Wisdom Panel Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel is a DNA test kit specially created for dogs. All you will need to do is to swab your dog's mouth, send the sample to the company and receive a comprehensive DNA report on your dog's ancestry and health. The official website of the company claims that they have tested the DNA of over one million dogs, which has made it the best dog DNA testing service. The company behind Wisdom Panel is called Wisdom Health. They say that their mission is, to promote pet care by improving their well-being as well as relationships between pet owners, pets, breeders, veterinarians and shelters. In this review, we are going to analyze how this dog DNA service works, what real users think about it, how much it costs and whether it is worth trying.

The main attribute of Wisdom Panel's service is the DNA testing kit. You are sent the swabs with which you will need to swipe across the inside of your dog's cheek. After doing the swab, you will need to send it back to the company via a prepaid shipping package. It is important to "activate" your kit by clicking "Activate Kit", a light-blue button on the company's home page. In this way, you get access to the Learning Lab, a portal that will allow you to track the progress of your dog's DNA sample. There are also fun quizzes about dog breeds for you to take. Wisdom Health claims that it will take about 2-3 weeks for them to process the DNA. They provide a pretty extensive analysis of your canine's DNA, as well as compare it to about 15,000 breed samples and 2,000 genetic markers.

Customer Reviews - Does Wisdom Panel Really Work?

The major advantage of the service is that it offers very precise results. The company behind Wisdom Panel is able to construct over 17 million family trees, pare them to the eleven most likely and then from those eleven to select the most likely tree of your dog. When the analysis is completed, the results will be posted in your online account for you to known your dog's family history. This report includes information in the following areas: Ancestry Tree (breeds of your dog's ancestors), Ancestry Mix (breeds in your dog's ancestry), Health (you dog's chance to get over 150 genetic health conditions). According to the company, their tests cross-reference your dog's DNA with 15,000 DNA samples from over 350 breeds. As a result, you are provided with your dog's breed mix. As you move further in the page of your account, you get detailed explanations of each type of breed that was identified in your dog's DNA. You will see photos of the breeds; average height and weight; personality traits; tips for behaving with these breeds and a short history of the breeds.

The ancestry tree will show you the ancestors of your dog's family on its both sides going back three generations. These are Wisdom Panel's most likely guesses based on over 17 million family tree possibilities. The next section of analysis shows your dog's health. It should be pointed out that a report with a health analysis is somewhat cheaper than a report involving an analysis of over 150 possible mutations potentially associated with sicknesses. The first part of the review usually includes three mutation categories: carrier, risk, and clear. One of the report's sections shows the traits of your dog's body as well as explanation of how genetics has influenced the way your pet looks (its coat type and length).

During our research, we have encountered a great number of testimonials from people who have tried Wisdom Panel testing. There are especially a lot of customer reviews on Amazon. The majority of users are amazed with the service, the results they received from their dogs' DNA tests, the price of the service and the customer service. One woman says in her report that she I was hesitant with the kit at first, since it was not cheap. Her dog looks like a 100% Dachshund, but since he is too large for this breed they wanted to check if there was any other mix. Anyone who sees their dog in London often comments on his big size trying to guess what other breeds are hidden inside him. But these dog owners did not know the truth because they adopted him in Vietnam and his heritage was unknown. So, when they received the kit, they carefully followed customer's instructions made sure that their dog had not eaten or drunk before the test. Within a few months, their received an email notification and finally checked out the results online. These people were surprised because the results showed that their dog was 25% miniature shorthaired dachshund, 25% shorthaired dachshund, and 50% Jindo, a rare breed. It is a Korean dog with big family history. These dog's owners are happy they did this test and they highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about their dog. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' testimonials available on third-party websites.

"We wanted to see what breed our dog might be! We understood that the results might not be perfect but we were still thrilled to get a glimpse into our mutt's genetics. We registered this kit online, which was a compulsory thing to do in order to be able to receive the results then! We simply got our Wisdom Panel kit and just swabbed our dog's inner cheek. Then we sent it back to the factory. We received the results very quickly - within several weeks. We were happy to learn the family tree of our doggy. Anyone who has a dog should do this test."

"We completed a Wisdom Panel profile on our dog who was supposed to be a full blood dachshund. His long legs confirmed that he wasn't the one as expected. After completing the test, I assumed that the little red short hair dog pictured as the dad was not the only visitor to our yard. The profile showed that it was the mother who had some mix in her parentage. We were really curios to find out more about or puppy and we feel satisfied."

"Wisdom Panel product was just as described. As soon as it arrived, I took my dog's sample and mailed it to the lab oratory. It took two and a half weeks to receive a report. It came back today and I am happy with it because I believe its accuracy. In fact, our Ziggy was a rescue and we did not know his history. Initially he looked like a Catahoula and Greyhound mix, but the results reflected that he is 12.5% each of Greyhound and Foxhound, 25% Plott Hound, and 50% mix of the herding and guard dog groups. I am not surprised that Zig is mixed. In any case, I love my dog. It was fun to look into his history. The test is worth the money it costs."

My Final Summary

Based on our dep research, this service gives its customers a quite clear picture of what their dog is in terms of its breed, ancestry and health condition. Wisdom Panel has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the number of strengths still prevails. First, it is an excellent dog's DNA service because it gives you an opportunity to do a breed test and health test. Other services of the kind provide only a breed test for the same price. You need to pay for a health test separately. This is the reason why we believe that the pricing for Wisdom Panel service is pretty reasonable. We like the way that this company presents their DNA findings. They are reflected in a simple and visually interesting format online. Each customer has their own account on their official website. There are even pictures of the breeds found in your dog's family tree. The service offers excellent educational experience to dog owners, which could benefit their curiosity about their dog's background, their personality traits and health risks. Another advantage of Wisdom Panel is that it has a great number of positive reviews from true customers. The level of customer satisfaction is high despite some negative testimonials. If you are thinking about completing a DNA test for your dog, Wisdom Panel will be a great choice for you.

Where To Buy Wisdom Panel?

There are two pricing options for your dog's DNA test. Wisdom Panel 4.0 costs $84.99, while Wisdom Panel Health is priced at $149.99. At present, the official website of the company offers a $15 discount. If you have any questions about doing tests or your report, you can contact the company at 888-597-3883. Wisdom Health says that their tests are not testing a certain breed of your dog. They rather match your dog to breeds with the most similar gene profile. The FAQ section says that their tests do not identify your dog's age. In reality, there is no test or method to identify a dog's age, even when using its genetics. If you are not aware of your dog's age, you should better visit your veterinarian, who will estimate its age upon thorough examination.