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WB Mason

WB Mason is a private dealer with headquarters in Brockton, Massachusetts, the USA. The company deals with office products and services over 300,000 businesses. It was founded in 1898 and has been owned by the same family ever since. There are more than 60 WB Mason distribution centers across the country; as well as over 3,800 employees, 1,100 delivery trucks. The company sells furniture and office supplies for small businesses. Other similar providers include Office Depot/Max, Staples, Amazon, Office Supply, Quill, Poppin, and Uline. WB Mason was founded by William Betts Mason and started as a business that sold engraved products, printed products, and rubber stamps. As Brockton expanded in the beginning of the 20th century, mainly due to the shoe industry, the company also expanded its sales to include office supplies. William Betts Mason was the head of the company until his death in 1912, after which the Mason family continued to operate the company until the 1920s under William's wife, Marcena.

In 1920s, Samuel Kovner, a Brockton businessman, bought WB Mason. It is interested to know that he used to sweep the floors at the company as a boy. The company reached sales of $243,000 under his rule. In 1963 WB Mason was sold to Samuel's daughter and son-in-law, Helen and Joseph Greene, who added furniture sales. As a result, the company reached about a million dollars in sales upon in 1973. After Mr. Greene's passing, their son Steve Greene became the leader of the company. In ten years, Steve and his brother, John, took over the ownership and invited Thomas Golden and Leo Meehan to join their ownership team. Those were two employees for quite a long period of time. In 1993 Steve Greene became the Chairman of the Board of Directors, so the company's sales reached $20 million. Leo Meehan was appointed as the President and CEO of WB Mason, under whose rule a new corporate strategy was adopted. It focused on personalized sales, local service, and free delivery. The sales reached $247 million by 2001. Since November 2013, the company partnered with Lyreco to offer international delivery.

Customer Reviews - Does WB Mason Really Work?

The company provides products for the workplace. Their official website, www.wbmason.com, features primary product lines including food service, school and office supplies, paper, furniture, janitorial supplies, food and break room supplies, custom print, as well as technology and electronics. WB Mason also provides the following services: discount furniture, interior design and contract furniture, custom products (ad specialty, print, apparel) and advertising. In June 2017 WB Mason announced a $10 million donation for the Leo J. Meehan School of Business at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. It was the second largest donation in the school's history. Let me remind that Meehan is a president and CEO of WB Mason. He opened this business school in August 2019. It houses Stonehill's accounting, international business, finance, management, economics, marketing, and healthcare administration programs. In 2007, the company donated $1 million for the Helen Greene Cardiac Catheterization Suite at local Brockton Hospital. Now the cardiac suite is can perform Advanced X-Rays, AngioJets, Intravascular Ultrasounds, Radial Stenting, and more. The carries the name of Helen Greene, a former owner of the Office Products Division John Greene.

WB Mason invested a lot of money into the opening of the Trinity Catholic Academy in Brockton, Massachusetts. It includes Catholic parishes in Brockton - St. Casimir, St. Edward, and Sacred Heart Parishes. The Academy faced deteriorating facilities, declining enrollment, and financial troubles but WB Mason has significantly improved the situation. The company was also the major donor to WB Mason Stadium, Stonehill College's lacrosse, football, field hockey, and track and field stadium. The latter was opened for the 2005 season. On October 17, 2017 WB Mason in cooperation with Workhorse Group Inc. launched the first electric WB Mason truck. This electric vehicle can drive about 120 miles on a single charge while producing less vehicle emissions by 75%.

There is a great number of customer reviews about WB Mason on third-party websites and most of them carry a positive character. The users of the company's services are satisfied with them. For example, one man report he has been using the company for different things, mainly water and candy. The service has always been good. Besides, the prices of the services are much lower than those from other companies of the kind. Besides, WB Mason provides fast delivery. The customer service department is responsible and helpful. The clients of the company trust it completely first of all due to its large experience and high customer reputation. Let us take a look at the actual clients' testimonials available online.

"Before using the services of WB Mason I ensured that this business has been successful for a long period of time and that it appreciates its customers. I should also mention that they have an awesome team which provides great service. I like that they deliver products and services pretty fast. They always ensure that they have had the highest quality. The pricing is competitive."

"WB Mason offers excellent high-rate services. I find their prices even lower than the ones at other office supply companies. I usually get delivery the next day already. Their sales team is knowledgeable and responsive. Each of the company's reps knows the value of their clients."

"WB Mason is a reliable company that provides great service. It makes it easy to keep my office well-supplied. Whenever I need anything, I know that I just need to call the company and the next day it will be delivered! It is really convenient. The people working at the company are helpful and friendly."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about WB Mason, it seems to be a brand you can trust. The first reason for this is the fact that it has been in business since 1898. the company if known for providing good products and high-quality services at rather low prices. It is necessary to mention that every order is delivered on their trucks very fast and for free. You can shop for their products through many online stores. The company has invested a lot of their funds into the creation and development of many other establishments. WB Mason has dedicated sales and service team.

From the very beginning of their business in 1898 as a tiny store in Brockton, MA, the company has become the second largest private dealer selling workplace products in the USA. They provide more than just paper, so you are expected to enjoy successful one-stop shopping experience. In addition, the company is known for low prices and perfect client relations team. The customer service department provides unparalleled service to their numerous clients every day. This is an organization that intends to solve any problems of their customers, provide customized solutions and personalized services. They pay special attention to the strategies that require longer periods to develop, and demonstrate flexibility in meeting their customers' needs. Their objective is to offer you the best solution possible. With these advantages in mind, we do recommend WB Mason. This company will enable you to save your money with low prices. At present, WB Mason invites people with experience to work in their team.

WB Mason Pricing and Rates

The company offers a great variety of products of different categories including office supplies, coffee, custom products, cleaning supplies, facilities maintenance, furniture, food service, ink and toner, paper, school and safety. Of course, their prices vary a lot. For example, WB Mason Copy Paper, 92 Bright, 20 lb, 500/RM can be bought at the price of $13.99. It is acid-free and suitable for copiers and everyday use.