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Block Cop

Nowadays, almost every modern person has a smartphone charging block lying around the house. It seems to be a good idea to implement a wide angle HD camera and a microphone into one of these devices. Today we are going to discuss one of them. Block Cop is an audio recorder and HD video camera presented as a USB charging block. In this way, the USB charger contains a hidden audio recorder and a wide angle high definition video camera. The product can be bought from its official website ( that was registered in June 2016. The company behind the product is known as Telebrands, who has been manufacturing ASOTV products for more than thirty years. Recent examples include Ped Egg, Red Copper Pan, and Atomic Beam USA. Despite popularity, many of the company's products are associated with negative customer reviews. Let us take a look at the claims and features described by the manufacturer of Block Cop.

According to the site, the device is easy to use, since it needs just to be plugged into a standard outlet. It contains a 32 gigabyte hard drive and does not require software, setup, or batteries. You can view recordings by connecting the USB cord into your computer. USB can also charge different devices while it is recording. The camera starts recording after being plugged in. Once it is inserted into an outlet, it can record all day. Block Cop may be associated with a lot of questions. Will it really provide video and audio of high quality? Is it useful in the real life? Are there any better options that deliver similar values for less money? Does it offer the ultimate spy technology, as promised in the commercial? We are going to answer all of these questions further in this review.

Customer Reviews - Does Block Cop Really Work?

The company behind the product held a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau with 25 customer reviews 24 of which were negative. The company has over 400 closed complaints most of which are related to high shipping charges, low quality, and poor customer support experiences. The BBB sent a letter to Telebrands in February 2017, regarding the company's claims linked to the demonstration in Red Copper Pan's commercial that this product could be used with metal utensils. The company has given no response to the customer complaints, which is a red flag. Many people who have bought Block Cop found it very expensive. Not everyone can afford it, taking into account its characteristics. However, most users said that it is quite easy to use. You will simply need to plug Block Cop into any wall outlet and watch it working almost immediately. The device starts recording with any detected movement up to 100 feet away. Usually, this is enough for most homes. It records both sound and audio and the record can be viewed on any computer via a USB port. You will not need any special software or batteries, which is rather appealing. The 32 gig storage capacity is promised to deliver six hours of video.

The manufacturer claims that this USB "spy" device is very effective but still some people are not satisfied with the function and design of the device. They say that it does not work as advertised. It has a larger size than a standard USB charger. The hardest part of using this device is not in the device itself, though. It can be a problem to find an outlet with a good view of the area you wish to monitor. The field of view is said to be wide enough for you to capture the action from a single point of the room. Unfortunately, in many cases, most of my wall outlets are hidden or are obstructed by pieces of furniture, so finding a proper outlet can be quite a challenge to some people. Some consumers are disappointed with the product. One advantage about this product is that you can use it not just for watching the inside of your house. For instance, you can take it with you on vacation to monitor your hotel room's cleaning staff. Based on customer feedback, it is not perfect in all of the situations shown in the commercial, though. One common complaint about the product is its $40 price tag which is rather high when compared to other similar devices available on the market. The website registration date of June 2017 indicates that this is a rather new product. However, there are some real customer reviews available on third-party websites. Let us take a look at some of them.

"It has been eight weeks I haven't seen my Block cop, and my smartphone has been disconnected! I would like to sue the company and get my money back. Is there any way to do it? I am not able to reach the company's customer service department by phone provided on their official website. This is a real rip-off. I would not recommend this product and company to anyone."

"I regret having bought Block Cop. I would better get my wall charger I bought from that company on I gave them my C.C Number and I feel that they want to screw with me. Their website ( is fake, just like all the information provided on it. They are pretending to be a reputable company! Don't believe them!"

"In my opinion, BlockCop is a scam. I ordered the product directly from the official website about three weeks ago, but my shipment has not arrived yet. They took my money without any notification. I tried to call the phone number listed on their site but it says it does not work any longer. Help me, please. My advice - don't deal with this company ever!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Block Cop, it seems to provide the same storage capabilities as many other SD card-based charger cameras. With other cameras you will also not need an actual card. At the same time, its price is much higher than that of the competition despite the fact that the company offers a 30-day refund policy. The latter may take a lot of time until you get your money back. It should be taken into account that you will need to pay for the shipping of the product to the company. So, it is up to you to decide whether the product is worth returning. It is important to mention that many customers complain of not receiving their order after paying for it. The company's customer service also leaves much to be desired. Many people find it difficult to reach any of its reps by calling at the phone number listed on the official website. According to the professionals, you should start your search of a proper hidden security camera by considering a great number of aspects including where it will be placed, your video resolution needs, storage capacity, video access and many others. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Block Cop, it cannot be recommended to buying.

Block Cop Pricing and Rates

The device can be ordered directly from the official website of the manufacturer. One Block Cop costs $39.99, plus free shipping. Like many ASOTV products, your order can be doubled during checkout for an additional $19.99 fee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, be aware that the refunds are available within thirty days making a purchase. You can request your refund by calling Telebrands customer support at 855-668-1655.