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Zwift Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Zwift Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Zwift is an at-home training game that pairs your bike with indoor gear and allows the cyclist to ride more than 100km of virtual roads. You can choose from three worlds with different workouts designed by the best coaches in the world. The company promises that you will enjoy a realistic ride, as well as have fun when training solo or competing with thousands of other cyclists in real time. Let's take a closer look at the Zwift system, real customers' reviews and the price of the game. In this way, we will help you to understand whether or not this sort of workout is right for you. Let's see how Zwift works but at first it is vital to check the information available about the manufacturer of the product online. I was unpleasantly surprised to find almost no information about the company behind the product. It is most probably based somewhere in the USA. There is an official website that is low informative, though.

According to the site, the use of the Zwift requires several basic components including a bike, a computer (PC or Mac), a compatible iOS device (iPhone, iPad), or an AppleTV. You can also use a big TV. You will also need an ANT+ or BLE power meter, a trainer or a set of rollers, and a cadence sensor, a bridge or receiver to handle the ANT+/BLE signal. The trainer is probably the biggest factor that can influence your experience with the game. You can really enjoy your riding with a "smart" trainer because the data sent from Zwift will adjust variables in an automatic way (for instance, resistance, power meters and speed sensors). A traditional trainer will not include automatic power meters or resistance, and you will have to mount a speed sensor to your bike manually. After setting up your bike, you will need to download the iOS app from the App Store, or the game from Zwift.com. Establish an account from the screen called "Create New User" and log in with the credentials.

Customer Reviews - Does Zwift Really Work?


According to the official website, using a trainer, bike, software, and a screen, the system is claimed to deliver a fun indoor cycling experience. It is emphasized that Zwift uses your physical measurements for features like speed, leaderboards, and how you will be displayed in-game. To ensure that your profile is up to date, you will need to change the way how your avatar's kit looks. It can be done via the Customization menu. When the game is running, your trainer's sensors will send data to your computer via the ANT+/BLE connection. You will be able to share your data with man other Zwifters all over the world. Using the Zwift System is said to be easy; however, it is not quite true if you take a look at the actual customers' reviews. Many users report that they felt difficulty setting up the system. However, they liked the variety of roads, including Watopia, London, Richmond.

The customers like the fact that while riding through different virtual worlds, they can track their data and interact with other users. You will have an opportunity to follow other Zwifters, while choosing from hundreds of rides from easy to intensely competitive roads. There are also missions that need to be completed within a limited time and include special challenges and events. All of the data gathered is saved as a file and can be uploaded to third-party programs like Training Peaks, Strava, Today's Plan, Garmin Connect, and Map My Run/Ride. Beside social races and rides, Zwift's workouts allow you to achieve fitness goals I terms of time or mileage. You can choose one of their pre-made options.

The official website claims that their structured workouts are easy to follow, are tailored to your fitness level and can help take the guesswork out of training. You can upload some other rider's custom .zwo file to your account for you to use one of their pre-made workouts. Once you gather different workouts, you can group them into training plans. The only way to access Zwift's system is through their iOS and Android mobile apps. This involves everything we have discussed above. The app can be used as a game controller.

There are not so many customer reviews about Zwift. Across different industry websites like Cycling Weekly, BikeRadar, and RoadBikeReview, most seemed to provide mixed feedback for the system. Common complaints referenced its difficulty to setup, high price and the limited course options. If you are using a smart trainer do not ignore prescribed sections during your workouts. The most common compliments related to good graphics, possibility to interact with other riders and use different platforms in different situations, and the motivation it provides. Between iTunes and Google Play, we found more than 1,500 customer reviews for Zwift's app. The average rating is four stars. Let us read some of these testimonials.

"I really did not want to write this unfavorable review about zwift, but I failed to use the iPhone Zwift app despite my numerous efforts. It hangs up within three seconds of clicking RIDE. I cannot even watch it for more than three seconds. I called their tech support but said they could not help me. I have an iPhone X, which is supposed to be compatible with the app. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, rebooted the phone, but had the same results. I am stuck. Zwift customer support reps stopped responding to my requests. I cannot use my new trainer"

"The Zwift UI is a bit clumsy on Apple TV and iPhone. I cannot follow design guidelines, so my goals are on the same level. It is not clear if the view I am touching is where some buttons might do or a scroll view. Many touch targets are too small for iOS. It seems not to be an iOS / tvOS app. Using Apple Watch as a heart rate sensor shouldn't be this difficult to support. It is not clear what the Mobile Link app is or why I need a Zwift Apple Watch app. I regret wasting my money"

"I loved this platform at first. Zwift has probably changed the app. I am not sure what an issue with the Zwift is but there is no feedback to the kickr most of the time. I would like to use zwift to the fullest by using the mobile link and the Apple TV, but there are too many difficulties with connection. I am grateful to the developers for their hard work in making this platform but it still has problems"

My Final Summary

If you are looking for a training system with immersive 3D gameplay, feedback from built-in sensors, real-time resistance and customizable training programs, I cannot recommend Zwift for a number of reasons. Even though it promises the upper mentioned features plus social interaction with other users, it appears to have some issues from the very setup. The customers are not satisfied with unresponsive customer services representatives. Based on numerous customer reviews, this game brings disappointment to many users. Besides, it is extremely expensive when compared to the competition. It is important to remember that the modern market offers a lot of similar options at a lower cost. So, you will certainly find something really worthy.

Where To Buy Zwift?

You can try the system through their free seven-day trial. It does not require any kind of agreement or payment information. If you want to continue afterward, you can order unlimited Zwifting for $14.99 per month. The company also offers several bundles to help you work out better. Hammer Direct Drive Bundle costs $1,260, a one-year Zwift subscription for Magnus Wheel-On Bundle is priced at $630, PowerCal Heart Rate Power Meter can be ordered for $39.99. You can search for the programs from local dealers. Merchandise purchases come with a 14-day refund policy. You can reach the customer support by calling at 818-736-4897 or via the "Support" section on their official website.