Weider Weight Bench Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Weider Weight Bench Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Weider Weight Bench

The Weider Weight Bench is claimed to be one of the best workout benches available on the modern market. Since it is presented in a variety of models, we are going to focus today on the most popular one called Weider 190 RX Weight Bench. It is not a cheap bench; it has a stable base from which you can perform hamstring curls, bench presses, preacher curls, and leg extensions. When thinking about which weight bench to buy, be aware that there are different designs on the market. Each of which corresponds a particular strength level. The Weider 190 RX is more suitable to anyone who is just starting their fitness program. The width of the barbell supports can maintain a 5ft bar well, but it is not able to support a full-sized 7ft Olympic bar. Using a 5ft bar will allow you to perform decline, incline, and flat bench presses. This bench also includes a preacher curl attachment and a leg developer for isolating your quads, biceps, and hamstrings.

The manufacturer claims that it is a multi-position weight bench, which means that you can adjust the angle of your bench to different positions. The preacher pad is promised to isolate your forearms and biceps comfortably while you are exercising. Leg Developer Build is meant to develop your hamstrings, quads, hip-flexors and glutes. You can use the bench not only for your standard bench presses. In terms of how much weight this bench can support, this is another reason why it is more suitable for those who are just starting working out. The barbell supports can hold 110 lb. While the weight of a standard bar is about 20 lb, this allows 45 lb plate on each side. The preacher curl weight peg / leg developer can support a maximum weight of 50 lb, but the user weight limit is about 300 lb. In this way, this bench may not be strong enough for you, which means that you should consider buying some other bench. But what do real users think about Weider Weight Bench? Let's find out by taking a look at their reviews online.

Customer Reviews - Does Weider Weight Bench Really Work?

Usually Weider Weight Bench is retailing for about $100, but it is important to know what you are going to get for this price. Customers on such shopping websites as Amazon have given the product mixed reviews. Those who have given the product higher ratings cited that they were satisfied with its price and stability. However, the number of lower rated reviews prevails significantly. People are not pleased with the narrow width of the barbell supports; low weight limit, short height of the system, and how close the barbell rests to you when you are performing incline presses. Most customers found the bench difficult to assemble. Lower rated reviews have been left by people who have a considerable lifting experience and have tried many other models of weight benches. They recommended Weider Weight Bench to young adults and those who are new to fitness. Let's take a look at some of the actual users' reviews left on third-party websites.

One guy reports that he bought this bench thinking that he could save some money but it was a terrible decision, since the bench is impossible to level. Even though it was quite easy for him to assemble, but the man recommends spending extra money and purchasing a proper bench to use safely! Weider Weight Bench was the biggest shopping disappointment for another customer who bought the product online purchase. According to his words, both the construction and design are terrible. He says that the main weld that supports the bench fell apart when the buyer was assembling the device. He never got a chance to use it.

The next customer reports in his online testimonial that it is not a good bench. The seat base is fixed at a decline, which makes the man slide down. His head slides off too. It is not a good bench and he will try to return it. The man adds that when he assembled it, the plugs for the bars broke. Another user supports the idea that this weight bench is worthless. He advises to make sure that it does not go flat before buying it. The worst thing about this bench is that the back board is wobbly. This does not allow doing many of the workouts because they require you to step up onto the bench. It does not have the tool for tightening the screws. The plastic cover was broken, the back seat was ripped. This bench is also said to be narrow and flimsy for a 6"2' guy. Is Weider Weight Bench really a waste of money? Is it worth to spend more money on a sturdier bench? Let's answer these questions by taking a look at the real customer's reviews.

"I am not pleased with the WeiderWeight Bench I bought last year. The seat design makes it difficult to do any seated exercises like seated bicep curls or seated shoulder presses. My feet dangle off the foot rests. The leg supports look like torture devices when I try to do decline bench press or decline sit ups. The supports behind the knees aren't wide enough to support my legs fully. Halves of my legs hang off each side"

"I ordered Weider Weight Bench from the official website two months ago but it came defective on the piece that holds the round cushion. The matter is that the holes are made in front and back of the metal; not on the sides. In this way, the cushion cannot hold my legs, since it goes out forward from the bench. Besides, I cannot contact the seller to discuss my concerns. I am very disappointed with my purchase"

"Weider Weight bench was quite easy to put together, even though I needed to use my own tools. During the first two weeks it worked well but after that the seat broke, probably because of adhesive issues. I am 150lb and this was not expected to happen. The product went wrong too quickly, so I would never recommend it to anyone"

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Weider Weight Bench in this review, I cannot recommend this trainer to buying. It features too narrow dimensions and rather low weight capacity compared to the competition. Some of its parts have high quality, but the screws are usually not tightened well enough. The machine has its limitations, including the weight limit. However, if you don't have too much strength yet, this weight bench can be suitable for you at first. The next concern is short durability of the product but its low price may make it worthwhile. If you are looking for a weight bench that will suit your strength gains, then you will need to look for a more professional model. The modern market offers a great variety of option to meet any taste, needs and budget.

Weider Weight Bench Pricing and Rates

The bench is currently unavailable on Amazon. Walmart offers several models, thus, their prices may vary. Weider Pro 225 L Bench's price was $59.70; now you can buy it for $41.37 and save $18.33. Weider Pro 265 Standard Bench with 80 Lb. Vinyl Weight set costs $94.99. Weider Ultimate Body Works can be bought for $111.35. You can purchase Weider Pro 395 Olympic Bench for $149.72. Weider Pro 345 Mid Width Bench is available for $157.29 at present. You can order Weider Pro 365 Utility Bench for $179.00, while Weider Strength Flat Weight Bench can be bought for $40.49.