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Whole30 Diet Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Whole30 Diet Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Whole30 Diet is a nutritional program made to change your life in just 30 days by balancing your immune system, improving your metabolism, treating your digestive tract, and removing unhealthy habits from your life. The diet was featured on Dr. Oz's popular daytime TV show. The creators of this diet program, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, promise to help you refuse from food groups that can negatively influence your health such as grains and sugar, which can cause unexplained aches and pains, diabetes, skin issues, etc. They promise to teach you which foods may contain MSG, carrageenan, or sulfites. You will be eating unprocessed foods during thirty days, including seafood, meat, eggs, fruit, and vegetables, while obtaining good fats from nuts, oils, and seeds.

The Whole30 Diet is claimed to act as a reset for your body, and to provide you with psychological and physical benefits. It is said to be a lifestyle program that helps to make wise food choices. Can this diet really change your eating habits, live longer and feel a happier person? We will answer these questions by taking a closer look at the Whole30 Diet's benefits and how exactly it work. These 30 days are very restrictive since you are not allowed to consume sugar (even artificial), grains (quinoa counts), alcohol (cooking wine included), legumes (peanut butter) or dairy. Do not cheat yourself by chewing a sugar-free gum or adding a small amount of skim milk into your coffee, otherwise you will have to come back to the first day of your diet.

Customer Reviews - Does Whole30 Diet Really Work?

Are there any health risks associated with the Whole30 Diet? According to the creators of the diet, cutting processed and high-calorie foods out of your diet can have a beneficial effect on your body. However, according to a May 2014 ABC News article, the decrease of eating food groups like legumes, dairy, and whole grains may cause lack of some vital nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, B vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. In this way, the program seems to be a form of the popular Paleo diets that are associated with some health concerns. TIME claims that despite the fact that cutting down on processed foods was a wise decision, the idea of banning any food unavailable to Stone Age hunter-gatherers (grains, dairy products, beans) was nutritionally wrong. According to USNews, shunning grains and dairy, you can miss out a lot of important nutrients. Besides, if you are making wrong lean meat choices, you will be more prone to heart problems. With this said, you are definitely advised to speak with your physician to find out foods worth focusing on, as well as to create a special vitamin regimen specially for you.

Whole30 Diet

Whole30 Diet Program appears to have a mixed customer reputation online. There are both positive and negative customer reviews online, including on Amazon. Some common complaints we saw during our research referenced the fact that many of the diet's benefits can be achieved by refusing from processed foods, not whole food groups, as recommended by the company. The dieters didn't like that it was too complicated, while others even experienced certain negative reactions (drastically reduced energy, headaches, irritability, etc.). Many users who suffered from negative side effects stopped experiencing them after 1-2 weeks. However, some of them had to address a doctor. Mock sinful treats - coconut milk ice cream or paleo cupcakes - are also taboo, if the program really aims to change your food habits. There were some compliments related to Whole30 Diet too. These revolved around some health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels and the fact that the diet is completely free. One customer reported that her leptin (fat hormone) levels had decreased after following the diet for thirty days. People also liked the fact that they didn't have to worry about measuring or weighing foods, as well as counting calories. In fact, the creators of the program forbid to do this in order to attract participants' attention to the benefits of foods, not weight loss. There were many complaints about the program itself. People didn't like the rule that you can only eat when you are truly hungry. Snacking is not recommended. You can add a little protein or fat if you are truly hungry or if you are doing high-intensity exercise. It can be a handful of macadamia nuts or a hardboiled egg 15 to 75 minutes before a workout. You may also have a bonus post-workout meal (such as half of a baked sweet potato and a small grilled chicken breast) 15 to 30 minutes after exercise. Let us take a look at what real dieters think about their experience with Whole30 Diet.

"Whole30 Diet is a thing for stupid people only, since it provides no new information in their textbook. All it does is sums up different nutritional headlines and diet trends of recent years. What really matter is the food you are putting on your plate. This book is simply ridiculous, especially when it tells vegetarians to start eating meat. It's a sort of paleo diet but still you can eat sweet potatoes. You can't eat anything like cookies, bread, or muffins. I am very upset getting the program"

"If you want to learn how to boil an egg, Whole30 diet is definitely for you. But if you need more detailed recipes to, avoid this guide and keep shopping. The book teaches how to cook extremely simple dishes like hamburgers or boiled eggs. A lot of information in this book is taken from It Starts With Food. Actually, all of the information in this boor can be used for free on the author's website"

"Whole 30 Diet seems to be another marketing scam of the year. It is a book primitively written about the trendiest diets of the modern world. A professional dieter like me won't find anything new. If you want to read something special you are advised to look for more advanced books that offer grocery lists and describe the process of cooking different foods. I would not recommend this program to anyone"

Where To Buy Whole30 Diet?

The Whole30 Diet can be ordered on the program's website. It can be downloaded via PDF and includes a variety of different resources such as meal planning templates, shopping lists, pantry-stocking guides, dining and travel guides, grocery store guides, and much more. The company also offers daily newsletters with the exact type of support by providing helpful instructions, positive messages, and other resources. Some products are available for purchase on the site too, including t-shirts, the creators' book It Starts with Food, and links to related products via third-party retailors. The product isn't available on Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

Whole30 Diet is another Paleo diet available online for free. If you adhere to this diet as prescribed, you will undoubtedly lose weight. But there is one big drawback - you will miss up a lot of vital nutrients. This is the reason why you are recommended not to stick to this diet for too long, otherwise you may simply get sick. What really impresses about the company's textbook is its primitive information known to almost every adult. It does not provide any valuable pieces of advice. So, answering the question whether the Whole30 Diet can help you lose weight, I can answer "yes." But based on many testimonials from dieters, you will hardly have any desire to stick to it. I don't think that Whole30 Diet can help you feel happier or healthier.