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Vuse E Cig

Vuse E-Cigarettes or Vuse E Cigs are cartridge-based units produced with proprietary smart processor technology, namely, a SmartMemory chip. This chip uses algorithms to adjust and monitor heat delivery about 2,000 times per second. As a result, you can enjoy a perfect puff every time you smoke. The product is manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Beside its reliable and consistent performance, these cigarettes provide you with pleasant and satisfying vapor. You won't have any "smoke" smell or ash as there is no combustion. Each item contains a lithium polymer battery that can be found in such electronic devices as cell phones. The battery activates an atomizer, which turns the V-liquid into nicotine-containing (about 4.8%) vapor. Each replaceable cartridge contains V-liquid. The vapor contains high quality nicotine that is derived from tobacco plants, and is suspended in a solution of reverse-osmosis water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural and artificial flavorings.

Vuse E-Cigarettes arrive completely charged, so you may start using any as soon as you take it out of the package. According to the company, each cartridge provides as many puffs as a pack of cigarettes. Vuse e-cigs feature a SmartLight indicator that is programmed to blink red in case if the cartridge needs to be replaced, and will be white if the battery needs recharging. As the company claims, the battery needs to be charged every day and to be replaced after six months of regular use. According to the official website, the product is designed and assembled in the USA. The company suggests all customers to return their used cartridges for recycling. It is a great advantage not only for the company's clients but also for the environment. Let's see what real users of the product think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Vuse E Cig Really Work?

There are quite many testimonials from consumers who have tried the product. You can find numerous reviews on such websites as Gizmodo,,, and Digital Trends. In general, it appears that Vuse E Cigs are associated with positive online reputation among users. Some of the most common compliments reference good craftsmanship, great aesthetics of the product and sensations very similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. People are also satisfied with the reasonable price of these cigarettes. On the other hand, you can find some negative opinions as well. Thus, the most common complaints cited the high price of the product, and that the vapor is satisfying and thick only with new cartridges. It loses its effect as it is used. As a specialist, I can say that it is a completely normal phenomenon. Also, some users reported feeling a slight "burned" taste as they come to the end of a cartridge; however, other people did not notice this.

Most users were completely pleased with the cartridges, but some customers mentioned that Vuse cartridges didn't last as long as expected. According to them, a pack of traditional cigarettes lasts longer. It was also commented many times that Vuse E Cigs contain high nicotine levels, which is mainly a bonus for some users, but it can be a drawback for others. Most users said that the taste of cigarettes is quite satisfying. There were few people who disliked it. It can be assumed that the product can be used by people who would like to quit smoking. Thus, one customer writes that he has been trying to quit smoking for many years. Initially he used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, then he was at 3-5 cigarettes a day for years but it was difficult for him to refuse from smoking completely. He has tried the Blu brand and he loved the way it tasted but he was not able to quit smoking traditional cigarettes completely. His desire to smoke to smoke was so huge that he even suffered from terrible headaches. Then the guy heard about the Vuse E Cig and decided to give it a try. To his surprise he succeeded and at present does not smoke traditional cigarettes any longer. Let's see what other users of the product tell about it in their reviews online.

"I like Vuse ECig a lot, mainly due to the puffy clouds they create. I have noticed that the more I smoke the faster cartridges finish. At present I want to figure out how many puffs I can do with one cartridge. Some reviewers said 97, while others - 200. I would say it is somewhere in between. These are the most satisfying electronic cigarettes for me. I like the menthol ones. I am impressed with my purchase and I recommend the product to all smokers."

"I had read through many reviews on Vuse e Cig before I ordered the product. One cartridge proves to be enough for at least 100 puffs. I don't understand those who are run out of it in less than 20 puffs. I can smoke one cigarette nonstop for hours while drinking my coffee. It takes several hours before I use a refill. Half a year ago I purchased one kit and it lasted for more than six months now. I saw one review that said they bought 50. I think some of the negative testimonials are not legit."

"I used to be a pack a day smoker in the past and he has smoked for 25 years. I managed to quit smoking due to Vuse E Cig. Before that I had tried some other brands including the Solo and the Vibe. The latter unit is too heavy and bulky for me. I love the flavor of the Vuse Original but, unfortunately, the cartridges don't last as long. I use one or two cartridges a day. I am lucky that my local gas station allows me to exchange them. The cartridges don't have any unpleasant smell."

My Final Summary

When it comes to e-cigarettes, Vuse E-Cigs appears to be a worthy choice. They are well-made and provide a solid alternative to traditional cigarettes. They can be even used by people who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. According to some reviews, some smokers succeeded to do it. However, Vuse E-Cig is not considered a smoking cessation device. It means that they can only help you cope with your addiction to nicotine. They also contain nicotine though. What the smokers like most of all is the smooth taste they can enjoy. Each unit is very attractive and comes with LED indicators for emptying cartridge waning and battery life.

Another advantage of Vuse E-Cigs is that they are rather affordable. Vaporizers will allow you to control the intensity of your vapor, thus, you will be able to add e-liquid if you want and even mix flavors. In addition, you won't need to go to the store and buy cartridges. If you have suffered from smoker's cough and wheezing, you will get rid of these unpleasant symptoms and your health will improve as well. Due to so many benefits of these cigarettes I can recommend Vuse E-Cigs to buying.

Where To Buy Vuse E Cig In Stores?

Vuse E-Cigarettes are available through retail locations only (mainly at gas stations and drug stores). There are several buying options. Vuse Solo (one cartridge, one rechargeable battery, and one USB charger) costs about $10. Vuse System (three cartridges, one rechargeable battery, one USB charger, one carrying case and one AC adapter) costs about $30. The package of two cartridges is priced at $4-$6. Refund policies vary from retailer to retailer.