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VP Racing Fuel

VP Racing Fuels is a company producing and selling racing fuels. It was founded by Steve Burns, a guy who showed his interest in R&D in the early 1970's when he was a young racer in San Antonio, Texas. He studied physics and chemistry and found out that race fuel manufacturers failed to find optimum horsepower. The man decided to overcome this shortcoming by experimenting with exotic blends of fuel. It was his parents' garage that served as a laboratory for him. Steve started at the local tracks in the state of Texas, where his fuel was tried by other racers and was appreciated due to the power gains. The first fuel he created got the name "C12." The company as it is was founded in 1975. it got the name of VP Racing Fuels. Steve conducted his development and testing with two other Texans - David Reher and Buddy Morrison. The advancements in VP's fuel technology gave birth to the advancements in Reher-Morrison's engine development, which led to more advancements in the fuel technology. The first official customer of VP was Warren Johnson, a quite unknown drag racer who contributed to VP's R&D efforts too. Each of these men won many national championships, while C12 became the most successful race fuel in the field of motorsports.

From only one location with two employees in San Antonio, Texas, the company has grown to the one with more than 200 employees with 5 race fuel distribution points in Delaware, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. There is also a regional office in southern California. All of these distribution points support inventory of VP fuels for transport within one day's drive to any major racing event on the continent. As a result, sanctioning bodies and racers can have access to high-quality fuel. VP's network includes over 2000 dealers around the world in Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. Today the company is considered to be the world's leader in race fuel technology, offering a catalog of over 80 fuel blends and a number of VP-fueled champions across the wide range of motorsports. The dedication of VP's team to being the leader of technology is well understood. Most of their employees are current or former racers and are driven by the desire to win always. This is one of the reasons why the VP team tries to keep its position of the world's leader in Race Fuel Technology in the future.

Customer Reviews - Does VP Racing Fuel Really Work?

VP Racing Fuels' T4 blend is widely used by racers nowadays. It is designed in such a way as to combine the features of high performance race fuel and premium pump gas. T4 is suitable for use in stock or slightly modified four stroke dirtbikes. Unlike pump gas, T4 contains no ethanol, thus it can be kept in a sealed container for 2 years. It is known that ethanol has a short storage life. T4 has an octane rating of 100, which is provides better protection against detonation. Besides, T4 is oxygenated. The goal of oxygenating fuel is to boost the power output of the engine, so VP Racing Fuel claims that T4 offers 2-3% more power and throttle response across the entire RPM range. One customer who has a 2016 Yamaha YZ250F reports in his testimonial that the T4 fuel makes his bike have a crisper throttle response along the RPM range. The power increase was significant when compared to pump gas. While his Yamaha has a fantastic, linear powerband, the T4 promoted those qualities even more. The man is also pleased with its retail price, which is about $14 per gallon. These features make VP Racing T4 fuel a perfect choice for the weekend racer who wants a fuel that offers the peace of mind that they won't get a "bad batch" of fuel. The increase in power is also good for those who want to squeeze some additional snap out of their engine with no need to buy expensive engine parts such as pistons, camshafts, and exhaust systems. Besides, you do not have to drain your gas tank, as is recommended with some of VP's other race fuels to retain the high performance and potency of the oxygenation of the fuel. In general, most racers are pleased with T4 VP Racing Fuel, its performance gain and impact on the YZ250F powerband.

Another popular product from the company is VP Racing Fuel in a Square Jerry Can. It is associated with a great number of positive customer reviews on third-party websites. Most of them are highly positive. One can holds 5 gallons, it is 10" x 10" x 20" high, 21" to top of cap. There is a special fill hose that screws into the cap with the Schedule 80 PVC fitting that comes with the product. It is followed by a 10" clear vinyl hose with a 4" Schedule 80 PVC threaded nipple and a cap. The vinyl hose is easy to screw and is very flexible. One customer says in his review that a 5 gallon reserve is just perfect for his shed. The can features an indicator on the side showing markings for each of 5 gallons, or 20 liters. The nozzle needs to be threaded into the cap. You have to buy the nozzle separately, though. The man reports that he did because he does not like "Safety" cans presided for consumers. They can spill and are hard to manage. Another customer claims that this can is top shelf. He has bought four of different colors for regular, av gas, no ethanol, and spent/recycle oil! The cans are aasy to hold, fill, and dispense. They also feature a convenient shape, which makes then easy to tuck in a truck with other items. The rectangular version provides good stability. It is important not to overfill a can, because you are not protected from spillage. When used correctly, it works flawlessly. All customers are pleased with fast delivery and low prices. Let us take a look at some other testimonials from real customers of VP Racing Fuel.

