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Babbel is a fun, easy, effective, and well-developed way to learn any of the following languages online: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, or Russian. The company was founded in 2007, thus, it has enough experience to provide high-quality services. Unlike a classroom, its learning programs are self-directed, but it is your task to do the work. You will be given all materials you need to start writing, speaking, and understanding your new language. Actually, the company promises you will start speaking in your first lesson. Their integrated speech recognition uses a microphone on your computer to help you create proper pronunciation. Such a self-directed format guarantees that you will be able to learn a new language when you wish. All you will need to do is to choose the program you like and learn grammar while building your vocabulary. Your progress will be saved by Babbel in the cloud, so you will be able to use it on the go via their Android and iOS apps!

Learning a new language might seem a difficult task, but in reality, it is fun. In addition, this will undoubtedly open up new possibilities and expand your horizons. You will be able to improve your multitasking skills and memory as well as boost your job prospects. The company also offers thousands of different language learning programs for you to choose the most suitable option for you. But will Babbel really help you learn a new language? To answer this question, we will need to find out what differentiates them from the competition. The greatest advantage of this online language-learning program is that it is much cheaper than many of its competitors. Despite this fact, it still manages to provide high-quality courses in thirteen languages. It offers learners a new vocabulary in complete volume, which may be challenging for some people, though. However, as you proceed you will be given a chance to review the same words and phrases over and over again. The program works by allowing you to listen, write, read and speak. Babbel's program is not associated with much hand-holding as PCMag's Editors' Choice, Rosetta Stone, among paid language-learning programs. Duolingo is a free program but it proves to be much less effective. Even though Babbel is challenging, but it provides real results to most people.

Customer Reviews - Does Babbel Really Work?

Babbel differentiates itself from other language learning programs with its ability to provide "the best language learning experience". As the company claims, their courses are made by a professional team of dedicated linguists, authors and educators. They promise that all of their lessons are designed specifically to make learning your new language easier for you based on your native language. The way an English speaker learns French is different than the way an Italian speaker learns it. So, the customers are able to benefit from the content with better learning results. Babbel program uses a learning technique called Babbel's Review Manager. It is a method of spaced repetition that will remind you when words and phrases are due for review in an automatic way. In this way, you will be able to optimize your progress. The Manager provides you with words which need to be reviewed depending on how many times you answered correctly. If you answer review questions correctly, you will be offered a higher knowledge level. If you make no mistakes, the phrase or word moves up one level and will be reminded in 4 -180 days. If you make one mistake, the phrase or word stays at the same level and will be reviewed the next day again. If you make more than one mistake, the phrase or word moves down a level and will be reviewed immediately.

It appears that Babbel has got mostly positive online reviews, both from industry leaders and ordinary customers. PC Mag provided an in-depth review, whose author had positive experience when using the program to learn Italian, Spanish, German, and Norwegian. The author liked that the material had high quality and low cost; however, to his mind, it might not be perfect for beginners because the program offers a big amount of new words at once. It was concluded that this online language-learning program exceeds expectations, providing self-paced courses of high quality in thirteen languages. Amazon gave Babbel's Spanish program an average rating of our stars based on about 400 reviews. The most common compliments referenced ease of use and effectiveness of the program. Some of the complaints cited rare incorrect translations and that the app had problems in operating. Let's take a look at what real users think about the program.

"Babbel is a great program for learning languages. I was completely satisfied with it but I would like to see some improvement in the program itself. I would like to have the spiking voice changed and to have pronunciation options a little slower. I would like also to be taught how to position the tongue and the mouth to pronounce definite sounds and words properly. However, the program seems to be worth the money I spent on it. With this program I can learn something beautiful and that's great!"

"I am really enjoying the approach babbel offers. It covers different topics and language structures. It is interesting to learn new vocabulary. I also find the notes accompanying some of the new expressions very useful. This gives me an opportunity to see how the language is used in practice. I appreciate the encouraging and positive feedback at the end of each lesson. I am amazed with the voice recognition component of the program. I do appreciate it to people who want to learn a new language."

"Babbel is an excellent language learning program. I have used it for a few months only but I have significantly improved my knowledge of Turkish. I can understand Turkish people in 80%, but I still have difficulties expressing my thoughts. I hope I will learn it completely with this program. Thank you a lot!"

My Final Summary

Babbel is a beneficial language learning program that offers a number of advantages. It provides good quality of instruction and well-structured courses. The program is inexpensive when compared to the competition. It is quite easy to use interface on mobile and desktop. There is a wide variety of learning options. Babbel offers attractive little quiz-style courses at affordable prices. You will receive real recordings and a variety of learning tools and options. All this makes the program a competitive player in the quiz-style market. This method of learning languages has been proven effective and convenient, especially for busy people. As a specialist, I would advise you to give it a try and make sure that their methodology really works. According to their official website, there are millions of users most of which are happy with their investment. I can recommend Babbel to usage.

Babbel Pricing and Rates

You can register with Babbel completely for free. This will give you free access to the first lessons in all courses. To get full access, you will have to get one of the following membership options. One month costs $12.95, three months cost 26.85, six months are priced at $44.70, while twelve months are worth $83.40. Remember that your subscription will renew automatically. All language programs come with a 20-day refund policy.