Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Yoshi Copper Grill Mat

Yoshi Copper Grill Mat is a nonstick mat infused with copper to provide you with even cooking, reduce flare-ups and hot spots. You will see nice grill marks on your food and find it easy to clean your grill. There is an official website of the product that contains all the necessary information on this kitchen appliance. According to the manufacturer, you will need to just heat up your grill, put your Yoshi Copper Mat on the surface of your grill and start cooking. These mats are reversible and reusable, food slides right off very easily and they can be cut to any shape or size you wish. These mats are perfect for chicken, hot dogs, burgers, fish, and vegetables.

It is important to note that the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat works with charcoal, gas, and electric grills; however, it can be used only up to 500 degrees and away from an open flame and. When you are finished, just throw the mat into the dishwasher or rinse it off with water and some soap. Is the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat what the commercial claim? What makes it different from other grill mats? Is it worth your money? Let's start by discussing how this product works and find out what real users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Really Work?

As a rule, grill mats are just sheets of some heat-resistant, flexible material that's coated in PTFE, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene. Usually, it is fiberglass fabric. The atoms of PTFE do not allow food to stick to its surface and to other things. This is the reason why food tends to slide right off. Fiberglass fabric has an ability to conduct heat, which gives it an opportunity to cook food. The heat from the grates transfers through the surface of the mat, cooks food and even leaves beautiful grill marks on it. At the same time, you can add sauces to your meals and cook vegetables without falling through the grates.

What is even more important is that these grill mats are completely safe to use. The PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is described on the official website of the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat as a chemical used in the process of producing PTFE. In 2006, it was classified by the FDA as a "likely human carcinogen". The author of the two-part book series What Einstein Told His Cook and professor of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and, Robert Wolke, said that, there is no PFOA in the final Teflon product. It means that there is no risk of cancer development in people who use Teflon cookware. It is mentioned that the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat should not be used on an open flame. It can be perfect for charcoal grills.

There are not many user reviews on the product, as its Copper version is relatively new. The original Yoshi Grill Mat had more than fifty reader reviews on HighYa. An average rating was four stars. Most compliments referenced ease of use, solid cooking results, less food loss and decreased mess. Most people were satisfied with the quality of the product and enjoyed cooking. However, some users complained that the product didn't work as claimed. The Yoshi Copper Grill Mat has less online feedback; however, it seems to be more positive than negative. The customers gladly share their experience of using this version of the product. They say that meat doesn't dry out as usual on the grill. The mat is easy to clean. It does not last forever and it is no surprise. It is normal to replace these items from time to time. It is better to replace them than to scrub down the grill, isn't it?

One man says that he purchased two of these mats. These are fantastic. The man is fond of cooking steaks and chicken. He uses the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat three or four times a week. The man's family likes the fact that foods come out with ideal grill marks. The meat is never burnt or blackened. The Yoshi Copper Grill Mat may serve a great gift for your friends and relatives. It can be used every day on the grill without adding any oil. Steaks, hamburgers and salmon turn out juicy and delicious. Let us have a look at some of the real users' reviews left online.

"I love my Yoshi Copper Grill Mat very much. I have used it many times on a gas grill and I am pleased with how fast it cooks food. I don't have to worry that my meat will get charred any more. The mat cooks vegetables really fast and they never fall in the grill. Cleaning with a magic eraser is just a breeze. By the way, I like those grill marks on meat. I would recommend this mat to everyone who loves grilled foods."

"It is very annoying to see and eat burnt edges of grilled chicken thighs. Fortunately, I have found out a way out. It is my new Yoshi Copper GrillMat that protects my food from the direct impact of the grill. With this mat, I can cook a large piece of chicken and add the BBQ sauce just on the grill. I do not have to worry about the burning sugars, thus the mat and grill are both easy to clean up. Due to these items we have become great friends with our new neighbors!"

"This is my second order of YoshiCopper Grill Mats! Thank you for the fast shipping. We use our grill almost every day. These mats are a time saver as I don't have to waste time on cleaning the grill. In general, I am satisfied with the quality and the price of this product. The first set served us the whole last season. We used them very often without any complaints. They are easy to clean. I recommend this product."

My Final Summary

Taking into account users' reviews on the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat it is necessary to note that this product really works as advertised on TV. Most people who have bought it are absolutely in love with this mat. It can be a great present for any man for Christmas or Thanksgiving. It makes it so easy to control the flame and heat. With the Yoshi Grill Mat your food will never get burnt, but it will be juicy, tender and delicious. Besides, your food will not fall into grill, especially shrimp and vegetables. Nothing will stick to it.

The Yoshi Copper Grill Mat seems to have mostly positive customer feedback. The users like their experience of using this product that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Just remember that you will have to pay $3.99 fee for the Grip N' Flip Spatula. The mat has a 500 degrees temperature limit. When cleaning this nonstick cookware, avoid using metal utensils and abrasives, as you may damage the PTFE coating. Based on what we have learned from the company's website and user reviews, I can certainly recommend Yoshi Copper Grill Mat to usage.

Where To Buy Yoshi Copper Grill Mat In Stores?

The product can be bought directly from the official website of the manufacturer and Amazon. It can be purchased in combination with another mat. Thus, two Yoshi Copper Grill Mats and one Yoshi Copper Bake Mat cost priced at $19.99. These come with free shipping, even though you will need to pay an additional $3.99 fee for a "special bonus" Grip N' Flip Spatula. So, the total cost will be $23.98. You can also find the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat on Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon. If bought directly through Idea Village, the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.