"VP Racing Fuel is a good stuff! It is a wise idea to find local high octane gas, which is handy to bump octane. There are many different octane rating systems, for instance, Japanese bike manuals use "RON". Local 100 octane will be great but f you cannot find it, get some VPF2837 Octanium Octane Booster and blend it with your local gas, adding some STABIL. Remember, high octane gas contains ethanol - so find only high-quality gas and store it in metal containers for a short period of time. Never keep gas in plastic."

"VP Racing Fuel is a great product. It works as advertised by the manufacturer. I like their race gas concentrate VPF2837 Octanium Octane Booster. It gives my bike the pep I need for running without harm done. Thank you for such high-quality products for my vehicles!"

"VP Racing Fuel is a great deal. I buy VPF2837 Octanium Octane Booster from time to time and I am sure it will last me a full season with weekend riding. I used it in my Subie and I can say that it works flawlessly. It gives my Subie instant throttle response gain, which I appreciate a lot. I even put it into my 250 dirt bike and it also worked great. So, don't hesitate, it is sold for good money on Amazon now."

My Final Summary

VP Racing Fuels is a company known around the world for manufacturing and promoting the evolution of high-quality yet affordable racing fuels. They offer go-to fuels for a wide variety of racers and are constantly developing new kinds of fuels. Their team constantly works with engine builders and racers to add more fuels to their extensive fuel menu. If you are looking for the product that will 100% suit your vehicle and meet your expectations, they certainly know how to find the right formula individually for you. The company even makes oxygenated off-road racing fuel specifically for Ecotec engines. For instance, VP Eco96 helps to prevent vapor lock in the heat of desert racing. Their VP UTV96 is designed for the UTV market to increase the performance in turbo-charged engines and naturally aspirated engines as well as for all makes of UTVs. This fuel reduces the risk of harmful vapor locking in hot races. To find more information about VP Racing Fuels and other useful products for racers, and general consumers you need to go to the official website of the company vpracingfuels.com. It is true to say that this is the best known leader in Race Fuel Technology in the world, fueling champions in all form of motorsport on sea, land, and air since 1975.

VP Racing Fuels features convenience stores and gas stations across North America, each of which provides distribution for other product lines of the company, including ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuels, formulated for VP PowerWash; VP Madditive performance chemicals; two- and four-cycle outdoor power equipment; VP Hi-Performance Lubricants; and VP PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C racing. Recently the company introduced Hi-Performance Lubricants in combination with the launch of such lube facilities as VP Racing POWERWASH car wash systems, VP Racing FASTLUBE, VP TANK GUARDIAN, and VP Appearance product lines. Based on the real users' reviews, the company has high customer reputation online. The customers are pleased with the quality of the fuels, functionality of other products and their reasonable prices. With all these advantages and disadvantages, VP Racing Fuel can be certainly recommended.

VP Racing Fuel Pricing and Rates

VP Racing Fuels can be purchased either from the manufacturer or from a number of retail stores online. The price may vary from fuel to fuel and depends on the quantity you are buying and the store you are buying it from. For instance, Amazon sells VPF2837 Octanium Octane Booster (32oz) at the price of $22.99 plus free shipping. The price of VP Eco96 is $63.00 for a five-gallon pail. 10-gallon drum of this fuel will cost you $227.00, while a 54-gallon drum is priced at $544.00. This pricing does not include taxes or freight.