Zippy Loans Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Zippy Loans

Zippy Loans is a financial service that connects lenders with prospective borrowers. It allows individuals to request for personal loans in the amount varying from $100 to $15,000. As with other loan service providers, real-time decisions and efficiency are employed through this company. While some review websites are advertising this financial service for prospective borrowers, deep research has revealed some hidden facts about the professionalism of this company and website ( Zippy Loan is a financial platform that is responsible for connecting those in need of getting personal loans with potential lenders. It is not a financial institution, lender or creditor, it is just a service provider that connects lenders and borrowers. As with most loan operations, Zippy Loan enables the lender to do the loan application process on their website. You will know if you have been approved for a personal loan within just a few minutes. According to the Better Business Bureau, it is not an accredited operation. Their postal address is 2220 Meridian Blvd PMB 014909, Minden, NV 89423-8601.

It is high time to see how does Zippy Loans operate. To apply for a loan through their site, you must provide your full name, verify your address, prove your employment information and regular income. Depending upon the amount of money you need for a personal loan, you will be offered a repayment period of up to 60 months. The overall online application process usually takes five minutes. Although it is said on the site that even applicants with poor credit can apply, according to consumer feedback online, prospective borrowers should apply only if they have a credit score of more than 650. If approved for a loan, you will be connected with a lender with whom you will negotiate, review, and e-sign your loan agreement. If approved, you can get your cash advance loan in just 24 hours. This is what the official site says. If you are in financial trouble, Zippy loans can be of great help for you, even if you do not have enough credit score. Let us take a closer look at this lending company, as well as at what real clients are saying about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Zippy Loans Really Work?

Zippy Loans are offered online. You can get up to $15,000 via the application submission. You will also get a decision in real time. Personal loans can be used for any of your needs or the needs of your family. No collateral approval or back up is required to get these loans. If you are looking to get approved for a zippy loan you will need to provide the proof of identity and your source of income. If you meet these requirements you can get approved for a zippy loan in a few minutes. You will not need to wait foolishly as the company shows decision in real time. You can apply for up to $15000. When you submit your application your application will be sent to more than 100 lenders who offer variety of loan choices for you to choose from. You can apply for a loan through your desktop but you can also do this via your Android or IOS browsers. The Zippy Loan website is optimized for mobile users, which means that you can get a loan for any need.

There are many customer reviews about Zippy Loans on third-party websites. Most people say that the whole process is fast and easy. The company offers installment and short-term loans to help you reach your financial goals. The process is based on three steps namely Online Application, Sign Up and collect, and Repay. In the first step you will need to submit application online. There is no need to wait in lines. After submitting, your application will be sent to numerous lenders. In the second stage you will be connected to the lender which matches your loan needs. You can review and sign agreement electronically and you will receive the money in your bank account the next business day already. In the third step, Zippy loan will manage the network of your lenders. There are many installments in which you can repay. You will probably have time frame of 60 months. You can repay to short term lenders as soon as your next payday.

We have gathered many reviews from people who have taken Zippy Loans and used them already for their monetary needs. All of these reviews are unbiased and come from real users. Many customers report that that are very pleased with the company's customer support. One guy writes that his loan of $10,000 was approved and paid in full within just 24 hours. He experienced easy sign up and quick lending. The guy would definitely recommend Zippy Loans to other potential borrowers. Another man reports that before Christmas in 2016 he was in need of money. It was his colleague who told him about this kind of loans and the man decided to give it a try. The loan was approved immediately and arrived in his account the next day already. Their support team is helpful and knowledgeable. One woman reports that she used numerous payday loan companies but most of them blast their potential clients with promotional advertising and spam email. Zippy loan is different. They helped her when she desperately needed money. The woman faced simple and easy application process, as well as friendly support. Her loan was approved instantly and she got her money the next day already. She feels very satisfied and would recommend this company to other people who are looking for payday loans. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonial available online.

"I live in Montana and today I am a happy woman. Zippy Loans was the only company that agreed to rescue my family when we were in a very poor situation. I will recommend them to any person who is looking for a loan. They granted me a loan when I needed 5000 USD. I am a single mother of two kids and Zippy loans helped me to start my life all over. Thank you!"

"I am very satisfied with Zippy Loans. I came across their website and found it to be very helpful. After learning the necessary information; I applied for a loan just before Christmas. I am grateful to this company for help and I will help others as they helped me."

"I am writing this review because I am really grateful for my Zippy Loan to this lender. They helped me and my family, when I thought there was no way out of the situation. They made my family feel alive again by giving us money at a low interest rate. I have been looking for a loan to settle my debts for three months but I was scammed by other companies. This is a God sent Lender. I did not think that there are genuine loan lenders online but I was pleasantly surprised. I got a loan without having to wait long or anything. I would advise Zippy loans to everyone."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Zippy loans, this company seems to be worth your attention. It offers quick personal loans and takes real time decisions. However, there is no offline access to the service. Another advantage is that you can get loan even if you have average or poor credit. The company will help you build your credit score if you repay on time. The drawback of using this service is that the company requests your personal and financial information. But generally, this is a common practice among lending organizations. This loan service provider is associated with many reports about many spam emails. The same can be seen with other service providers. The company is mainly linked to positive customer feedback. Zippy Loan seems to be a trusted and legitimate service provider. It offers great platform to people who are experiencing financial crisis. They offer installment and short-term loans and have over 100 lenders who will certainly meet your requirements. The application process is very easy and fast. All you will have to do is submit your name, address, email, phone number, Employment or valid source of income, Bank account and Social security number to receive the money you need. Many people have shared their reviews in which they report that they were fully satisfied with the service. With all this in mind, I do recommend Zippy Loans.

Zippy Loans Pricing and Rates

The company is suitable for people who would like to get a loan of up to $15,000. There is minimal interest rate. They promise to improve your credit if you pay out in time.