Vivint Solar Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar, Inc. is a solar energy company in the USA. It was founded in 2011 as a branch of Vivint home security. It was presented to the public in 2014 and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange at present. Initially it was designed as a solar electricity provider that creates, installs, and supports the residential photovoltaic system. Currently, the company operates in 20 states of the country (Arizona, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Vermont, South Carolina, Utah, Texas, and Virginia). Vivint Solar offers expansive marketing programs in the mentioned markets. It is considered to be the number two residential solar installer in the country since 2013 to 2015. This company has installed more than 40,000 solar panel systems by March 2015.

Some states can boast high potential solar growth, which allows covering about 74% of the electricity needs. The company is now developing new types of solar panel. Due to such positive statistics, it is considered to be a green home technology company that is growing really fast with the use of the power purchase agreement (PPA) model. Despite some problems in 2015, including increased competition from other solar power companies, declining sales, low stock price, a troubled buyout offer from SunEdison and two class action lawsuits against the company, the company managed to overcome those difficulties. In the beginning of their business, they installed solar panels to homeowners for free, usually through a power purchase agreement (PPA). Today Vivint Solar installs solar panels in exchange for customers agreeing to buy the solar energy produced by their panels. You are not required to pay for installation. In this way, the company makes its money by selling the energy produced by the panels to the customers, at rates that are usually lower than the traditional electric utility charges.

Customer Reviews - Does Vivint Solar Really Work?

You can find a sufficient number of customer reviews about Vivint Solar online. Fortunately, the clients of the company are pleased with the service and products. They are satisfied with the terms of the business. Thus, they like that their solar panels are installed for free. They are ready to buy energy in exchange for free installation. There is also an option of leasing solar energy systems depending on one of two types of the contracts - a lease or a PPA. In the latter, customers have to pay a fee for kilowatt hour depending on the amount of electricity produced by the solar energy system. In the lease structure, there is a fixed monthly payment depending on a calculation of the expected solar energy production. It includes a production guarantee according to which the company agrees to make a payment to the client if the leased system does not correspond the guaranteed amount of the energy produced by the panel.

In 2016, the PPA model lost its favor with consumers who preferred to buy solar power systems directly from the company rather than lease them. Most customers are pleased with the steel construction and high quality of the solar panels. These have an ultra-modern look, while the company provides high-rate service for their customers. The company is good at making financial arrangements, which is why Vivint Solar has become a prospering enterprise in mid-2016 and entered 2017 as a strong company producing high-quality products. It has good experience in installing home solar panels up to the highest standard. One customer reports in his review that he contacted a sales representative of the company and received detailed information on every step of the way from the first consultation to system installation. He was pleased with the fast activation, as well as professional help in the whole process. The company sent an electrical crew to update the customer's wiring to his electric panel. The specialists used new and cleanly wired equipment to ensure that the solar panels would operate optimally. A week later, the second crew came in the morning to install the solar panels. The technicians were efficient, cleaning up debris and answering the man's questions. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"The whole process with VivintSolar was very pleasant for me from the initial contact with the company to the installation of the panels. We have just finished the installation and I am looking forward to experiencing the benefits of monthly electrical bills. I was promised to save quite a big sum of money each month. I am grateful for the consultations provided by their representatives."

"I addressed Vivint solar due to my father's advice. At present, I am highly happy with how my solar panels operate and produce power! I have two refrigerated air units but my bill is still not as high as it used to be before. I manage to save a lot of money. Of course, the process requires patience, but it is worth it. I liked the work of my sales manager, Troy McGee, very much!"

"The representative of the customer service answered all of my questions and the installer listened to me attentively and made changes I asked for. The team arrived on time and finished the same day. The technicians at Vivint Solar were professional, polite and respectful of us and our property in general. Now, when I know how the technology works, I can certainly recommend this company to everyone who wants to get energy for less money."

My Final Summary

There are many reasons to choose Vivint Solar. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the professionalism of the company staff in general and or each of their representatives. They are highly experienced and polite people who try hard to improve the life of their customers. The technical teams also deserve separate praise as they usually arrive on time and do their job up to the highest standards. As we have learnt the employees of the company is pleased with its politics.

Even though you are expected to pay a little more for Vivint Solar services, they are claimed to be worth each penny. According to the numerous customer reviews, most users are satisfied with the company and what it offers. You will undoubtedly like the high quality of their work, the opportunity to save 10-30% on your utility bill, as well as their 25 year warranty. The installation of solar panels is completely free. With this in mind, I would recommend Vivint Solar.

Vivint Solar Pricing and Rates

The cost of solar panels varies from home to home but there are three major factors for you to consider when determining the cost of solar panels. These include your solar plan, your location, and net metering. The official website of the company has an easy-to-use database to help you find incentives and policies in your area. Every home is different, so in order to learn how much you need to pay for your solar panels; it would be wise to schedule a free consultation with a representative of their customer service.