VINCheckPro Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


VINCheckPro is a website that delivers easy-to-understand detailed reports about a vehicle's history. This will help you to avoid overpaying for a used car, and even to identify fraud or theft. This is a simple VIN check engine that claims to contain millions of digital records and find any of them in just a few seconds, including salvage, junk, and loss records; safety ratings, recalls and defects, accident history, environmental score, odometer reading, etc. This information is shown in an easy-to-read report. If you an auto dealer, you will like the fact that the website offers a dealership program with great discounts on bulk reports, exposure to millions of vehicle shoppers, and dedicated support. It will be helpful for people who want to buy a car as well as for dealers who run hundreds of reports each month.

Before taking a deeper look at VINCheckPro let's find out what VIN is. Well, it is a vehicle identification number (a 17-character string of numbers and letters) functioning like a fingerprint and used for identification purposes. If your car is stolen or has been involved in an accident, this VIN can be tracked across different databases. VINCheckPro provides access to these databases for you to download reports about dozens of vital aspects about a vehicle. To do this, you will need to go to their official website, enter the VIN and press the Check This VIN button. You will get a VINCheckPro report in a few seconds. It will contain the vehicle's model, make, age, and country of origin, engine, and other important information. It is necessary to mention that just about every car on the road has some recall on the site.

Customer Reviews - Does VINCheckPro Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about VINCheckPro on different websites. The users of this service find it to be very useful and helpful. Reports are said to be quite accurate and there is no surprise. The company pulls this information from different official and commercial services, such as police records, state DMV, the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), and more than 40 million salvage, junk, and insurance total loss records. According to the company, reports are available for almost 90% of vehicles in the USA, including RVs, campers, motorcycles, trailers, and motor homes. The only complaint is that not every accident is available for each of these vehicles. The company cannot guarantee a complete accident history, but it usually contains critical incidents on their reports. It is necessary to note that different states may provide different level of data. For instance, only 37 states offer vehicle data. Seven states provide information from databases but don't allow inquiries. Other seven states do not do either of these. You can find a sample VINCheckPro report on the forums. It dates back to March 2014, so it is unknown how accurately it reflects current reports of the company.

As it was already mentioned, most customers appear to be happy with VINCheckPro reports. They claim that it provides exact reviews on different kinds of vehicles. At the time of our research, the website called eKomi contained 107 individual reviews about the company. It gave the service and a 4.9-star average rating. Most compliments cited a big amount of useful information given in reports. The official website is very easy to use, so that one can quickly find a report about the necessary vehicle. Some customers even mentioned that the reports helped them to avoid a bad purchase. At the same time, some reviews contained complaints referencing incomplete or missing information, confusing billing, expensive prices, and difficult subscription options. However, to better know whether VINCheckPro is worth addressing it would be a great idea to take a look at the actual review of people who used it. Here are some of them.

"VIN Check Pro is a wonderful service to get the history report for any car. I just go on and find the necessary information in a few minutes. It provides not only information, but also a clear picture of the car's condition including market value, mileage, past accidents, and hidden problems. I am grateful for a wonderful customer service. The company's staff responded my questions in just one hour. I totally recommend this service to all of my friends."

"VIN CheckPro is a perfect service for little money. It is so nice to use this website because it does not only give a detailed car history report, but also provides all the data concerning this vehicle. I have tried a lot of other services that were claimed to be "free" but then I was required to pay a lot of money. I advise reviewing because it is almost free and provides a great online tool to get a history report for any vehicle."

"I was looking for a car history report to check a car I was going to buy. I was happy to find I was surprised to receive my first report for just a few dollars. It showed several accidents the car was involved into and I decided not to buy it. This website is beneficial for people like me, which is why I definitely recommend their service to every driver. The same report would cost me $50 on Carfax. I certainly recommend VINCheckPro."

My Final Summary

VINCheckPro is a worthy service providing vehicle reports for a little sum of money. In 2009, the accuracy of their reports was investigated in detail. It was found out that their reports were mostly accurate and correct for different kinds of vehicles, including those that had serious damage. One can find information about minor and more serious accidents, as well as other important information and occasional maintenance records. In addition, it is one of the cheapest options available on the market, so the company could help you to make a smart decision whether to buy a car or not.

It is true to say that you can find the same information on other databases but this will undoubtedly take more of your precious time. VINCheckPro has done the job for you and offers complete information in a single review for a little sum of money. So, if you need a car report, this company will certainly meet your expectations. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of VINCheckPro, I do recommend this service.

VINCheckPro Pricing and Rates

After your VIN is processed, you will be offered two purchasing options. One report will cost you just $6.95, while five reports can be purchased for $12.95. It is important to note that these are one-time fees. You can also opt for a monthly subscription. All reports from VINCheckPro come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is also added that if you don't find what you are looking for, you have the right to require a refund. However, this is only valid if your report contains inaccurate data that can be checked by a state title document copy. If you have any questions you can contact the customer service of the company by calling them on the phone provided on the official website.