Vitagene Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Vitagene is a company that provides their customers with a customized plan to improve their health based on their genetics. To do this the company uses your DNA sample. As a result, you are given a complete supplemental, nutritional, and exercise analysis. You will also be provided with your ancestry results. If you have already taken a DNA test via another company, Vitagene offers an opportunity to run an analysis on your raw DNA data in order to get your detailed health results. In addition to their DNA testing services, the company also sells a monthly subscription of high-quality supplements that can be personalized to your genetics. These are all pharma-grade products. According to the official website of the company, it was founded in 2014 by Dr. Reza Malek and Al Hariri. Since then, Vitagene claims that they have leveraged the most modern developments in clinical research and combined them with people' lifestyle choices, genetic makeup, medical history, and medications to recommend effective plans to meet their wellness and health goals. You can ask for your full raw DNA file from the company by emailing at Is it really a smart way to learn the truths about your genetic health? And is the data safe with this company? Let us take a look at some vital facts to help you make the right decision.

Customer Reviews - Does Vitagene Really Work?

Before we learn what real customers of the company think of their service let us find out how Vitagene works. The company's website says that it works by leveraging the latest developments in the field of genetic research with the details provided in a survey of a definite patient like lifestyle choices and medical history. In fact, the service works in a similar way as most DNA result companies do. You will need to order your DNA kit that is expected to arrive within three to five days. The kit will include the instructions for you to get a DNA sample by swabbing your cheek from the inside. You will also get prepaid return packaging to ship the sample back to the company. Your sample will be processed for a while. In the meantime, you can fill out the company's online health questionnaire. You will need to answer the questions about different aspects of your physiology like your weight, height, your exercise level, medical history and medications you may be taking at the moment.

According to the company, you are expected to receive your results within 3-6 weeks after the lab gets your sample. Your results will be available through your online dashboard. By the way, the results will constantly update as new clinical research is available. As it was already stated, you can also send your raw DNA data directly to Vitagene if you have taken a DNA test with another company like 23 and Me, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage. All you will have to do is to order a Health Report, upload your DNA results, and fill in the lifestyle questionnaire. You are expected to get your results within one to two weeks.

Vitagene official site claims what sets them apart from other companies of the kind is their health reports and detailed data. Each purchase from the company includes diet reports, supplement reports, exercise reports and ancestry reports. Diet report will provide you with the information on how your genetics influences which foods are good for you. You will also get a customized meal plan, MTHFR gene mutation detection, macronutrient percentage goals, data on your risk of a lactose sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, and fat, caffeine, carbohydrate, and alcohol metabolism efficiency. There will also be information about your optimal triglyceride, cholesterol, saturated and unsaturated fat levels.

Supplement report focuses on recommended metabolism-improving supplements depending on an analysis of your health conditions, genetics, health goals and current medication. Exercise report will let you know the type, intensity, and frequency of workout that is the most suitable for you based on your genetics. Ancestry report shares information about your ancestry all over the world through an interactive ethnic and map regional percentages.

Numerous customers have shared their experience of using the Vitagene service online. We encountered a great number of reviews on Trustpilot and Amazon. Both websites give the DNA test a high average rating. Amazon awarded the company with four stars out of five, while Trustpilot delivered an "excellent" ranking. Looking through these comments, we found out that the general theme was that the users like that Vitagene. They say it is cost-effective compared to the competition. The customers also like that they can utilize DNA data they had received to get Vitagene's detailed health report. In many reviews, people confessed that the company's reports were useful in their weight-loss goals. For instance, the tests showed the genes that stopped them from feeling full.

There are also some negative testimonials, which were from people who thought that the lifestyle and health advice was too generic. A few individuals reported that the information seemed to be based on their survey responses more than on their DNA. Nevertheless, the number of positive opinions about Vitagene prevails. The submission process is easy, since it has detailed instructions. Most users had no problems sending their samples and were surprised to receive their results really quickly. One woman says that she was very interested in learning about weight loss and improving her overall health. She was happy to find out that she had a certain gene that reduced her ability to feel full. Her DNA also said that the woman had a low risk of gaining weight back once she loses it. She started to lose weight pretty fast due to the results of her test. Let us take a look at the experience of other people.

"Due to Vitagene now I known that my ancestry is more diverse than I thought! We knew about the Irish and British ancestors but we were not aware of our South American roots. I told this information to all of my family members and some of them want to order their own kits too. I was also surprised with my health results. I am an active person and I college. My report said that I am more likely to lose weight from dieting, than from exercise. I trained so much within the last several years to maintain my shape without even knowing that I just had to eat correct food. Now I am going to focus on dieting!"

"I have never known how many nationalities I represent until I completed a Vitagene test. I have always wanted to figure this out and recently I have learned that I have ancestors from many nationalities. I also found out that I have to adjust my health regimen. I should say that it was very simple to use the service. Just a cheek swab and that is all. Now I know my health concerns and I can address them. I highly recommend this service for information received and ease of use."

"Vitagene test is great and it comes with simple instructions. It is easy to navigate the site and to fill in the questionnaire. The health portion is unique and detailed. The company has amazing customer service too; they care about their product. I do recommend this unique product to anyone who wants to know more health information about themselves, data about their ancestors and guidance on diet and exercise. Again, be sure to address customer service; the reps are very pleasant people and will help you in everything."

My Final Summary

After pulling together all information we have learnt about a Vitagene DNA test, we think there are all reasons to consider taking it. Based on our deep research, the company has many positive reviews online. A lot of people who have tried the service claim that they found the health information extremely useful. They especially like the option that you upload your raw DNA information to the company's platform. This removes the wait-time and hassle of taking another genetics test. It also cuts the cost of the service down. Besides, the company offers personalized supplements and vitamins depending on your health survey. Most people found the recommendations useful for their future well-being. DNA testing is a fast-developing sphere of science. Why not use its benefits? Vitagene's DNA tests are precise and cost-effective. Besides, this company can take your data from other DNA test companies, such as Ancestry and 23andMe, and generate a report at a lower cost. Based on customer reviews, Vitagene reports are also beneficial for their health. Taking into account all pros and cons of Vitagene, we do recommend this service to usage.

Where To Buy Vitagene?

At present, the company offers several different buying options. Health + Ancestry DNA Tests and Reports is a package that involves genetic-based exercise, diet, and supplement recommendations, as well as an ancestry report. It costs $79. Premium Health + Ancestry DNA Tests and Reports include genetic-based exercise, diet, skin, and supplement recommendations along with an ancestry report. This package is priced at $119. Premium Health + Ancestry DNA Tests and Reports + Supplement Plan costs $169. It includes genetic-based diet, supplement, skin, and exercise recommendations with a 90-day personalized supplement supply and an ancestry report. Raw DNA Health Reports involve genetic-based exercise, diet, and supplement recommendations. This package can be ordered for only $29. Raw DNA Health Reports and Supplement Plan includes genetic-based exercise, diet, supplement, and skin recommendations and a personalized supplement supply for 90 days. The package costs $119. When we messaged Vitagene, one of the company's representatives told us that they offer four smart supplements for daily intake. You can continue your subscription by buying a basic plan of up to four supplements a day for $49 per month. A premium plan costs $79 per month (8 pills per day).