Veggetti Pro Reviews - What Is It?

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Veggetti Pro

Veggetti Pro is a healthy alternative to spaghetti, a carb-heavy dish that is loved by millions of people all over the world. It is a handheld device that cuts vegetables (for instance, carrots and zucchini) into long strips that look like traditional pasta. This food is healthier as it contains calories. This device is sold by Ontel Products, Inc., based in Fairfield, NJ. This company is not BBB Accredited and has a C rating at present. Most users are pleased with the product, while others are not. There are some minor complaints.

Veggetti Pro has a shape of an hourglass and features twelve stainless-steel blades on both sides. Before using the device you'll need to decide on what long-and-thin vegetable you are going to cut. It can be a carrot or a zucchini. It is recommended to peel the vegetables and cut into thinner strips. If you wish you can make thicker strips. You can boil cut vegetables like pasta and serve them with your favorite sauce or to add them to garnishes, salads, and hash browns. Each Veggetti Pro set comes with a Veggetti Slicer, a Super Slicer (+ S and H), and a Gourmet Recipe Guide. The company offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews - Does Really Work?

You can see a great number of user reviews on Veggetti Pro online. As it was already mentioned, the company has an average rating of three stars, but this device has a higher rating - four stars. Most customers say that it is a great "as seen on TV" product. Some people are surprised that zucchini "pasta" is so delicious. The device is especially appreciated by children who are fond of making Veggetti foods for salad and sides. the device is very useful for patients with certain diseases, for instance, diabetes. Veggetti Pro can become a real lifesaver for such people. The food that comes out is not only healthy but also tasty. Even teenagers eat a ton of such food and say they will eat it again. One chef liked the device so much that he is now trying to figure out how to incorporate Veggetti Pro at the restaurant.

It is no wonder why such food is healthy. The matter is that it contains lots of fiber that is extremely useful for human health. Some customers write that they have given the pasta to their friends and relatives who failed to guest that they were eating vegetables. Some people wonder what kind of pasta it is. Veggetti Pro is a great solution for people who are looking for a gluten free alternative to pasta. Zucchini pasta goes well with a stew. The spiraled zucchini taste great when lightly sauted with garlic in oil. Many people like to cook potatoes and carrots in this way. A toothbrush will help to cope with a vegetable piece plugged in the bottom of the device. Usually, a toothbrush handle proves to be very helpful for poking the "Plug" out, while the bristle end can be used to scrub the blades.

As you can see, most customers love the device, but the main complaint concerns a big piece of vegetable stuck in Veggetti Pro. One woman said that it didn't come right out, so she put her finger through the system's bottom to push the piece stick. As a result, a knife sliced right into her finder. For this reason, I don't recommend pushing food out of the device with your fingers. It is much better and safer to use a toothbrush. So, the Veggetti Pro is easy to use and to clean. But let us have a look at several actual testimonials of real users of the device. Those people share their experience of buying and using the product.

"I do not understand people who are writing negative reviews on Veggetti Pro, because the device does exactly what it is claimed to do on the official website of the company. I have used it for more than a year without any problems at all. You, people, are probably doing something wrong, because it works perfectly. By the way, if you have some cut squash left, put it into the fridge to use it next day. It doesn't lose its properties in the cold."

"Veggetti Pro is a cutter that is very simple to use, but what I like even more is that it cooks healthy food and helps me to stay fit. Eating vegetables has never been more enjoyable before. It really cuts zucchini, carrots and potatoes perfectly. I haven't experienced any issues with cleaning it either. I have used mine for four months already and the blades are as sharp as new. I have even cut sweet potatoes with the device. I wish the blades last long. By the way, I have lost a few pounds already. I am happy with my purchase. This is a great invention!"

"I love VeggettiPro very much! I don't know why people write negative comments about it. I think they are paid for it. I bought the regular version of this device a month ago and I often make Zucchini with it. This is my favourite vegetable for making pasta with my favorite sauce. This is a wonderful substitute for regular pasta and I never have overload feeling in my stomach after dinner. The product is easy to use and clean. I cook with great pleasure."

My Final Summary

I can undoubtedly recommend Veggetti Pro to everyone who is fond of pasta but cannot eat it for any reasons - either you suffer from overweight or any chronic disease or you just want to stay healthy and young longer. The device is so easy to use and clean that you will want to show it to your friends and relatives. Making vegetable pasta with this device you will immediately decrease the amount of calories and carbs consumed during the day. As a result you will stay in good shape. Second, eating vegetables means enriching your body with important vitamins and minerals.

You will like slicing vegetables with the Veggetti Pro. Ordinary vegetables will resemble pasta and you will be able to fool your organism while consuming healthy food instead of high-carb spaghetti. So, if you want to eat healthier, this product is for you. It will undoubtedly increase vegetable intake in your family. Veggetti's has a reasonable cost for a product of this kind. It is worth buying. Hurry up to get one unit for your home too.

Where To Buy Veggetti Pro In Stores?

If you have decided to buy Veggetti Pro, you can order it from the official website for $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping plus $1 "Web Service Fee" for a total of $22.98. If can get a "free" Super Slicer for additional $6.99 for shipping for a total of $29.97. In case if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back, minus original shipping. But you will have to pay for the shipping. If you have any questions or issues, just contact the company's customer service. The representatives of the company will consult you for free. You can also contact the company by email or telephone.