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Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Cruises is an unusual company that offers itineraries created for travelers who are interest in culture, geography, history and would like to visit a definite place. The company calls itself "the thinking person's cruise line" and promises to provide you with more than just a trip, but it encourages you to study the features of each destination you attend. In addition to cultural experiences, the company also promises to provide you with the necessary comfort when you are touring with an ocean cruise. Your trip will include the following amenities: 24-hour room service, alternate dining, Wi-Fi access, drinks with all onboard meals, including wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and bottled water, Spa access, Self-service laundry, as well as one on-shore outing at each port stop (including fees and port taxes). If you buy a Viking Air ticket, you will get free airport transfers. In addition, each customer is provided with the information on the cruises they are offered.

Initially Viking Cruises was only a river cruise line when it started its activity in 1997 with a fleet of just four ships. The company immediately received a positive reputation among users due to the luxury they provided to travelers. The company also received praise from industry critics. In 2012, Viking Cruises doubled their fleet to thirty-one ships, which made them the largest river cruise line on the planet. In 2015, they expanded even more by adding ocean cruises to their itinerary. Two of these ships are touring, and four ships are scheduled to start sailing to 2019. While each itinerary and vessel appeal to certain interests of the customers, Viking Cruises can boast their high-rate services on several points onboard. In order to get a better idea of what advantages the company offers to its customers, it would be a great idea to take a look at the actual testimonials of the company's clients.

Customer Reviews - Does Viking Ocean Cruises Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Viking Ocean Cruises on different websites online. I was not surprised when I saw that the majority of them carried a positive character. People liked not only the services provided by the company but also the ships they were sailing. All of Viking's ocean-bound ships are designed with a Scandinavian-inspired feel. They feature environmentally-friendly characteristics and look really elegant. Thus, each of the ships can boast an organic herb garden, solar panels, and hybrid engines specially added for better energy efficiency. In addition to their state-of-the-art ships, the customers praise Viking Cruise itineraries for stops in some of the most popular cities in Europe. According to the Canadian website of the company, the on-shore outings include a unique Viking Culture Curriculum program that includes performances of art and music, informative port talks, cooking demonstrations, and carefully chosen guest lecturers.

A lot of customers are highly pleased with meals on Viking Ocean Cruises that offer an all-inclusive practice with onboard meals. Wine and beer are also added to lunch and dinner. There is also a 24-hour room service that is not available on the river cruises. Besides, the company offers two or three styles of dining on every ship. For instance, Viking Star, their first ocean liner, provides buffet service from open kitchens and live cooking stations. It is linked to The Restaurant, a venue that offers an a la carte menu. The latter changes every day and has regional features from the nearest port. For instance, people approaching the port in Norway will be offered regional items such as gravlax and seared arctic char. Don't be afraid of trying certain region's cuisine, it will be an interesting experiment for you. Each menu features a "Classics: Always Available" section that may include New York strip steak and Norwegian salmon, for example. The ship's cuisine concept is American and Mediterranean with Asian and French influences. According to the customer reviews, marinades and sauces are light, the fish is fresh, and the baking is done directly on the ship. Menus and buffet offerings present a dynamic range of cuisine and are selected with great care. Let us take a look at what the real guests are saying about their experiences onboard.

"I have used VikingOcean Cruises three times over the last several years. My agent, Marsha Coron, is simply the best. All I needed to do is only to tell her my wishes, where I wanted to go and she immediately took it from there. She provided me with detailed information on the cruise line. The chosen ship perfectly suited my tastes. This was the best route I could ever imagine. It was certainly worth my money. My agent took care of all arrangements to make my life easier. I will book a new destination from them soon too."

"I have always felt a bit hesitant to use a travel agent until I tried Viking Ocean Cruises. I was highly pleased with the work of their representative, Kate Johnson, who planned a honeymoon trip for us. It was really like talking to a friend. She planned the whole trip the way we wished it in terms of flight times, hotel and our budget. We were well treated everywhere we went like VIP. We were welcomed with a gift at the hotel. It was very pleasant. I have never had such a positive experience. I highly recommend the company to everyone!"

"My wife and I went to the Viking Ocean cruises to plan our honeymoon trip to Italy. Since it was our first experience, we had reviewed a number of travel agencies. It was Kate Johnson who started talking to us first and we understood that we were in good hands. Her organization, enthusiasm, and attention to each detail made our experience just perfect. Kate was terrific about answering all of our stupid questions and tried to please us in everything. She managed to design a trip we had always dreamt of. Kate also accompanied us through every step in the process and was very helpful."

My Final Summary

When compared to other companies of the kind, Viking Ocean Cruises appears to offer more beneficial ocean itineraries, longer voyages and an opportunity to explore more countries. They provide a wider variety of sights and are available in the following areas: the Americas and the Caribbean, Baltic and Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Adriatic, World and Grand Voyages, Asia and Australia. Their ocean voyages focus on cultural enrichment of their travelers. According to Viking, they provide an authentic, thoughtful, and well-designed ship experiences to make their customers closer to the world's cultures.

The passengers on their ocean cruises will not find kids, casinos, umbrella drinks or unnecessary distractions. They will be brought to intriguing ports to be able to enjoy their time ashore. Viking Ocean Cruises will be the right choice for your vacation if you want your trip to be planned impeccably and well thought out. The company aims to delight every category of travelers - those interested in soaking in cultural experiences and those who just wish to enjoy sunshine far away from their homes. In any case, I can recommend Viking Ocean Cruises with great pleasure!

Viking Ocean Cruises Pricing and Rates

What is the cost of a Viking Ocean Cruise? There are numerous itineraries available, but here is a sampling of some featured trips. Turquoise Caribbean Seas (Miami to Miami) is a cruise that will take you through the Yucatan's Colonial architecture, as well as ancient ruins in Mayan sites in Chichen Itza and Belize. The eight-day cruise with five tours to three countries will cost you from $2,999 per person. The Voyage of Marco Polo (Athens to Bangkok) is a cruise that follows the ancient trade routes that start in the Mediterranean to Asia. It was inspired by Marco Polo who explored these lands in the 13th century. It includes overnights in Haifa, Athens, Mumbai, Bangkok and Colombo. The thirty six-day cruise includes sixteen tours in ten countries and is priced starting from $9,999 per person. Trade Routes of the Middle Ages (Bergen to Barcelona) involve overnight stays in the most picturesque cities in Europe and medieval commercial trade routes. You will visit the city of Malaga, the winemaking city of Porto, and the Roman ruins of Cartagena. This is a fifteen-day cruise with ten tours to seven countries. It costs from $3,999 per person.