Varidesk Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Generally, Varidesk is a manufacturer of one of the most popular types of standing desk converters available on the modern market. These pieces of furniture come in handy if you have a desk that you are going to continue using. It will be also helpful to those working in a cubicle and lacking a standing desk. Let's take a look at some of the leading Varidesk models. For instance, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 can be used for a Dual Monitor. It weighs 52.5lbs and can hold up to 35lbs. Its work surface is 36"x27" and it comes with a keyboard tray. Another model, Varidesk Pro 36, has changed names from Pro to Pro 36. It also features Dual Monitor but has no keyboard tray. The work surface is 36"x23". The desk weighs 48.6lbs and can hold up to 35lbs. Both of these models perform well enough and are highly appreciated by people. You will need to manually switch your keyboard from to the desk-surface every time you lower the device.

Another model, Varidesk Single or Varidesk Pro 30 is meant for a Single Monitor and features no keyboard tray with a work surface of 30"x23". The desk weighs 41.8lbs and can hold up to 35lbs. it is very similar to the Varidesk Pro model, but its work-space is 6" narrower. The last model, Varidesk Cube Plus 48, is a brand new standing desk converter. It is designed to be used in a cubicle. It has space for Dual Monitor as well as a keyboard tray. Its work surface is 48"x23" and it can hold up to 35lbs. This desk is similar to the Varidesk Pro models, but has a larger workspace. Varidesk has done some great work in the attempt to make your working space more compact and convenient. The keyboard is located on a lower surface than the monitor. The desk also provides the right position for both standing and sitting. Besides, all models are easy to assemble and you don't have to worry about compatibility.

Customer Reviews - Does Varidesk Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Varidesk and their desk models online. The majority of the users are pleased with the functionality of their products. One guy writes in his testimonial that he uses Microsoft's Ergo Keyboard, which is quite large and heavy. He also uses a mouse pad that is also wide enough. The desk is suitable for locating all of the man's tools, thus, he is satisfied with his purchase. Another customer reports that she loves her Vari Desk Pro a lot. Her colleagues are interested in how it is able to hold the weight without flipping but it does. The desks construction is very sturdy. It seems to be a very durable product. Even engineers can confirm this assumption. It is possible to work with the space in both sitting and standing position, as the work surface can be moved back or forward as you need it.

The desk is said to be suitable for people who work with paper files and need a lot of space, as well as for those who need to use two monitors at a time. The Pro Plus will be great for two monitors that are 21" wide. The construction is sturdy enough to hold such weight. The monitors can sit on the back part of the desk for more security and safety. The Varidesk Pro is an excellent choice for people who send a lot of time before the monitor. As the majority of users claim, it is well worth the money it costs. However, no product is without its flaws. The whole collection of Varidesk standing desk converters are user-friendly, solidly built, and are beneficial in terms of productivity and human health. It is true to say that most models are equipped with tools specially designed to track calories burnt when using a standing desk. The creator have put much attention to each detail and quality of their products. Varidesk doesn't cut or skimp corners when it comes to its quality. As for any other negative points, there isn't one. Most people buying the desk from this company usually have no questions about assembling it. This is elementary. You will need just to open the box, take out the Varidesk standing desk converter, assemble it and start using it. Let us take a look at the real users' testimonials about the product.

"I have been using the Veridesk Pro for almost a month now and I absolutely love it. I can work at it for all day long without any problems. It is really convenient to use. It is really a great change from what I was used to when sitting in the office! I even received longer cords to set the raise of my monitors! It became much more convenient as I have many other things to be completed while sitting at a desk. In general I am ready to give it five stars. It is definitely worth purchasing! I do recommend this desk to everyone."

"Varidesk I am 6'2" and I have been using the Varidesk Pro for a few months already. I can say that its keyboard height is really comfortable. I also use a 6" riser for my monitors located on top of the desk. I find that the monitor height is just comfortable for me. I do recommend this sort of enhancement to everyone who works a lot before the computer."

"I received the Veridesk Single Plus more than a month ago and I am simply in love with it. I can place two monitors on its top, one potrait and one landscape. It is wonderful. My co-workers got interested in this type of desk and want to get the same for themselves. I got this very model because my desk has a cabinet that does not allow placing the second monitor. I am pleased with the fact that this setup allowed me to put my second monitor in the portrait mode."

My Final Summary

Varidesk is a wonderful company that has created worthy products that deserve your attention. As the company offers several models for you to choose from, you will always find the most suitable option to meet your needs. There are models for one monitor as well as those for two monitors. There are lower and higher variations. For more information, go to the company's website and check the offers. The Varidesk Pro Plus is the Cadillac of their collection of standing desk converters. It is perfect for those users who need to work a lot and require additional space on their desks. You are expected to spend some additional money to get more features in your workspace but you won't regret doing so.

Each unit comes with a detailed manual on how to assemble the desk converter. All variations provide high-quality and sturdy construction and wide work surface. The Varidesk Pro and the Varidesk Pro Plus come with a "reminder app" that prompts the user to switch between seated and standing positions. There is also a "calories burnt" utility that will show you how many calories you have burnt. The only disadvantage about the Varidesk Pro Plus may be is that even though it supports dual monitors, but you will need much more space for this model. With all this in mind, I do recommend Varidesk.

Where To Buy Varidesk In Stores?

You can buy Varidesk desk converters on the official website of the company or from a number of retail stores, such as Amazon. As several models of desk converters are available, their pricing may also differ. For instance, Varidesk Standing Desk Pro costs 36 costs $395.00, while Pro Plus 48 costs $495.00 plus Free Shipping.