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Zenhaven Mattress

If you want to purchase a mattress online, you must be prepared to encounter a lot of companies involved in the business. In can be difficult to make the right choice, however, Zenhaven Mattress has managed to separate itself from this competition. This product claims to meet three important requirements: health, quality, and price. The company behind the product is rather reputable and popular in the country among its customers. They claim that it is the most sleepable, breathable, and comfortable mattress in the world. The product starts with pure tree-tapped latex whipped into soft foam. Then comes some "magical mold" plunged into latex with a pleasant cooling effect.

Zenhaven mattress has a proprietary 5-zone design that provides quite firm support to different parts of the body, while remaining elastic and plush. This latex is layered with natural wool that provides natural moisture wicking properties and high breathability. The product is wrapped in organic cotton. This mattress offers hypoallergenic properties, incomparable support, as well as dust and mold mite resistance. It features long-lasting construction to provide you with the most comfortable sleep at a reasonable price. Zenhaven focuses on simplicity but let us see what primary layers it has.

Customer Reviews - Does Zenhaven Mattress Really Work?

The layer system is well-constructed. It includes a 6" base layer of 100% Talalay latex; a 1.5" comfort layer of 100% Talalay latex with a proprietary 5-zone design, a 1" flame-retardant layer of natural New Zealand wool, a quilt package with a Sewn-on custom embroidered label and an organic cotton circular knit top panel. Talalay latex used in the mattress claims to have a natural open cell structure that prevents overheating and allows air to circulate well inside the mattress. In fact, Talalay latex is seven times more breathable than other types of latex. The upper mentioned 5-zone design responds to your body shape, regardless of your sleeping position. It effectively provides firmer support where it is necessary and improves the position of your spine. This improves blood circulation, relieves pain, regulates temperature, and improve your night's sleep in general.

Remember that Zenhaven mattress requires a solid platform. Its 2-in-1 comfort technology presupposes two different comfort levels. You can enjoy any of them by just flipping the mattress. The Luxury Plush side offers 4-5 grades on the comfort scale, while the Gentle Firm side is 18% firmer. The mattress is manufactured in 18 American and Canadian factories. Compared to many other companies selling mattresses online, including Casper, Tuft and Needle, Novosbed, and others, Zenhaven mattresses is more expensive; however, it has a higher quality. The product contains natural components associated with the lower health risk.

There is more positive than negative customer feedback for Zenhaven Mattress on different websites selling this product. It has been reviewed by many popular sites, including Sleeopolis and SlumberSage. Sleepopolis tested the mattress and found out that it provided a good balance between hug and sinkage, as well as great pressure relief. The mattress offers less hug than a memory foam mattress. The readers liked its spinal alignment, consistent support, and good bounce with little motion transfer. The company behind the product seems to have very high marks from users, which is seen in their A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Most people are satisfied with the Zenhaven Mattress. However, the best way to learn whether it is really as effective and comfortable as claimed, it is necessary to look at the real testimonials from the users of this mattress. Here are some of them.

"I have had a Queen size ZenhavenMattress for almost three weeks and I love it very much. I have tried several memory foam mattresses in the last four years, but all I had was serious back issues. However, as soon as I tried Zenhaven I understood that it was what I had been looking for. It is a good solution to my problem and I am very happy with my purchase. It is perfect for sleeping on my back and on my side. I give this product five stars."

"I am a side sleeper and I have been looking for a mattress to give me good pressure relief. I ordered Zenhaven mattress three months ago and I can say that it is a great option for side sleepers. Latex had a bit of smell at first, but less than alternatives. The smell was gone after a few days. The mattress has no chemical additives; it just contains pure Talalay latex. If you are thinking of buying a mattress, hurry up to order this mattress and you won't regret."

"Zenhaven mattress is a wonderful mattress that features a similar quality to Loom and Leaf, another high-rate product but more expensive one. I like that it has a lot more bounce, as I don't like too hard mattresses. It is difficult to say whether it will be suitable for you. One thing can say with this mattress is that I can sleep well in different positions on it. I have slept on it for 3-4 weeks and I am still happy with my purchase. If you prefer sleeping in different positions, then this mattress could be a good choice for you."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is important to say that the Zenhaven mattress provides spinal alignment, ultimate comfort, improved blood circulation and pain relief. Of course, personal preferences may differ, but from the professional perspective, the average firmness and bounce effect may indicate the suitability of this mattress for a wide variety of users. If you sleep badly, you should consider a number of factors, including medical conditions, medications you may be taking, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet and others. Choosing a mattress, don't forget about a proper pillow too. Finally, you may talk with your doctor about whether Zenhaven mattress might work well for you.

If you focus mainly on health-conscious materials, high quality, absence of nasty chemicals, you will probably find this mattress ideal. Compared to latex mattresses from leading manufacturers, you may save up to 60% of your money if you stop your choice on Zenhaven Mattress. It is not only less expensive but also provides a lot of value. Take into account that the company behind the product offers a 75-night trial period. Personally I would recommend buying the Zenhaven Mattress.

Where To Buy Zenhaven Mattress In Stores?

Zenhaven Mattresses are available in different models. Twin (38" x 75") costs $1,299 ($150 foundation), you can buy Twin XL (38" x 80") for $1,349 ($150 foundation), Full (54" x 75") is priced at $1,699 ($200 foundation). Queen (60" x 80") can be bought for $1,899 ($250 foundation), you can purchase King (76" x 80") for $2,499 ($300 foundation), while California King (72" x 84") costs $2,499 ($300 foundation). You will need to pay $99 for shipping and in-home setup. The Zenhaven Mattress comes with a 75-day home trial.