WalkFit Platinum Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY WalkFit Platinum Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

WalkFit Platinum

If you are suffering from joint, foot, hip, or back pain from standing or walking, WalkFit Platinum may be of great help for you, since it promises to provide you with some relief. This is a special orthotic shoe insert that is claimed to re-align your ankles and feet, as well as to adjust your whole body, providing you with the desired relief. The company behind the product carries the same name - WalkFit Platinum - and is located in Sherman Oaks, CA. however, the manufacturer is not accredited by the BBB and has a B rating at present, due to the numerous complaints about billing issues. Their customized orthotic shoe insert is made of hard plastic to fit in your shoe. The company has recently adjusted the design by adding patented "Nano-Silver technology" that promises to remove odor and germs. They have also added a gel pad on the heel for higher comfort!

The WalkFit Platinum features three adjustment pads - Low, Medium, and High - designed to change the metatarsal arch of your foot. You are advised to start with Low. All you will need to do is to remove your current shoe insert and replace it with the WalkFit Platinum. Ensure that your heel-end is pressed to the shoe back tightly. Lifting and maintaining the metatarsal arch, as well as adding a stabilized heel cup is said to provide your feet with stability, as well as to reduce shock from walking and running. The company also claims that their product will align the shoulders, back, and spine, reduce joint stress, balance your hips, and eliminate your lower back pain significantly. It is high time to find out what real users of WalkFit Platinum have to say about it.

Customer Reviews - Does WalkFit Platinum Really Work?

During our research we have encountered a great number of real customers' testimonials about this special orthotic shoe insert, but many of them carry a negative character. One man reports that he ordered WalkFit Platinum from the official website of the company at the price of $19.95. He got an email stating that the company received his order but there were no details about the shipping costs or the total cost of the order. So, the man called the company and was told that they could not find his order, and that it takes several hours to get through his system. So, the potential customer emailed the company's customer service and canceled his order. According to his words, he never received confirmation of his cancellation and the next day he called the company again. He was told the staff could not find his order in the system again. In three days, there was a charge for $99.60 in the man's checking account. They charged his debit card without even asking him about it. The man called the company, and the rep rudely said that the product had been shipped and that he could refuse from it and get a refund. The man asked for a shipping tracking number, but he was given a bogus number. At present, he is dealing with his bank to reverse the charge.

Another customer says in his testimonial that one of the first things you are asked to give on the official website of WalkFit Platinum. He provided that sort of information and the transaction was completed really soon. The guy was not even allowed to see a total; he only received a confirmation email without any total amount either. He has no idea what amount they were going to charge because there is no such information on the site. So, the guy canceled the order immediately and contacted his credit card company. He is now trying to get his money back. He says that he has googled "Walkfit scam" I found a lot of complaints.

There are also complaints from people who succeeded to try WalkFit Platinum. A woman who has spent more than $40 for the insoles says that they do not fit. She even agreed to pay for the return postage to ship them back. As a result, she received only $14 instead of $40, even though the company promises to give a full refund. The product is not worth ordering, to her mind. Walmart offers better products of the kind. One man reports in his review that even though he ordered one pair of the insoles, they sent him three pairs for $99.65. The shipping was more than half the cost of his arches. But the company only refunds the price of the product and not the shipping. Besides, he never got an order confirmation via e-mail, otherwise he would have cancelled the order immediately. He says he only wanted to try a pair. Here are some more real customers' testimonials found online.

"Do not give your credit card number to the company behind WalkFit Platinum, otherwise, you will be signed up for getting their joint repair formula. You card will be billed almost $50. If you have been enrolled already, change your debit or credit card info and report to BBB. This is what I did. Always check real customers' reviews before ordering anything from Walkfit."

"WalkFit Platinum insoles are not what they are made out to be. I wore these insoles as recommended but I gave up after three weeks. Now, I suffer from a backache and knee pain. I felt well before using these insoles. I will have to visit a physiotherapist to have my back fixed. What a waste of money! The product came in an eco-unfriendly package too. I had to use very strong scissors to cut this molded plastic packing."

"I only ordered two pairs of WalkFit Platinum orthotics and the computerized woman on the line tried to make me purchase several other offers. She actually kept me on the phone for twenty minutes. The product did not fit me at all. It was the worst experience and I would not recommend it to anyone. They charged me for that useless stuff before it arrived without asking me. Poor customer service!"

My Final Summary

Discomfort in the joints, feet, hips, or back can be very irritating but before starting to treat it, it is important to learn the underlying cause. It can be caused by a wide range of conditions from plantar fasciitis and arthritis, to degenerative disc disease and sciatica. Only a professional doctor can diagnose what is causing your pain and recommend a proper treatment regimen. WalkFit Platinum does not seem to be an effective solution for this kind of problem. Besides, it has a number of disadvantages. First, it comes from a not very popular company. Real customers who have provided their feedback about the product, are not quite satisfied with these inserts. While some of them claims that they failed to bring any pain relief, others started suffering from side effects after wearing these inserts. The customer service of the company is helpless and unresponsive. There are also many concerns about the automatic enrollment program. With all these drawbacks, I cannot recommend WalkFit Platinum.

Where To Buy WalkFit Platinum In Stores?

The WalkFit Platinum set includes three adjustable arch inserts, Up to three pairs of WalkFit Slippers (plus shipping for each), All in One Foot Care System (pus shipping), Sandal Adaptor, How-To Guide, Peppermint Lotion, Acupressure Inserts. There are several purchasing options. You can get one pair at $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total of $29.90. If you want the All in One Foot Care System, add $7.95 shipping for each (up to three "free"). You will also add $9.95 shipping for each pair of slippers (up to three). If you get "free enrollment" for their Joint Support supplement, you will also receive one bottle of "botanical and herbal extracts" (60 pills) to fight your joint pain. If you don't cancel your enrollment within 30 days, you will be shipped another bottle and charged $44.85. Every two months you will get a new set of products and your credit card will be charged accordingly.