Weider Home Gym Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Weider Home Gym Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Weider Home Gym

Weider Home Gym was created by Joe Weider, a 93-year old Canadian bodybuilder who also founded a fitness empire based on magazines with millions of readers in the country and abroad. He also possesses his own International Federation of Body Building, a line of at-home gym equipment and produces muscle-pumping pancakes. The Weider 2980 X Weight System is a part of this line. Since it is the most popular trainer from the collection, we will focus our attention on it today. It is claimed to be the company's entry-level workout station specially created for home usage. But before you get into preacher curls and chest flies on the system, you are recommended to warm up well. Unfortunately, there is not so much information about the manufacturer online. The official website of the company seems to be not informative enough when it comes to specific issues about the product. Let us take a look at its specs.

Like with most all-in-one bodybuilding stations, the main draw of Weider's 2980 X is the variety of exercise configurations it can offer to its users. In this case, there are six exercise configurations namely Low pulleys, High pulleys, Chest flies, Chest presses, Preacher curls, and Leg development. This Weider Home Gym comes with an 80-pound weight stack and provides up to 214 pounds of resistance. Taking low weight, you are promised to be able to tone up at your home environment. There is no need to put on lots of mass like most hardcore bodybuilders do. This machine features an instructional exercise chart to provide you with the best at-home workouts. The 2980 X's steel-tube framing requires floor space of 74 by 28 inches and weighs about 183 pounds. So, be ready to give it enough space in your house.

Customer Reviews - Does Weider Home Gym Really Work?

Since the release of Weider Home Gym in 2012, a lot of online shoppers have shared their experience via their reviews about the Weider 2980 X. The majority of online testimonials can be found on Kmart, Amazon, and the Home Shopping Network. These websites rated the product at a collective average of 3.13 out of 5 stars. Customers note that the tis weight station offers good functionality, particularly for arms and chest exercises. However, the users of the machine are not quite pleased with its large size and a relatively high price. Some customers report difficult assembly and report that the system's minimum amount of resistance is 58 pounds. This could be a problem for those who need lower resistance. At the same time, the maximum resistance is often not 214 pounds, like promised by the manufacturer.

Here is a brief expert's opinion. Former competitive powerlifter and personal trainer, Jim Roose, gives the Weider Home Gym 2980 X high marks. He is quite satisfied with its functionality and versatility, but he also points out that the included ankle strap can open up many additional exercise variations. Roose says that the system does a good job at simplifying things due to its moderate resistance range and entry-level price. However, he has some doubts whether this workout station will be suitable for a beginner, since it comes with big minimal resistance.

There is a number of customers' reviews about the Weider Home Gym online. Some users claim that only the pull down is smooth. The quad, chest, biceps are not smooth. It is difficult to exercise on this machine even without weight. The pulleys and wire move inefficiently. One customer reports that his purchase arrived in a damaged box and it took him a lot of time to put everything together. The bars looked rusted by the time he got it together with two more friends. Do not expect to assemble it on your own. The bodybuilding station turned out to be larger than expected. And the user doesn't like it at all. He was going to return it but by the time they got the system together, time had passed for return.

Another customer writes that he received the system in a tattered box but it did its job well and had no blemishes. After about two hours of assembly, the buyer got to install the pulley and cable system. This was when he found out that of the three hardware blister packs, one was a duplicate, so he was missing blister pack 2. The man went to the Weider official website. He tried to call their customer support at first but he was on hold for an hour without feedback and with lots of ads. Finally, the customer used the online form to ask them to send him the blister pack 2. He provided the serial number, product number and a clear description of what he needed. As a result, he received an astonishing answer. It turned out that their support representatives do not have access to the parts and cannot fulfill his request. They are either lazy or stupid. Or maybe it's the language barrier with the Chinese guy who packed the box? Let's see what actual users of Weider Home Gym think about it.

"I bought my Weider Home Gym at K Mart for 219.00 hoping that this machine would be a good deal. I was mistaken. The upright base was bent so it leaned slightly forward making it impossible to connect other parts. So, I called the company's customer service and was said that they would send me a new upright and that I would get it in 5-7 business days. It has been ten business days already but still nothing. So, I called them again to check what was going on. They told me that my part wasn't shipped and the order was still processing. I called them back in a week and was said that the part was on back order. I ended up returning the system after two weeks"

"I bought my WeiderHome Gym at K Mart, on sale for 200 bucks. It took me a lot of time to assemble, but I did expect that. I was not very disappointed since the machine was not too expensive. The pully mechanisms are not as smooth. Besides, the system wants to tip over when doing some exercises. I was quite satisfied with the chest and leg routines but not with my biceps and abdomen workouts. I am not a professional weight lifter, but I would not recommend this machine to professional bodybuilders. All it can do is tone your muscles a little"

"I am going to sell my Weider HomeGym since I don't like this thing at all. I bought it thinking I could save a few hundred dollars and use it from time to time but the station feels too flimsy. It also wobbles a lot when you do anything on it. This machine is certainly not worth the money it costs. Do not buy it. There is much better equipment for the same money"

My Final Summary

The Weider home gym is the bodybuilding equipment that includes a sliding adjustable incline bench, pulleys and bars. It is meant to strengthen and sculpt your muscles; however, this machine will not give you what a traditional gym membership would. It is rather large, so it won't fit into each home. According to many customers' reviews, it is extremely difficult to assemble. The system is really heavy, so don't expect to move it easily from one side of the house to the other. While the station is foldable, it is not worth the effort. You will need to remove a few parts to fit it in a tight space or under a bed. The workout chart is often missing upon arrival. It may be not easy to track it down online. Experts who have tried Weider Home Gym report experiencing limited progress. The machine feels a bit wobbly. The majority of complaints refer to the company's customer support. Its representatives appear to be unhelpful and unprofessional. With all these pros and cons I cannot recommend Weider Home Gym.

Weider Home Gym Pricing and Rates

Since this bodybuilding gym for in-home usage comes in different models, the price can vary a lot. The cheapest model of Weider Home Gym can be purchased for under $150. The least expensive model costs $599. Weider 2980 X Weight System Home Gym can be bought for $300.00.