Worx Aerocart Reviews - What Is It?

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Worx Aerocart

You have probably seen an infomercial for the Worx Aerocart on TV, but can this 8-in-1 all-purpose carrier, lifter, and mover really offer 400% more lifting power than an ordinary wheelbarrow? According to the manufacturer, this is a highly versatile moving and lifting work system but is it worth the money it costs? Let's try to find out answers to these questions by discussing this product in detail further. We have learned that the Worx Aerocart promises to provide all the functions of a traditional wheelbarrow, but it is different in one important aspect, this machine uses a patented Turbo Lift design due to which the center of gravity is balanced, as a result, you can feel a 300lb load like it is just 25lbs. The product is claimed to increase leverage by creating perfect balance and stability. The matter is that this machine centers the heaviest part of the load over the wheels.

The Worx Aerocart promises to handle up to 300lbs, while easily and quickly converting to eight functions which we are going to discuss now. The first one is called Dolly. It can handle heavy units such as refrigerators. Extended dolly offers a wider platform for bulky things such as furniture. Plant and rock mover features a moving strap and extended arms for moving large items with ease. Cylinder carrier is actually a holder that tightly holds cylindrical containers. Bag holder is responsible for holding plastic bags upright, so that they can be filled and transported easily. Trailer tote has a ball joint attachment to be hooked to a trailer (e.g. motorcycle, boat, etc.), so rolling them is much easier. Besides, the Worx Aerocart features oversized polypropylene tires. They do not require to be inflated.

Customer Reviews - Does Worx Aerocart Really Work?

Looking at numerous customer reviews online, I can say that most people possessing this device are quite satisfied with its functionality and performance. Other compliments reference its ease of use, versatility, and quality construction. At the same time, there are some complaints the most common ones of which cited the high price and small bed. However, I can say that a product made of high-quality materials simply cannot be cheap. Another advantage of the Worx Aerocart is that it can be used by weak and elderly people, as it is light-weight and easy to use.

One short middle-aged woman with a bad back earlier used a regular wheel barrel that broke her back. Her son bought the Worx Aerocart for her and she can use it well. The cart is low, but since she is short the device is just perfect for her. It does not tip over and is light to use. But it is heavy to lift that makes it stand still on the ground. The woman is very happy with this gift. She often gives the device to her neighbors who are also pleased with its work. The woman has had her Worx Aerocart for two years already but it still works great. She even uses it for moving boxes of food to be donated before Thanksgiving.

Another customer (this time a man) bought the Worx Aerocart to replace his old wheelbarrow which has seen better days. He highly appreciated its soil transportation capacity. The device is able to carry great loads despite its relatively small size. It is well-made and performs all the functions it claims to perform on the official website of the company. The positive side of the small size is that it can prevent elderly people from "over-doing". It is a wonderful idea to take a look at actual testimonials of people who have used this machine.

"I am 55 and I am fond of working outside, however, my progressive degenerative disc causes me a lot of pain in my back. I got really happy when my daughter bought me Worx Aerocart. I really liked this device. This machine is very lightweight and easy to use. Now, I can enjoy working outdoors without any pain. I love my gift and would seriously recommend Aerocart to anyone, no matter what physical abilities you have. I even managed to move a block of concrete that weighed about 100 lbs. It had sat in my yard for three years because I couldn't move it. But this cart turned out to be really helpful in transporting a lot of different stuff. This cart is worth the money it costs! It makes things easier."

"I have two Worx AeroCarts, and I am literally in love with them. They are perfect for different DIY projects. I love gardening so much, and my machines are ideal for maneuvering around the yard. They can easily go through the garage side door, gate, etc. I love the "yard cleanup" mode most of all. The bag holder attachment is no less useful. I can put a large trash bag and transport it. For me, the wheel barrow isn't an option any more. It is too clumsy and large too. I love my AeroCart that does not require too much space. I am impressed with its design and I would recommend this to my friends."

"I have read a lot of reviews of the WorxAerocart before ordering it. Now I can understand how it fits my needs. I am a 70-year-old grandmother, who is fond of gardening. This cart is just ideal for me. I have used it for a few weeks now, mainly for moving wood and cleaning up the gardening materials. I found it to be a perfect fit for me, as it is light and easy to use. It also rolls easily through my back door and fits well in my storage shed. My previous wheel barrow couldn't do that! I am going to check how well it adapts to winter weather conditions, and how well it can move over ice and snow."

My Final Summary

Keeping all of this in mind, I can undoubtedly say that the Worx Aerocart is a good use of money. The device is not heavy, it weighs only 39 pounds. It has a compact size, which makes it possible to move through any doors and can be stored in just 15 inches of space. Remember that while the Aerocart can hold about 300lbs in wheelbarrow and dolly modes, it can hold up to 80lbs in other modes. The bag holder mode allows placing a max of 40lbs. The device can move a trailer that weighs up to 1,000lbs, while the maximum tongue weight is only 100lbs.

It seems that the Worx Aerocart is a good investment for your money, and the chance of being useful for your next outdoor project is very high. The system can be used in many configurations which promise to provide a high level of versatility. It is important to remind that the Worx Aerocart has mainly positive online reputation. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy and 3-year warranty. So, if you are looking for a better alternative to your old and heavy wheelbarrow, the Worx Aerocart can be a perfect choice.

Where To Buy Worx Aerocart In Stores?

You can buy the Worx Aerocart directly through the manufacturer's official website where it is priced at four payments of $39.95 or one single payment of $159.80. For this price, you will get the Worx Aerocart, a plant mover strap, bag holder, cylinder holder, and rock mover mesh. The shipping depends on your specific location. You may be also subject to sales tax. You can contact customer service at 866-354-WORX. The Worx Aerocart is also available through QVC, Home Depot, Amazon.com, and other third-party retailers.