Veestro Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you are a vegan or you wish to add more plant-based meals to your diet, we are here to present you a subscription meal service called Veestro. It offers only 100% natural meals and drinks that are contain up to 96-percent certified organic ingredients. The company with the same name was founded in 2012 by Monica and Mark Fachler. They intended to replicate some of the savory meals they used to eat in their childhood in Costa Rica. Most of these meals include many vegetables, which is a good option for those who enjoy the healthy food. Veestro offers convenient meal kits that will arrive at your threshold regularly. Each meal is fully cooked, which means that you will only need to heat it in the stovetop, oven, or microwave before consuming. The company follows a healthy diet by delivering pre-made natural meals across the United States. All orders are shipped within several days of ordering. The meals are sent out in a frozen form surrounded by dry ice to keep them cold through shipping. It is recommended to store each meal for up to one week in the fridge before eating it. You can store it for up to eight weeks in the freezer. Let's find out what options are available with Veestro.

Customer Reviews - Does Veestro Really Work?

At present, Veestro offers three methods for buying their foods namely A La Carte, Chef's Choice, and Weight Loss. Speaking about A La Carte, it should be mentioned that the company offers over fifty entrees, juices and breakfast items that can be combined within one delivery box. The official website of the service states that each meal is chef-prepared with non-GMO ingredients. The full nutrition information can be found at each recipe, where you will also see whether the meal is gluten-, nut-, or soy-free. A one-time delivery of ten a la carte meals costs $130 plus shipping ($9.99 in most cases). If you subscribe for the service, you will save 10% on your orders ($117 each), can use between weekly or biweekly delivery and qualify for free shipping.

Chef's Choice options include gluten-free and high protein meals, as well as customer favorites and juice cleanses. Here are the meals you can find in each ten-meal box. Gluten-free meals include Kale and quinoa salad, Beluga lentil braise, Tortilla chili, Mushroom risotto, Red curry with tofu, Enchilada casserole, Golden chickpea stew, Three-layer scramble, Moroccan melange and Spanish torta. High protein foods include Three-layer scramble, Country fried chick'n, Thai chick'n stew, Chick'n quesadilla, Enfrijolada rustica, Southwest BBQ chick'n, Latin stew, Lentil meatloaf, Lentil and spinach tagine, and Breakfast burrito. Customer favorites include Country fried chick'n, Red curry with tofu, Enchilada casserole, Soba noodles in peanut sauce, Thai chick'n stew, Chick'n quesadilla, Baked mac and cheez dinner, Pad Thai, Pasta Bolognese, and Breakfast burrito. Juice Cleanses include Beta blast, Beet zinger, Hand grenade juice, Johnny Appleseed, Immunity kick, Kale punch, Morning warrior, Mighty greens, Power of the Tropics, Balance, and Weight. Weight Loss meals offers both a seven-day and a five-day weight loss meal program that comes with three meals for a day that equal about 1,200 calories.

Every five-day plan includes Spanish torta, Breakfast burrito, Oatmeal breakfast pie, Enchilada casserole, Red curry with tofu, Soba noodles in peanut sauce, Shepherdless pie, Pasta Bolognese, Beluga lentil braise, and Thai chick'n stew. The seven-day plan is the same as the five-day plan, but it two three-layer scrambles are added as well as an extra serving of Thai chick'n stew and shepherdless pie. No matter which order you will choose, each meal comes with prep instructions on the packaging. According to the company, each meal can be microwaved, but it is better to use an oven or stove.

Veestro is associated with a great number of customer reviews online and it is a great idea to take a look at these opinions if you want to know how the service works. This very service appears to have a positive feedback from customers who have tried it. There are numerous testimonials from actual users of the service on the company's Facebook page, Yelp, and Almost all reviews on and Facebook page are positive. Veestro received the rating of more than four stars on these websites. We have found a lot of comments from those who appreciated the meals, especially the ones that included "chick'n." Several individuals wrote that they were not impressed with the meals they received and that they wanted to have their food more seasoned. A few clients experienced shipping delays and complained that their food was at room temperature when it arrived.

A common compliment that we noticed was that the majority of customers liked the taste of Veestro meals, especially when they came out of the oven, because the vegetables hold their form much better than when they come from the microwave. It is necessary to point out that it took some clients longer to cook their meals than stated in the instructions. Probably the reason was that the meals arrived frozen. Veestro juices received the highest rating due to their perfect taste and filling. One woman reports in her Yelp review that the service offered her everything she wanted to get from a food delivery service - plant-based, gluten-free, easy to prepare tasty meals. Despite the fact that it is frozen food shipped across the country, it is still very tasty and easy to cook. It does not lack veggies and is reasonably priced. Let us read some of the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"I adore Veestro food! For me, it is the tastiest meal delivery service out there! I subscribed to their auto-orders last year and I can confidently say that almost all of their dishes are healthy and satisfying. Their food has helped me to lose some body weight, which is a big progress for me within the last several years. My favorite meals are: Breakfast Burrito, Veggie Pesto Pizza, Red Curry Tofu with brown rice, Enchilada Casserole, Country Fried Chick'n, Veggie Lasagna, and the Southwest BBQ Chick'n. I love their juices too. Everything is good and if not filled with too many calories! I am pleased with this meal delivery service."

"Veestro is a wonderful meal delivery service. Their meals are really delicious and I have shed several pounds since I subscribed for their service. It is cheaper to get frozen foods with this service when compared to going to the supermarket and cooking. I am a too busy person for that. I will definitely continue using this service. It is convenient for me and it provides me with healthy food. I would certainly recommend Veestro."

"I have been eating gluten free and low-calorie dishes from Veestro for two weeks already and I am absolutely satisfied with the food. I have earlier tried other food delivery services but this one is the best! It is gluten-free, vegan and contains only 1200 calories a day, so I don't have to count calories on my own. This service is also affordable and effective for those who want to lose weight. I have lost 4 1/2 pounds in the last two weeks. At the same time, this food makes me feel satisfied. I don't have any cravings."

My Final Summary

After looking at many facts about the Veestro food delivery service, we think it is worth subscribing to. The meal kit company behind it has received a lot of positive comments from real customers, who are absolutely satisfied with the quality of food they receive, timely delivery, affordability and perfect customer service. Few people were not satisfied with their orders, mainly because they received their foods at room temperature. But it is probably not the company's fault. During out research, we saw very few negative testimonials from customers of Veestro. This company seems to offer a wide selection of meals for you to choose from depending on your individual preferences. Their subscribers are in control over what they get. This food delivery service stands out because it allows purchasing food as a one-time purchase. If you like the food, you can sign up for a subscription. It should be remembered that Veestro meals should be eaten within a week. The food is reasonably priced compared to other meal subscription companies. Using this service, you can save a lot of time on spending your time in the kitchen. Many customers have also reported that they managed to lose their body weight wen being on the diet program offered by the company. They never felt hungry. With all these advantages, we recommend Veestro with great pleasure!

Where To Buy Veestro?

The cost for each order depends on whether you sign up for a subscription and on the number of meals. The meals range in price from $9.90 to $11.70 per serving. Signing up for a reoccurring order will automatically enroll you in the company's subscription program. It means that you will receive deliveries on a weekly or biweekly basis automatically. You can subscribe for the service online, just as you can cancel it whenever you want. According to the company, they will not refund any payments that are processed already, though. Regarding refunds and returns, the company says on their site that they issue replacement credits for all meals that arrive spoiled, damaged, or impaired. You can send your message to Veestro at or call them at 855-434-8988.