Zoom Tubes Car Trax Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Zoom Tubes Car Trax

Zoom Tubes Car Trax is a great toy for the whole family. It is easy to assemble. All you will need to do is just to connect the tubular track and launch your racer using the wireless remote control. The 25-piece set includes twelve Connectors, 3 Speed Tubes, 8 Curved Tubes, 1 Speed Tube with Door, Zoom Racer with Remote Control, and USB Cord. The toy requires two AA batteries which are not included into the set. The toy uses Tubular Traction Technology which gives your racer 360 degree light up gription velocity, due to which you can create a non-stop racing light show! You can race around anything and anyone, since the toy is completely customizable. The possibilities are endless! You can allow your imagination race while demonstrating your focus, creativity, and ability to experiment. The 25-Piece Main Kit comes with a blue and orange racer, so you can freely invite your friend for racing fun!

25-Pc Main Kit with Blue Racer and 25-Piece Tubular Expansion Kit promises to provide you with customizable tubular fun with the Blue Zoom Racer in the Main kit and more than 25 feet of tubes. You will get an additional 8-10ft of tubes. This set also includes Criss Cross Crash Connector, which allows racing around anything and anyone, as you wish. 25-Pc Main Kit with Blue and Orange RC Racer Car and 25-Pc Tubular Expansion Kit includes everything you need for you and your friend to launch your racers. That's more than 30ft of tubes, the Criss Cross Crash Connector, as well as a Blue and Orange Zoom Racer. The company behind Zoom Tubes Car Trax is popular and reputable. They promise that you will be able to enjoy hours of fast action racing fun. You will be able to create unique car track configurations. The product comes with the wireless remote control for you to control the light up racecar. This toys is recommended for ages over five years. It has Polypropylene construction and wireless remote.

Customer Reviews - Does Zoom Tubes Car Trax Really Work?

There are numerous customer reviews about the toy on third-party websites and most of buyers are pleased with it. Boys simply go crazy about this toy. However, they often play with their sisters and even parents and grandparents. The set is said to be very easy and interesting to assemble. People who have bought this toy from Walmart say that it is the best place to get it from at the most affordable price. Many customers' sons and nephews are obsessed with this track. It looks cool, especially in the dark when the cars light up. It is vibrating which makes it even more fun. The toy is completely safe for children. But what many parents particularly appreciate about this toy is that it offers the freedom to build anything their kids want. It makes them more creative. They are not limited on shapes and you can keep adding on. Parents may buy additional sets if they want to make the game even more adventurous. The kids can create their own track. The children can even build absolutely new things! The cars are bright with light and move really fast. This is awesome. Remote control helps to regulate the speed of cars. They can go really fast. The tracks are very sturdy, so you don't need to worry that your child may accidentally injure because of poor quality of the toy.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax will provide your kids with hours of play in which boys may compete with girls, for example. Your children will be happy if you provide them with interesting and unusual ideas. This innovative toy will undoubtedly increase child creativity, promote engineering skills and imagination. They will not easily lose cars from the set. Some sets do not require any batteries and are rechargeable. Many customers report that this is an awesome and interesting product at a very reasonable price that makes it even more attractive. It is fantastic for kids of all ages who love racing and building. The toy also successfully keeps kids' attention for a long period of time. One customer says in his review that he likes the concept behind this toy. He had his kids building and racing for several hours. It was cool because his wife had good rest. At first, he was concerned about the parts but then he realized that they were completely safe for his kids. He also appreciates the toy a lot because it increases their creative thinking. Besides, it is nice change from hot wheels tracks. The man's sons and daughter like it. The man plans to buy this product for his nephews too. The track is simple and light yet fun.

Some people who are just thinking about buying Zoom Tubes Car Trax have some common questions about this toy. They ask them online, while the actual owners of the item answer these questions. The cars for the zoom tube are not sold separately. In fact, one set comes with one car. You can buy more sets if you need more cars. One woman reports that she purchased three sets for her five-year old grandson's birthday, so all guests had an opportunity to play at his birthday party. It was real hit and the boy loved his gift a lot. As you can see, for racing several cars together you will need several toy sets and several players. There are no reported complaints about the quality of Zoom Tubes Car Trax online. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews on the product left on third-party websites.

"Zoom Tubes Car Trax is truly the coolest toy I have ever played! In fact, I got this for my nephew but he allowed me to play with it for a while. What can I say? I wish this stuff was available when I was a little boy! It is a perfect toy for boys. I am also glad that my nephew finally learned how to share his toys with me! Lol!"

"I bought Zoom Tubes Car Trax as a Christmas present for my grandson. It looks good when it comes to the quality. Besides, this toy is affordable. If my grandson likes it, I will buy the same track for my younger grandson. Thank you for fast shipping!"

"Zoom Tubes Car Trax is an awesome toy. My children won't stop playing with it for hours. They love racing around and building different track. Their imagination has no boundaries. I am a happy mother when my kids are busy playing. I have the time of my own. Thank you!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Zoom Tubes Car Trax, this toy seems to be nice for children of different ages, especially the boys. Based on the numerous customer reviews online, most adults also like to play with this tack. Children who like to build tracks of different shapes will undoubtedly like the toy. This is so much fun since they can create custom tracks and develop their imagination. This toy set has lights. It provides the users with creative freedom. The cars don't fly out of the tubes. The product itself has high quality! If you want your kids to be busy playing for long hours, I definitely recommend you buying Zoom Tubes Car Trax. It will bring them real joy. Besides, it is reasonably priced.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax Pricing and Rates

This unusual toy can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer. It is also available on some of the most popular retail stores. The price may vary from store to store. Amazon sells Zoom Tubes Car Trax, 25-Pc RC Car Trax Set with one Blue Racer and Over 12ft of Tubes at the price of $29.99. Walmart sells the same set at even a lower price - $28.88.