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XY Find It

XY Find It is a location device that operates via Bluetooth and can be attached to a variety of things so that, in case you lose them, the device will help you to track them via a signal and specific sound. The official website of the product provides many different ways that can be used for the finder, from attaching it to a computer, a handbag, camera equipment, pets and even children. It comes in five colors for you to choose from: black, silver, red, blue and purple. The manufacturer claims that they have sold more than 1 million of these units. The company behind the product is based in San Diego and boasts to be a location-servicers disruptor. They claim to have been in business for almost seven years already. In this review, we will discuss how the XY Find It works, what real users think about it, how much the device costs and whether the company offers any money back guarantee. The latest version of XY Find It is XY4+ which has a hexagonal shape, is thin and small enough to fit into any bag. In addition to its compact size, there is a keyhole at the top, so that you can attach it to a metal loop or a keyring that can be attached to electronics bags. The unit comes with an app you will need to use in order to pair it to your mobile phone.

The device has four major features you will need to be aware of. If you lose the thing to which your XY Find It is attached, you can open the app and "find" your device by just tapping a button. Your tracker will produce emit a beep-based song, informing you where it is located. The device works at a distance of 300 foot, which means that your phone can locate your device as long as it is within this distance of you. The tracker can work in a reverse manner too. If you have lost your phone, press the top of the tracker and your phone will ring. But remember that it will work only if Bluetooth is activated on your phone. Besides, the ring volume should be loud enough for you to hear your phone ring. The final feature of the device is its crowd-based GPS searching and tracking memory. If you lose your tracker and what is attached to it, you can use your app that remembers where it detected the tracker last. It communicates with the device periodically. If you lose your tracker, mark your device as "Lost". There is chance that other users of XY Find It will be able to see your lost tracker on their app. But they should be in range of 300 feet, which may happen too seldom. According to the product's website, the device's battery can last five years.

Customer Reviews - Does XY Find It Really Work?

To understand whether the customers are pleased with their XY Find It trackers, we decided to go to the company's store on Amazon. At the time of writing this review, the company's trackers had over forty reviews with an average score of about four stars. More than 55% of those testimonials were five stars, but 25% of them were one star only. It means that every third customer was not pleased with their tracker. Among the latest reviews there are customers who gave the device one star because it did not work as well as advertised. For instance, one guy said that his tracker didn't work despite it just came out of the box. The man also noted that the app couldn't locate the device even though it was only five feet away.

As we studied more reviews from, we found out that they had a mixed character. Those reviews that provided positive ratings reported that the product worked pretty well. They were written by people who liked the device and found it effective. Based on what we have seen from these testimonials, we believe that the chance that you will enjoy XY Find It still exists. But there are many unpleasant situations with this tracker too. The most common complaint is that the device doesn't work as promised by the manufacturer. The company uses a tricky Bluetooth technology that may be negatively influenced by such factors as humidity, walls, and reflective surfaces. These could reduce the signal significantly. Let us take a look at what actual users of XY Find It think about it.

Unfortunately, many of them had high expectations from the device but they faced a series of problems. In one case, the battery died fast, and the customer had to reconnect the unit often. In this way, it was more of a headache than help. Another guy did not find it useful at all saying that he could not hear the locating chirp while he doesn't have hearing problems. Once he misplaced the keys, the device was not helpful. The sound coming from the unit is not loud enough to be heard from any distance. In fact, the sound is a series of beeps of varying loudness, which makes it hard to hear even in the same room. Many customers had to return their products, since they did not work for them. The only benefit is the nice look of the product. Let's read some actual users' testimonials found online.

"Beware of XY Find It. This device will not work unless you give data rights and make a yearly payment. The company also refuses to refund me the purchase price. If you purchase it, you will waste your money. It is better mot to deal with this company at all. Avoid it."

"XY Find It is worthless for use with a pet. Whenever I tried to make it beep, it would not work. At present, it doesn't work at all, even though it is only a month old. I don't know what the problem is with it but I think the battery is dead. But even when it worked, it was slow to inform me when the cat was out of range. By the way, the range is only thirty feet. What waste of time!"

"I found that XY Find It has poor tracking ability using my Android. The device is difficult to use. Besides, the APP drains the battery worse than any other application I have ever used. The battery in the tracking device lasted only a month. I am very disappointed."

My Final Summary

Based on our research of XY Find It, we believe that this product is not worth purchasing for a few reasons. Even though it has some strengths (the signal can transmit up to 300 feet), it also has many disadvantages. The most common complaint of actual users of the product is its poor performance. People who have tried to contact the company behind this device, did not receive any response, which means that the company ignores their customers completely. There is no chance to return the product is you are not satisfied with it, as well as to get your money back. With this in mind, you should look for another tracker that would work more efficiently. Another downside of XY Find It is its price, taking into account that there are cheaper devices with 300-foot-range too. With all these drawbacks in mind, I cannot recommend XY Find It to buying.

Where To Buy XY Find It In Stores?

The official website of XY Find It offers the XY4+ model at three price points. One tracker costs $39.99 ($5.99 shipping), five trackers can be bought for $119.97 (free shipping), while eight trackers are priced at $159.96 (free shipping). In this way, the more you buy the less you pay per device. Unfortunately, you don't have many options for purchasing. The company's site says that the product has a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you click on the "Returns" link, you will see the fine print showing that the device has only a one-year limited warranty. The situations in which the warranty doesn't apply include faulty parts not due to workmanship defects, spilling water on the unit, cosmetic damages (broken plastic, scratches, etc.) and modifying it. If you have any questions or concerns, send your email to support@xyfindit.com.