Wunder Capital Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Wunder Capital

Wunder Capital is a financial technology company based out of Boulder, CO, that funds different solar projects in the country. It is responsible for providing a renewable and clean source of energy, as well as offers its investors a strong cash flow for a long period of time, a diverse portfolio and low volatility. But the main thing is that Wunder Capital is able to fight climate change by using a software-enabled approach for gathering data. These algorithms can be used to pick and negotiate deals in a short period of time. All the savings will be passed on to you. After a project is funded, the company remains behind the wheel throughout the process of construction too. They will bill the energy customer, manage the operation and maintenance of the array, and distribute proceeds to investors. If you want to diversify your portfolio, you should consider investing in solar projects. They have become extremely popular lately. Is investing in solar projects really a wise decision? Is Wunder Capital worth your attention? Is there any better competition? We are going to answer these questions further in this review.

In order to invest in any of the Wunder Capital projects, you have to be an accredited investor. According to the official website of the company, this is a person who has earned income in excess of $300,000 with a spouse or $200,000 for the within the last two years individually, with the expectation to earn the same amount of money this year. An accredited investor needs to have assets in excess of $1 million that does not include the value of a primary residence. If you don't meet the majority of these requirements, don't fall in despair. According to statistic data, only 7% of Americans qualify as accredited investors. If you have managed to qualify, that's just great as you have an opportunity to invest with the company. But are solar projects really wise investments or is there a worthier competition? Let's find out answers to these questions by taking a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Wunder Capital Really Work?

Speaking about the Wunder Capital's reputation, it has to be noted that the company has been mentioned in articles from a great number of national news organizations, including The Denver Post, TechCrunch, TreeHugger, and others, even though they appeared to be more than press releases and didn't provide much information about an investor's experience. At the time of our research the company wasn't listed with the Better Business Bureau, even though they have been in business for four years already. The company's securities are offered through WealthForge, LLC, who wasn't with the BBB too. Since writing our original review, they have received high profile media exposure after securing $3.6M in Series A funding last year. The Wall Street Journal offers an overview about how the whole process at Wunder Capital works. According to the article, the company works with solar installers providing Wunder's loans to their clients. When it is agreed to get the loan, the system is installed (about $500,000). The main advantage about the solar system is that it is able to reduce the electric utility bill by a greater amount than the monthly payments for the loans. As a result, the business can immediately save at least 10%.

Using this business model, Wunder Capital has got a prestigious place on the solar market. Besides, this business model leads to long-term success for the company. Many other companies of the kind have tried to unlock the potential of the solar market but they failed. They tried to find partners to invest in but did not reach any success. According to many customer reviews left online, Wunder Capital' solar projects can help them earn 6% annual returns via Wunder Income Fund, and 11% via Wunder Bridge Fund. They appreciate the fact that their monthly deposits are conducted directly into their bank accounts. As the official website of the company claims, the investment of $100K could bring you up to $1,110 in monthly interest and principal repayments for 10 years. It's no surprise why the solar industry has broadened by 30% each year within the last twenty years! Let's take a look at the real investors' experience.

"WunderCapital is the best online investment platform on the solar energy market. I have invested into several of its projects and I don't regret. This company uses their advanced technology that ensures the reliability of the solar energy projects across the country. The Wunder Income Fund offers returns of 6%, while the Wunder Capital 5 target returns of 7.5%. What is best of all is that the company doesn't charge any fees when you are investing your money."

"Wunder capital is not just an investing company, but it is a solar energy company too. My investments in Wunder went directly to solar energy projects across the USA. These projects are made in such a way as to guarantee that your investment has a direct positive influence on the environment and fights global climate change. It means that with your investment you are doing much good to the planet."

"Wunder Capital is a perfect investment alternative to the traditional market. Its solar funds are backed by many assets, so market fluctuations don't influence your return. Your investment with the company goes to healthy U.S. businesses to finance solar panel installations in the country. Every time you invest, your money helps to reduce carbon emissions and curb pollution. This company is suitable for anyone interested in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Impact Investing, or someone who just wants to earn money and diversify their assets."

My Final Summary

Wunder Capital is associated with a great number of advantages. First of all, in order to invest, you will only need $1,000. Such a low minimum makes this kind of business accessible to almost everyone. Solar's low correlation to stock and bond investments makes their funds a good diversification tool for many investors. With this company you will be able to enjoy steady income because the funds provide investors with regular monthly cash flow. The profit is deposited into their bank accounts.

Wunder Capital's team of professional experts offers the necessary underwriting services linked to the deals before funding is provided. An automated process is used to vet funding to the solar firms. The company allows you not only to make money but also to do good to the Earth, as your investment is directed to assisting the installment of solar systems in the country. The default risk is very low because all of the company's opportunities are asset-based. With this in mind, I would recommend Wunder Capital's solar projects to everyone.

Wunder Capital Pricing and Rates

Of course, your profits will considerably depend on the amount of money you have invested. Thus, the company claims that the investment of $100K help you earn up to $1,110 in monthly interest in addition to principal repayments for 10 years. But it doesn't mean that investing in solar projects is for everyone. There is always some risk of losing your money but it is very low with Wunder Capital. So, if you are ready, go for it.