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Weight Watchers Online Plus Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Weight Watchers Online Plus Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Weight Watcher Online Plus is specially created for self-starters who are tired of their extra weight and need a lot of flexibility on their way to a good shape. This digital tool is easy to use. It offers a special healthy food plan and an around-the-clock motivation. It is also equipped with a 24/7 Expert Chat where you can share your concerns and results, as well as read information on other users' experience. You may ask any question as to what to eat and how to exercise. Having a Weight Watcher Online Plus you will get access to the Plan Video Series where Chief Scientific Officer and other members will tell you about the plan.

There is also Weight Watchers Community where you can find many recipes and share your recipes as well as connect with other users on message boards and tell about your victories. The official website of the product is poorly made, it seems like an advertising website of some application or program. The manufacturer is badly known and it is located somewhere in the USA. There is no exact postal address of the company's headquarters. I have found interesting piece of information that the program initially started as a weight-loss support group in the house of its founder. Probably, this is the reason why community support still exists.

Ingredients of Weight Watchers Online Plus - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

You can get started with Online Plus by downloading the Weight Watchers Mobile application. The manufacturer promises that you can track your diet and activity. Also the program offers thousands of tasty recipes where you will have an opportunity to find new ideas depending on what you like to eat. You can also track your weight easily, as well as set goals, share your victories and check whether you have any progress in your weight loss process. Then you will need to synchronize your fitness device to track your physical activity and the company promises to convert that exercise into FitPoints.

Weight Watchers Online Plus

Weight Watchers Online Plus is claimed to have a balanced approach to weight loss and its dietary plan promises to make weight reduction steady and healthy. The company doesn't offer any prepackaged meals and does not set any food limits. The plan intends to teach the user how to choose healthy food and be active. The program claims to provide you with calorie value of every food. The program works through creating a calorie deficit taking into account that table with foods' values. It contradicts the company's claim that you can eat what you want. How can I limit my calorie intake if I like to eat sugary products, for example? Even if Weight Watchers does not prohibit any products, it is very doubtful that you manage to lose weight while eating your favourite hamburgers. In any case, the company claims to offer the most sustainable plans which are meant to help you lose extra weight. Probably, this will become possible only if you learn how to use the points system for you to choose the products every day.

As it was already mentioned, when you sign up online, you will get access to a few tools that are designed to change you lifestyle. According to the manufacturer, the website contains the point values of about 40,000 foods. To my mind, calculating calories and tracking the points of everything you eat can be really time-consuming and troublesome. You will also be provide with a handy meal planner, hundreds of recipes, and some tips for eating on the go and outside home. Weight Watchers Online Plus also supports the idea of regular physical exercise. They even provide point values of different activities, such as walking, cleaning the house, or swimming. The official website claims not to impose on you to eating their own prepared meals, but at the same time, the company offers its own line of products, including snacks, frozen entrees, and desserts.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The company behind Weight Watchers OnlinePlus does not even mention any restrictions to using its products, neither possible side effects or adverse reactions. It makes me think that the staff doesn't really care about their clients' health. For better weight loss achievements, the website claims to offer you a list of support groups. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and find meetings in your location. With these groups you can set and reach the goals together.

This year Weight Watchers has created a new plan known as OnlinePlus. It presupposes assigning to you a personal consultant. Each of these coaches has been through the program and can help you to lose weight too. To my mind, a supervisor should be a qualified specialist or doctor. All people are individual and may require a different approach. So, I would not trust my health to such experts. The company even offers an opportunity to choose your own coach by looking through online profiles. Each coach has a phone number or email for you to contact this person. Let us have a look at several real users' reviews.

"When I entered WeightWatchers I read a few positive stories of program members who had already lost weight. I subconsciously wished the same, so I became an OnlinePlus subscriber before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Weight Watchers Online Plus was not as successful for me. I regret wasting my money on such a useless thing."

"As I was said on the phone, people who stick to the Weight Watchers plan, are expected to lose about 1-2 pounds per week. However, the program seemed to be too difficult to me, so I was not able to use Weight Watchers. Besides, I don't like to be controlled by others. This is not for me."

"Weight Watchers OnlinePlus supports its customers with awful service. When I have questions and try to call them by phone I can never reach them. All I can do is refer to a FAQs page and try to find answers to my questions, however, those answers are usually absent."

Where To Buy Weight Watchers Online Plus?

Weight Watchers Online Plus costs about $4.30 a week if you are buying a three-month plan. Personal meetings will cost you about $9.26 a week when purchasing three-month plan. Coaching costs about $10.98 a week under the same conditions. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Weight Watchers Online Plus cannot be recommended because it is associated with several negative issues. One-on-one support with a reputable consultant is not available online. You need to meet him in person which is often troublesome for many customers. There are users' reports that the system is not as simple and flexible as claimed. You need to be at least smart to understand and use it correctly. Besides, if you want to succeed in your weight loss plan you need to be morally strong and responsible. Look for other more working weight loss programs online.