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Viking River Cruises

Viking Cruises is a highly-experienced company that provides its clients with special itineraries intended to please the travelers who are interested in geography, history and culture of different parts of the world. The company offers cruise line to different categories of people thinking first of all about their needs and desires. Thus, if you are going to travel with this company, you are promised to get more than just a trip, but you will be encouraged to explore diverse aspects of each destination. Viking Cruises offers not just culturally valuable experiences, but also promises the highest level of comfort. Thus, when touring with an ocean cruise, you are expected to enjoy the following amenities: Wi-Fi access, Spa procedures, 24-hour room service, an ability to change your dining, onboard meals with such drinks as beer, soft drinks, wine, coffee, bottled water, and tea, laundry, an opportunity to have your own time at every port stop. Buying a Viking Air ticket, you will be able to get free airport transfers.

It is important to mention that Viking was a river cruise line since its opening in 1997. Initially it had a fleet of just four ships, but very fast the brand gained good reputation among the clients and even received approval from numerous industry critics. In 2012, the company increased their fleet to thirty-one ships and became the largest river cruise line on Earth. In 2015, Viking also added ocean cruises to their itinerary. And the company is going to broaden even more in future. Each vessel and itinerary is meant to meet specific interests; however, all of their river ships are designed with a highly elegant feel, and possess environmentally-friendly characteristics. Thus, they feature solar panels, hybrid engines to increase energy efficiency and an organic herb garden. In addition, Viking Cruise itineraries include stops in the most attractive cities of Europe. As the company's Canadian website claims, the on-shore outings include a unique Viking Culture Curriculum program to provide you with art and music performances, cooking shows, guest lecturers and highly informative port talks.

Customer Reviews - Does Viking River Cruises Really Work?

Compared to ocean cruising, Viking River Cruises will provide you with a unique vacation that is guided by a qualified tour operator and resembles a land-based trip in some aspects. Whether you are cruising through Europe, China, Russia, or Southeast Asia, you will be offered itineraries that will give you an opportunity to fully experience the peculiarities of each region. The official website of the company advertises that you can explore the Far East with a marvelous cruise tour along the Mekong, Yangtze, or Irrawaddy Rivers; or discover the European countryside along the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Douro, or Elbe. Whatever you choose, the company promises that you will enjoy your journey, whether you are attending a new destination, or seeing an opposite side of a known place. Viking River Cruises intend to explore different unique waterways, which is why each ship is properly made to navigate the rivers in the region it tours. For instance, two smallest ships, Schumann and Fontane, can locate 124 passengers and are built with the shallow waters of the Elbe in mind. Viking also features Longships that are specially designed to navigate deeper waters of the Danube and to easily sail under the low bridges that cross it.

There is a great number of customer reviews about the Viking River Cruises online. The people who have used the service are highly pleased with it and their trips in general. They appear to be amazed with the ships' design features in combination with the high level of comfort. The customers say that the company offers the comfort and convenience of a five-star hotel, including regional cuisine, spacious staterooms, and unbelievable service. As a result, the travelers receive an unforgettable journey. They are pleased with an opportunity to eat exquisite foods and to socialize with other travelers onboard. Depending on the vessel based on your itinerary, there may be two or three dining rooms with indoor and outdoor seating. The majority of people highly appreciate the buffet-style service with coffee, light sandwiches, pasta bars, fruits, rolls, salads, and desserts. Alcoholic drinks are complimentary aboard but you shouldn't expect a wide variety. Let's take a look at the actual customer reviews.

"We have just returned from a tour from Amsterdam to Budapest I ordered via Viking River cruises. I had additional days each in Prague and Amsterdam. We departed on September 5, 2017 and came back on the 25th. As this trip was dedicated to a 50th anniversary celebration, we really enjoyed it to the fullest. After reviewing many different river cruise companies we stopped our choice on Viking because of good ship size and their great reputation. There were 186 passengers, while a ship staff included 52 individuals. Most passengers were aged 45+ and the staff was appropriate for that age group."

"We had a lot of time to do research and read numerous reviews of different cruise companies. In February 2017, my husband booked the Viking River Cruise Grand European Cruise. The trip started 26 August 2017. I was a little concerned with the number of negative reviews on this company but, fortunately, we were not disappointed. On the contrary, we were so happy to have chosen that very company. We had a very experienced and careful travel agent who did a great job in answering our questions and was always responsive. We do recommend this company to everyone who wants to have a wonderful river cruise."

"We liked VikingRiver Cruises! We just completed our Viking Homelands Cruise with this company. Earlier, we had the Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise with them too. Both cruises were perfect in just every respect. Our agent was professional and accurate. The river ships were well-engineered and provided us with the highest comfort we wanted. The food was really outstanding, just like room service, excursions and just everything else! We love Viking and we are sure you will too!"

My Final Summary

Viking appears to be a great river cruising company. All of their vessels and ships are specially designed for the waterways they cruise. Their river cruise crews are highly experienced sailors and can be trusted completely. All of the cruises come with shore excursions, which means that you can go off of a ship and enjoy your time onshore. Viking River Cruises offer unique shore excursions that cover historic and cultural sights.

There are numerous positive customer reviews online. The travelers are happy with their voyages saying that they have got another great experience. They were happy with terrific food and alcoholic beverages. The rooms onboard are spacious and the attentive staff went is ready to help their customers any time. In addition, Viking claims to save you a lot of money. With all this in mind, Viking River Cruises are highly recommended.

Viking River Cruises Pricing and Rates

Viking River Cruises may vary in price a lot, so let's take a look at some examples of their itineraries and prices. Rhine Getaway (Amsterdam to Basel) costs from $1,699 per person. The cruise named Castles and Legends (Munich to Budapest) is priced at from $3,099 per person. Grand European Tour (Amsterdam to Budapest) will cost you from $3,999 per person.