23andMe Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY 23andMe Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


23andMe is a company that offers genetic testing by taking the saliva sample for tracing your lineage up to 10,000 years back, as well as across 750 maternal lineages and more than 500 paternal lineages. The company has more than 500,000 genotyped members and claims to be the biggest DNA ancestry service in the world. It has been in business since 2007 and is based out of Mountain View, CA. However, they are not rated with the Better Business Bureau. There are both positive and negative online reviews for the service. 23andMe works by using a small saliva sample to provide deep genetic reports and fresh genetic data, as well as to trace your genetic lineage. All information offered by the company is 98% accurate and is able to help you expand your ancestral view.

To obtain your genetic tests from 23andMe you will need to accomplish three steps. First, order your DNA kit, then register your barcode and, finally, provide your saliva sample. You will certainly need to send it back with the pre-paid packaging. When the company gets your sample, the team of expert technicians will process it at the company's CLIA-certified lab. The official 23andMe website states that it usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks before you get your results. It should be remembered that there are many customer reports that mention receiving the results within 3-4 weeks. Thus, the entire process may last even less than a month. Let us take a look at how exactly the company works and what opinions real customers tend to have about their experience with them.

Customer Reviews - Does 23andMe Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the company works by tracing your lineage by taking the saliva sample. How does the process of making the Harmony Prenatal Test look like? After providing your saliva sample and sending it to the company, it will be analyzed by the team of professional experts. After that, your results will be available through your 23andMe online account that you can open on your own. You can see your results via an Ancestry Composition that provides the percentage of your DNA. The latter may originate from different regions and even continents. The results can even inform you what percentage of your genome comes from Neanderthals. Remember that your test may give you important health information for you to be used when diagnosing certain diseases.

There is a great number of customer reviews available on different websites on the Internet. There are both positive and negative testimonials, but the positive ones seem to prevail. The patients claim that 23andMe tests have helped them a lot with their health diagnoses. Thus, for instance, one customer writes in her review that she received a report a few weeks ago informing that the woman was a carrier for a Celiac's disease gene. Thus, she went to her doctor and discussed her results with her. Since then the woman has been diagnosed with Celiac's disease and she is glad that she learnt about her condition. She wouldn't have thought to ever get tested for Celiac's disease, so, she recommends this company's services to everyone.

The majority of customers report that they received their results within a few weeks only, so they didn't have to wait too long. Some people, however, have got mixed feelings about 23andMe tests. For example, one individual writes that he was an adopted kid and has always wanted to find some closer blood relatives. Unfortunately, the company failed to help the man but he still hopes that this will happen one day. For the most part, he was pleased to learn more about his overall genetic ancestry and health in general. He is also aware of the fact that he doesn't have any genetic diseases and he is not a carrier of any, so he won't potentially pass any health condition to his future kids and grandchildren. Another customer reports that she received her kit a while ago and was happy to get some real perspective. Her family didn't know a lot about their past and the test was able to help the woman put some the pieces together. In general, she had a great experience with the company.

"Thank you, 23andMe, for helping me to find my half-sister. I have never known about her existence but now we are the best friends! I got to meet her immediately after I received my test results and she looks exactly like many members of our family! It was a wonderful experience and I would undoubtedly recommend this service to my friends."

"23andMe is the best company to use for testing and DNA ancestry. I have learnt a lot of important data about my family and I even found some health risks. It is not very pleasant to talk about but I am glad I have learnt about my health now, when I am still young and can receive proper treatment. I would recommend this company to everyone who cares about their far relatives and health."

"23andMe offers a very interesting service. I have had nothing but an amazing and informative interaction with the company. Their DNA heliotrope presented me vital DNA information. It's all legit and I don't need to worry about my personal security. Even though I am not a scientist and this company is new, I would recommend you to give it a chance to connect the world. We are really all related. Bravo."

My Final Summary

23andMe is a worthy genetic-testing company that gives an opportunity to everyone to learn more about their ancestors and health in general. Their tests are able to trace to genetic lineage 10,000 years back, which is a very promising claim. They are the greatest and most popular DNA ancestry service on the globe and have more than 500,000 genotyped members. At the same time, their service is not expensive at all. One kit and testing cost only $99.

Another advantage offered by the company is the full refund if you cancel your order before its shipping. The product is associated with a number of positive customer reviews. Most people are happy with the service. They say that the whole process usually takes them four weeks before getting their test results. The majority of customers have not had any issues with the company' customer service. If you have any questions, just contact it and any of your issue will be resolved immediately. The results are very comprehensive for anyone. And the information found in the genetic profile is very interesting. With this in mind, 23andMe appears to be a helpful genetic testing company that deserves your attention.

Where To Buy 23andMe In Stores?

Each 23andMe testing kit costs $99, but you are also expected to receive a 20% discount on an additional kit if you want to buy it in the same order. Currently, testing kits are available not only through the official company's website, but also through Amazon.com. Shipping for a single kit will cost you $9.95 for Standard, and $26.95 for Express. You can cancel your 23andMe order before the kit is shipped. Only in this case you will be eligible for a full refund. Cancelling your order within 30 days after getting the kit but without shipping the sample to the lab will cost you a $25 fee and shipping. If you have shipped the kit to the lab, no refunds are available.