VIZR Heads-Up Display Reviews - What Is It?

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VIZR Heads-Up Display

VIZR Heads-Up Display is a display that allows the user to see navigation directions without being distracted while driving a car. The product is made by the company called FIXD, who also produces other vehicle-based navigation and a wide variety of diagnostic tools. However, they are not very reputable or famous in the country. The website is also low-informative when it comes to the specification of their products. According to the company, VIZR provides a solution for those who are using phone navigation in order to get to their destination but don't like the idea of looking over at their phone, whether laying on a seat or anchored in a phone holder. It is easy to use the device because you will just need to place your phone on the VIZR and open up a HUD-enabled navigation app. Let's find out how the device works, what real users are saying about it, as well as its pricing and return policy.

VIZR Heads-Up Display is located on your dashboard. It features two major parts: the HUD (heads-up display) and the phone platform. Installing it in your card, you will need to screw in one piece and attach another one. Then, you will be able to place it in your vehicle. When the VIZR is put together, remove the adhesive underneath the base and press it on your dashboard. It is recommended to clean the surface where you are going to stick the unit, then pressing the its adhesive spot for ten seconds. The base is 6-3/8" inches wide, while the glass upon which your phone navigation is displayed is 2 5/8" high and 5 15/16" wide. The unit has a large screen, so it is compatible with different phone models, makes, and sizes. The device itself is relatively small and adheres to your dashboard. It can fit in any car with a dashboard that is wide enough to fit the base. The screen is said to work with almost any smartphone. Next, you will need to download a HUD-enabled navigation app (HUDWAY Go is recommended), an app that is available for both iOS and Android phones. HUDWAY Go has over 500,000 downloads in the Android store with an average rating of 3.4 stars from over 2000 reviews. The app has an average rating of 3.2 stars based on over 250 reviews in the iTunes store. Non-HUD navigation apps (Google Maps) do not work with VIZR.

Customer Reviews - Does VIZR Heads-Up Display Really Work?

Everyone who considers buying VIZR Heads-Up Display is interested in the safety of this device. In fact, it is claimed to help you to keep your eyes on the road ahead; however, this does not necessarily mean that it is not a distraction. You will still need to look at your HUD screen from time to time and in this way you will be distracted from what is ahead. This is a common hazard among all HUD devices. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, any navigation system is considered to be a driving distraction. Anything that diverts a driver's attention from driving is a distraction, including talking or texting on your phone, drinking and eating, talking to people in your car, entertainment system, fiddling with the stereo, and even a navigation system. It can be absolutely anything that takes your attention away from safe driving. You should be aware of the fact that VIZR Heads-Up Display won't make you invincible. It may only lessen the distraction of your navigation system. In this way, you will not need to look to the dashboard above your center console or the seat next to you, but you will need to turn your eyes for a second to look at your HUD screen. Let us take a look at what actual customers are writing about this display.

One man reports that his wife thought VIZR Heads-Up Display would be a nice Father's Day gift but it turned out to be a piece of garbage. It is very clunky and bulky, so that it blocks the driver's view. It does not differ from a phone in a holder, but it is clumsier and more cumbersome. It is also not a heads up display as you can imagine it to be - that would be on the windshield. You will have to use the navigation app all the time. The man says it is an overpriced piece of plastic. Another driver adds that it doesn't even work in sunny conditions. Besides, the display washes out. It is wiser to get a simple clip to attach your phone to your real visor. It will work well and won't take much space. The advertising seems to be false, including the videos. One female driver says she cannot see anything through this device. It is just a mirror in cheap plastic. The sticky stand does not hold it well. All it does is reflect other apps from your phone. It is real disappointment for a woman. Another customer asks the company to stop selling this rip-off product. He agrees that it is a mirror mounted on a piece of plastic. Another disadvantage is its high price. Here are some actual users' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"VIZR Heads-Up Display is a highly overpriced product, taking into account what it offers. I found it messy to set it up and to use the suggested app. The device itself is not well made. My product arrived with a crack in the screen and without any protective covering on the screen. I suspect it was returned by some other customer who received it before I did. My advice, save your money and do not order this rubbish."

"I purchased three units of VIZR Heads-Up Display as gifts for my relatives for Christmas. I cannot use this device with Google Maps, but I must download HUDWAY and grant HUDWAY access to contacts. I cannot transfer my saved addresses from Google. The unit is difficult to read on a sunny day. I also cannot see the road well when using this display. Besides, I have difficulties navigating the HUDWAY program. When I tried to enter my address, I was said it did not exist. That's ridiculous!"

"VIZR Heads-Up Display is utter rubbish! It is nothing more than an expensive small mirror. The instructions are unclear and they do not help in using the product. The instructions are confusing and hopeless. I think it is a scam. Do not waste your money on this non-functional product. I would not recommend this gimmick to anyone."

My Final Summary

Our research of VIZR Heads-Up Display indicates that the main strength of his product is that it offers a HUD readout to keep your eyes looking ahead. However, many users report that it does not differ much from the navigation system on your phone. The device is really compatible with all phones but its app is hard to navigate and use. Many customers reported that they faced difficulties with driving their car while having this display before their eyes. They could not see anything. Another VIZR's drawbacks is its high price. The product is more expensive than similar devices available on Amazon. Our research of different HUD devices showed that this display is hard to read. Many customers also complain that the unit is composed of a mirror and a plastic base. Contrast is poor in daylight. Some people reported that they received a product with damages. Many of them faced difficulties returning the product despite the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the company. Considering all pros and cons of VIZR Heads-Up Display, I cannot recommend this unit to buying.

Where To Buy VIZR Heads-Up Display In Stores?

VIZR is available at at the price of $39.99 for a single unit. Two units can be bought for $59.99, while three units are available at $79.99. We went through the checkout process and found out that standard shipping was free no matter how many units you are buying. If you can't afford paying for the device, you can benefit from the interest-free financing through a company called Affirm. According to the fine print, there are some interest rates. If you have low scores - less than 650 - you won't get an interest-free offer. The company offers 30-day money back guarantee. You can return your purchase if you are not satisfied with it. Your refund will be the cost of the item without taxes and shipping. To start a return, send them an email to Add your proof of purchase or receipt; otherwise, you won't be able to request a return. Send the device in its original packaging to: FIXD Automotive; 75 5th St. NW, Suite 380; Atlanta, GA 3008.