility Products. The postal address is 9530 Chesapeake Drive Suite 501 San Diego, CA 92123. To order the product you will need to call at 1-800-717-0748.

Customer Reviews - Does UpWalker Really Work?

The makers of the product state that the device has a unique design that allows it to provide the user with a more secure and comfortable walking experience with less strain on hands and wrists, especially if the users deals with arthritis. According to the official website reports, the product was researched in the study that involved thirty walker users. They used the UpWalker and stated that it enabled them to walk upright. As a result, they had a better overall back posture. The company also claimed that these users felt a better sense of stability and safety when using the mobility enhancer as compared to a conventional walker. The forearm support on the device allowed users to offload weight on the joints and wrists, leading to a less painful experience that was easier on their body. These reports are very optimistic but, unfortunately, they are not linked to the actual study. During our research we did not find it published on third-party websites. The study is listed to originate from Shirley Ryan Ability Lab/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, so we left a message with the staff but hadn't received a response. So, the question whether the UPWalker will really reduce pain and discomfort, remains open.

Taking a look at the real customer reviews left online we will find out that not all users are satisfied with the design and support provided by the UPWalker's construction. It is uncomfortable for some users and may even be unsafe for them. Thus, some of them complain that the device is too small, while others say that it is too big for them. If you suffer from arthritis or chronic back pain, it is highly important to find the mobility enhancer that would meet all of your needs and suit you completely. The better and more comfortable mobility you will have the less pain you will feel. One customer reports that he has only had this device for about a month. He saw it on TV and discussed it with his surgeon. Although not familiar with it, his doctor recommended it to him. The man had 16 vertebrae fused. So, the man ordered it online. It took him a while to understand which the best height was. He doesn't like that it feels sturdy but he likes the beverage holder and the pouch. However, the man was disappointed since the advertising about the $100 off was misleading. He paid $595 plus shipping. The buyer does not like the idea that he cannot use the walker on the carpet. It is too hard to push it on the carpet. He has found it extremely difficult to go over steps. The device is easy to fold up but it is hard to lift. With his back surgery, he cannot lift it at all. The assembling will require a lot of your time and effort, so you need to have someone to help you. This user couldn't do this himself due to his back surgery. Another customer didn't find the UpWalker useful because it is too big and cumbersome for her. $500 is too much for this product. Even folded it is bulk; however, it is quite sturdy. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"UpWalker is too small for my sick father. When he is sitting he feels smashed, and when he is walking it is too short to stand upright. When he is sitting the sides interfere, and the elbows extensions are too short. This thing would be suitable for a very short person only. It needs to be wider and taller. I would not recommend this mobility enhancer to anyone."

"Up Walker is too big for me. I have tried this walker for weeks but it is too big for in-home use. I have scratched up baseboards and doors already. The seat is completely useless, especially if you have to lock the brake in order to be able to stand up. The brake handles are impossible to set as they are behind you. It is good for walking outdoors. It is too expensive for a product of this kind. My husband got this for me thinking it would be helpful. It is too awkward."

"Upwalker is definitely not worth the money it costs. The actual price of this device is $647 without any add-ons, while the official website lists the price of $495.00 plus free shipping. I ordered this product more than a month ago and it arrive after three weeks. When I finally received it, I got very disappointed with what arrived. Price is an issue! It needs to be twice cheaper. Do not waste your money on this device. You can find something better for the money."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about the UPWalker, you cannot expect it to help you become independent by helping you to walk upright. It seems to be helpful only for some users, while the others find it uncomfortable to use. This depends upon your specific needs. The device may be too small or too big for some users. If the walker causes you increased pain or pressure on the wrists, it is definitely not for you. We did not find the actual clinical study referenced on the UPWalker's website during our research. We haven't tested the device for ourselves, so we can rely only on real customers' testimonials. They are not as positive as described by the manufacturer. The only positive feature is that this walker comes with the 30-day return policy, which means that you can return the product is you are not pleased with it within thirty days of purchase date. Taking into account everything we have learnt about the UPWalker, we cannot recommend this product to buying.

Where To Buy UpWalker In Stores?

The product is available only online from the manufacturer's official website. It costs $495, with free shipping and handling, except to Alaska and Hawaii, which will cost you additional $130. According to the FAQ page, the UPWalker is sold as a cash pay product. It is recommended to reach out to insurers to discuss reimbursement. Each purchase comes with the following bonus items: a beverage holder, a personal storage bag, and a supporting backrest attachment. The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. To initiate a return, you will need to reach out to the company's customer service by calling at 877-488-0822 or sending your message to customerservice@lifewalkermobility.com. You will need to pay shipping fees associated with the return (from $40 to $100), depending on where you live. According to the terms, all returns must have a state of a new product, and have their original packaging.