WyzAnt Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE WyzAnt Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


WyzAnt is an online company designed for parents and students for them to find professional tutors across many different subjects, including science, math, music, test preparation, technology, and much more. The community was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. It also features a website where independent tutors can provide their services. The site allows increasing their visibility in order to find clients faster. The company claims to have provided more than 1 million lessons to its students. It holds an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau, and has a positive reputation among online users. Unlike many other online tutoring websites, WyzAnt offers a 100% refund to the client for the first hour billed to a new tutor. It is called their "Good Fit Guarantee." The community works in a comprehensive way. You will need to go to the official website of the company, enter your desired subject and zip code. You will immediately be redirected to an area where you can see the total number of suitable tutors in the nearby location. After clicking on a tutor, you will be able to check their full profiles and pictures. You will also see how many hours they have logged; browse feedback from past customers, read a brief biography, and more.

If a tutor appears to be a good match, you can contact them via the site's administrator for free and get a response within just a few hours. All communication is secure, and you will be able to run a background check on a tutor you are interested in. But if you don't feel like browsing through numerous tutors, you can use "Request a Tutor" service provided on the site. You will need to fill out a short questionnaire about your personal needs. You will be required to submit the form and have up to five local tutors contact you in the nearest future. In this way, you will be able to choose a tutor who meets your requirements best of all. Facilitating tutoring sessions is not the only service provided by WyzAnt. The community also provides a section with detailed resources on their website. It includes more than 16,000 interactive Q'As, blogs, lessons, and videos. To better understand whether this website is worth dealing with, it is highly recommended to take a look at the real users' reviews on the Internet.

Customer Reviews - Does WyzAnt Really Work?

WyzAnt is associated with a great number of testimonials not only from students and their parents but also from tutors who work through its website. It seems that the majority of customers love the service, the tutors and the company in general. They do care about their users who report having mainly positive experience due business practices. The students appreciate such a cool opportunity to find a good tutor in almost any subject they may be interested in. One customer shares her experience about finding a math tutor for her 5th grade son. After asking his teacher's for recommendations she was left empty-handed and had to find ways of helping her son on her own. So, the woman turned to the Internet and was pleased to find quite a few Websites offering tutors that offer one-on-one lessons. When looking for a tutor the woman used such sites as care.com, sittercity.com, varsitytutors.com, tutor.com, teacheratlas.com, takelessons.com, wyzant.com, instaedu.com and tutormatch.com. All of these sites seemed to work in the same way by giving information on their tutors including their background check information, hourly rate, their experience, etc. All she needed to do is to type in the subject for a tutor, and soon she was presented with a list of suitable tutors. The woman was attracted by wyzant.com where she contacted the tutor in math and succeeded. Her son has progressed in the subject significantly since then and the woman feels satisfied with the service.

The WyzAnt website provides capable tutors all of whom are very responsive and are glad to answer your questions. Probably, these are the reasons why most users would recommend this site to everyone who needs a tutor. The tutors themselves seem to be happy with the website as well. One of them writes in his review that he has been tutoring for nearly a year on this site and has got good income. He also has learnt new things to keep his skills current. Let us take a look at the actual users' testimonials found online.

"I started tutoring with Wyz Ant more than a year ago and have completed over 100 hours via their referral service. I have had great income and have never had any problems with their administrative and bookkeeping services. Their call-in and online support is perfect. I am glad with the results I have had with their service. Their charge for services is quite high, and they provide a lot of prospects. I am going to continue working in the same way."

"I am a parent of a son who has had some difficulties with algebra due to the altered methods in teaching math. I decided to go to WyzAnt to get a tutor in our area in order to help my son understand algebra better. As soon as I went to their site, I saw the information about tutors and I chose the person I felt most suitable for my child. I was pleased with the fact that they have background checks done, and I felt more at ease with the tutor. At present my son has succeeded in algebra a lot. I am grateful for the service."

"I am using Wyzant as a tutor and I don't have any issues with the company. It is true that they are charging 40% at the beginning, but then you are able to return this money times more. 40% may seem high at first, but if you agree with that you should not complain. The website is very friendly, and the service is responsive. The site is easy to navigate. Overall, I am satisfied with my work. This is a decent way to earn money if you can teach something."

My Final Summary

WyzAnt appears to be a worthy company when it comes to finding a professional tutor for yourself or your child. It is focused on helping people and providing a high level of customer service. The majority of website users seem to be satisfied with the service and tutors themselves. The funds are handled through the company which decreases the risk of awkward situations. The first lesson is completely refundable if it doesn't work out. That is why if you a local tutor to help you with a wide range of subjects, WyzAnt can be a solid resource.

Not only students are pleased with the service but also tutors are. They confess that it is a good way to earn some extra money; however, the most common complaint is that the site keeps a big portion of tutor's payment (40%). Nevertheless, most tutors find 60% to be hugely beneficial. The website offers only professional tutors who are checked by the screening process. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the company, I can recommend WyzAnt to both students and tutors.

WyzAnt Pricing and Rates

Signing up for an account is free, and you will only need to enter your email address and pick a password to begin using the website. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or minimum payments. There is no need to enter any of your payment information. However, you are required to have a valid payment method on file before booking your first tutoring session, which includes checks, PayPal, credit and debit cards, and money orders.