Arctic Air Ultra Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Arctic Air Ultra

The Arctic Air Ultra is a portable evaporator that is able to cool a considerable space for up to ten hours through a water tank that makes hot air cold. The air cooler uses a cooling method in which it sucks in hot air with one side, runs it through moisture and cools it by evaporating the excess water. The company behind the device also makes and sells other products commonly known as OnTel Products. This line-up includes the Handy Heater, Magic Pad, Huggle Hoodie, and Slap Chop. Their official website is well designed and highly informative. The company works hard to make high-quality products and offer the services that improve our everyday lives. Arctic Air Ultra is just an example of their hard work, so we are going to focus on its work in this review. We will also provide customer feedback and expert insight into how effective this evaporator is, as well as discuss the pricing of this cooler and the return policy its company offers. Let's find out how the Arctic Air Ultra works first.

Customer Reviews - Does Arctic Air Ultra Really Work?

This air-cooling device is also called an evaporator, a swamp cooler or an evaporating air cooler. It works by sucking in hot air through the back and passing that hot air via a specially designed moisture chamber. The air comes out the other side, evaporates and dissipates the heat. As a result, we get cool air blowing about the room. This is an affordable method of air conditioning, since it consumes less power and costs so much less. You can save a significant amount of money with this type of a cooling system.

According to the Arctic Air Ultra's commercial, it is a personal space cooler that makes hot spaces refreshing places filled with cool air for just a few pennies a day. The commercial demonstrates a person directing 96-degree air from a hair dryer into the back of the device and 72-degree air coming out of the front of the cooler. It also shows an individual who is laying poolside with the device blowing on them. In order to use the Arctic Air Ultra you will need to fill its tank with water and plug it into a USB charger or a wall outlet. According to the manufacturer's official website, it can work non-stop for ten hours on one water reservoir.

To get an idea of how effective the Arctic Air Ultra can be, we contacted several experts in the sphere and gained some perfect advice from an HVAC technician with Heat Talk whose name is Dave Miller. He said that this evaporative cooler is good in medium-sized spaces for personal cooling. It can be placed on your desk just before you to provide you with refreshing cool air. You can also take the device with you in a trip. The expert also noted that this swamp cooler works best in "arid/dry" climates; even though it can provide great relief in a humid place too. Thus, the Arctic Air Ultra can work well in a humid environment such as Florida but it is more effective in a dry environment.

To promote better functioning of your evaporator, you will need to clean it out from time to time. It is important to make sure that the water tank is cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of pathogenic flora. The procedure is similar to that of cleaning a humidifier. You certainly don't harmful microorganisms to multiply in the water reservoir and be released into your room. These are really useful pieces of advice from a specialist but to better know how the Arctic Air Ultra works let us take a look at what actual users are saying about their experience of using this device.

Well, we have encountered a great number of customer reviews not only on the company's site but also on third-party websites and the majority of them are highly positive. The users are happy with the work and functionality of their air coolers. Thus, one woman reports that she keeps the device by her bedside and the unit just works wonders for her nighttime hot flashes! The woman freezes the filter to make the air even colder. At present, she has no complaints about her purchase. Another customer writes in his testimonial on Amazon that this is a great personal cooler everyone needs to have in the modern world. It can perfectly cool down a small room. Besides, you can point the unit to any direction you want, for example to your desk or bed. The device gives an opportunity to play computer games on your desktop all day long even when it is extremely hot outdoors. Overall, this little air cooler is a great addition to any interior. Let's take a look at some other testimonials from real users of the Arctic Air Ultra.

"Arctic Air Ultra works very well. I ordered my unit from CVS at 25% off with coupon. As soon as I took it out of the box, I poured ice water to the tank and plugged it into my wall outlet. I noticed cool air coming from the device right away. In an hour, it has cooled off my small room. I placed the unit on my desk near my computer. It is blowing right at me making me feel fresh. The temperature today is over 115 in Southern Nevada. I am happy that I bought this device; it makes me feel so much better. I am going to put the filter in my freezer before using it at night; it should be cooler. This air cooler has three speeds and is easy to operate. I really like it. By the way, CVS has provided me with a 90-day return policy."

"I am rather satisfied with the Arctic Air Ultra. Of course, this is not an air conditioner and it will not cool down a large space but it will perfectly cope with a medium-sized room. This evaporative cooler works in the same way as the human body when it is sweating. A small amount of water is transformed into a mist, which is blown by a fan across wet filter elements, so that the device gives a pleasant chilly breeze. It should be noted that the unit won't work in your car, so you will need to get your air conditioning fixed. It makes a hot room more comfortable within an hour or two of constant work. I use it for my bedroom while sleeping. It blows directly onto me and keeps me feel well while sleeping. If you need a cool breeze this device will work perfect for you."

"I am going through menopause and I often have hot flashes but my Arctic Air Ultra is just what I need! It was easy to follow the label instructions. I poured some water into the reservoir and chilled the filter in the freezer. The unit kept me pretty cool during hot flashes at night. Now I use it every night by placing it on my bedside table. It is a great idea to put extra ice cubes in the water tank. It will keep you cool all night even in hot summer, I am sure. By the way, this device is much cheaper than air conditioner. Nevertheless, it works just as well as a conditioner, you only need to place it near you. I do feel relief from my hot flashes at night. Ladies, you should give this thing a try. You will not regret."

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research, we do believe that Arctic Air Ultra is a great device for the money it costs. Its price is reasonable and you will not find cheaper evaporators of the kind. Besides, you can buy a second evaporator for just $19.99. It is very affordable, especially taking into account the fact that one device can cool down a small room pretty fast and effectively. This is what many expert say. However, the unit will be not enough for a large space or an entire office. It is a good choice if you want to stay cooled and refreshed in the area around your desk or bed while sleeping. Another advantage of the Arctic Air is that it is manufactured by the company that is known for offering a great number of other popular products. There is extended information about the manufacturer on their official website, so they can be trusted to the fullest. What is more, the majority of people who have tried this evaporative cooler are satisfied with its effectiveness. Therefore, I do recommend Arctic Air Ultra to everyone who spends a lot of time in a small room or one spot.

Where To Buy Arctic Air Ultra In Stores?

At the time of writing this review, an evaporative cooler of this kind can be bought for $39.99 with free shipping, while two units can be purchased for $59.98 with free shipping. The company gives an opportunity to test out your cooler within 60 days. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason you may return it and get your money back. All you will need to do is to contact OneTel's customer service department at (800) 205-3001. Remember that your refund will not cover the shipping cost or any other fees. Besides, buying a second unit for $19.99 you agree that you will not be able to return it for a full refund in case you don't like it.