Zipit Bedding Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Zipit Bedding Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Zipit Bedding

Zipit Bedding is a set that includes a blanket and sheet that work together like a sleeping bag. The product might be very helpful for both moms and kids. They say it's fun, fast, and makes it easy for children to make their own bed in just a few seconds. All they need to do is to pull the zipper. Besides, Zipit Bedding is reversible, glow-in-the-dark, and has side-storage pockets. The product was invented by Jennifer MacDonald who saw her sons zipping up their sleeping bags after a sleepover. The woman decided to use the same idea for their regular beds. She was joined by her sister Hayley Carr and the team formed MacCarron Industries to make and market the product. There is an official website that claims that Zipit Bedding was featured on the TV Show "Shark Tank". Since then, the company gained great popularity and good reputation among users.

In fact, Zipit Bedding is a comforter and a fitted sheet zipped into one unit. The product is available in six patterns, two colors, and in Twin or Full sizes: Pink (Fantasy Forest, Rocker Princess, Sweet Stuff) and Blue (Outer Space, Extreme Sports, Wild Animals). They claim it is ideal for hard-to-make bunk beds, as well as trundle beds, squishy air mattresses, etc. There is a video on youtube demonstrating how Zipit can be zipped - fully, zipped-and-folded in different combinations. Each Zipit Bedding set is interchangeable and reversible. It means that you can mix and match different sets for and never get bored with the same design. According to the manufacturer, Zipit Bedding is exciting and interactive, but at the same time soft and durable.

Customer Reviews - Does Zipit Bedding Really Work?

Most people who have bought the product for their children, are highly satisfied with Zipit Bedding. They are pleased with the quality and reasonable price of the product. They say that their kids are impressed when they turn off the lights and the whole bed starts glowing. This makes much fun for kids but not to the extent that they don't want to sleep. On the contrary, the bedding is so soft that most children are willing to stay in bed. Kids like that there are two zippered side pockets for holding things like toys and cell phones. In this way, your child won't lose their things under the bed. You can easily launder Zipit Bedding simply by stripping it off the bed. The product is recommended to be washed in cold water on Gentle and dried on Low Heat to preserve the glow-in-the dark. You can also wash the fitted sheet separately in cold or warm on Normal.

What customers especially like about Zipit Bedding is that they can say goodbye to unmade beds forever and no longer struggle with ill-fitting blankets, sheets, or pillows. Besides, not only will the bed look more attractive and neat, but it also guarantees that your child will be safely "tucked-in" all night long and the blanket won't fall off. People like the fact that their child may have much fun with Zipit Bedding. By the way, the company has also created their own YouTube Channel showing The Zipit Bedding Kids singing and dancing in their videos. This product can be a wonderful Christmas present for your child. Most people are satisfied with the work of the company's Customer Service. The staff is always helpful and polite. You are free to contact the any time if you have any questions of concerns.

A lot of people are writing reviews about the product. For instance, one customer reports that he bought the Rock Princess for his 9 1/2 year old daughter. The girl was really happy with her present. And the parents are pleased with the quality of Zipit Bedding. The fitted sheet is tight. The comforter is nice and comfortable. The fabric (100% cotton) is not too thin. The bedding works as advertised. It stays on bed and the child just flips the cover up and zips open or closed. The pillow case is flipped to the other side. The comforter reverses by unzipping each side, flipping the comforter over. You will hardly find any negative reviews on the product. Here are some actual testimonials about the product.

"I ordered Zipit Bedding for my daughter for Christmas because her bed is always a mess. In fact, I bought it through another retailer and faced no problems with the delivery. The product was delivered within several days. In general, we love the bedding. It works great and makes my daughter's bed look much neater. The fit is perfect. I am going to order one for my son too."

"I ordered my ZipitBedding for my four-year old daughter just before Christmas. Fortunately, it was delivered in time. Not too bad of a shipping time around the holidays. I was stressed in vain. I presented the gift to my daughter and my wife immediately put it on her twin bed. The daughter really liked it. The bedding looks wonderful, perfect size. It is incredibly soft, just for tender child skin. The colors are pretty too. I am excited about my purchase. Thank you very much."

"I love this comforter set very much. It does glow in the dark even after washing it! Zipit Bedding is a great solution for my kid who has a habit to kick the blankets off in his sleep. But this kind of bedding always stays on and keeps him warm all through the night. It is super easy to make the bed for my son! The comments about inability of a kid to get out of the bedding in a fire are silly. The comforter unzips easily, so it wouldn't be a problem. I am planning to buy a second comforter soon!"

My Final Summary

Zipit Bedding is backed up by a lot of mommy bloggers on different websites. These women are happy with almost anything about this product: its quality, softness, fun and joy it brings to a child, comfort and convenience. This makes it a nice idea for children whose blankets often slip down from their beds at night. According to numerous user reviews, kids "make" their beds with pleasure each morning and go to bed happily at night. Zipit Bedding doesn't look like a sleeping bag, but it can perfectly fit into any interior.

Zipit Bedding allows children to learn to make their own bed. It can be a nice place for games too. At night a child feels freshly tucked giving no chance to the blanket to slide off. The zippers slide easily, so that your child will be able to get out of bed in the morning. The bottom is open and it is an advantage, as child's feet need better air circulation than any other parts of the body. The pocket is a good idea. Little children always have some important little treasures and they need a place to store those in. I would certainly recommend this great invention to all people who have children.

Where To Buy Zipit Bedding In Stores?

ZipIt Bedding includes a Zipit Comforter and Fitted Sheet, as well as a Matching Zippered Pillowcase. You are free tochoose the color and style of the product to your taste. Besides, for orders with more than one set, the company will provide you a discount.