Blackhead Vac Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Blackhead Vac Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Blackhead Vac

Blackhead Vac is a beauty device that has a number of functions including acne removing, skin-smoothing, skin firming, comedo suction and pore cleansing. This product comes with four beauty heads offering a deep clean for your facial skin and some other different functions. It is rechargeable, convenient and easy to use, as claimed by the manufacturer. By the way, the company behind the product is badly known and not reputable in the country, which is the first red flag. The device is said to help remove the blackheads from the pores, reduce wrinkles on your face and make your skin cleaner, smoother and more rejuvenated. The manufacturer claims that this technology is not allergic and invasive. It works by sucking or rubbing off the top skin layer to remove the dirt and different particles. Does this device really provide the functions you are waiting for? Let's find out an answer to this important question further in this review but at first it is vital to take a closer look at the features of the product.

Well, Blackhead Vac is made from ABS material which is said to be non-toxic environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless to your skin. Its vacuum function works by cleaning dirty pores through suction. It also increases blood circulation in your skin. The product offers three levels of adjustable suction, so that you will be able to choose the most suitable one specifically for your skin type. The device comes with four beauty heads, which can be changed when necessary. These offer a deep clean for your skin and other functions. The product features USB charging, which can be found convenient for some users. It requires 1 x AA Battery. Blackhead Vac helps to decrease the pores, remove blackheads, and even reduce wrinkles. Due to its portability, the product can be used at home or taken with you wherever you go. It is suitable for people who travel a lot. The device also promises to improve your skin tone. Let us take a look at what real users think about the product.

Customer Reviews - Does Blackhead Vac Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product online. Most of them can be found on Amazon. About 50% of users are not satisfied with their purchase. Thus, one man says that it just doesn't work for him. He has very oily skin and does not have any results after using the product for a long period of time. He says that the device is unable to suck the pores! He feels very disappointed and does not recommend it to anyone. One girl writes in her review that she bought the product as a gift for her best friend who has a pored face. In a week her friend brought it back to her saying that they needed to ask for refund. They tried to return this ineffective product but in vain. At first they could not reach their customer service department and when they finally did it was too late to ask for a refund. However, some other customers managed to return this item. They ask everyone not to waste their money, because the device simply does not work. Such a useless thing is not cheap, though. It is wiser to spend your money on something that really works.

There are several reports that Blackhead Vac leaves bruises. If you want to have your face left with bruises you should definitely buy this device. People who have got such a painful and unpleasant effect simply hate this product and the company behind it. This thing doesn't work effectively, even right after steam and warm water. The vacuum itself remains filled with the stuff inside, so you will need to clean it thoroughly after each procedure. At the same tome it doesn't seem to remove blackheads as claimed or shown in the advertisement. It may make your nose red for long after the procedure. The product does not work even with the suction level ranging from three (mid) to five (highest). It is easier to just squeeze acne with your fingers. One man writes that he followed all the instructions provided by the manufacturer and even applied the suggestions of other users, but Blackhead Vac did nothing good even on the highest setting. He says that he has big pores, but the device failed to clean even the smaller ones. It was obvious that nothing was removed. He suggests buying a metal tool or using your own hands. Another customer reports that both his wife and he woke up with bruising on the areas where they used this product. They also followed the instructions. Don't believe all the positive reviews or promising video. The product usually comes well packaged but it may be a big surprise what you will find inside. One buyer is sorry to inform but he received the unit that did not even turn on. He charged it overnight and removed the cord. Now the device cycles through the suction setting without pressing a button. It simply turns on and off on its own. Sometimes he cannot even turn it off. The man didn't get the chance to try the product and returned it back to the company. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"If I could give Blackhead Vac a negative rating, I would. This is a useless counterproductive stuff. I still have a large dark spot on my face the size of this device's vacuum. I have bought many other products on Amazon to get rid of this spot but nothing works. I would sue them if I had a law degree, but I am just a poor business student. It is better to get a traditional facial that is much cheaper in price. I am sure tht positive reviews are paid for."

"BlackheadVac is a useless product, since it doesn't work at all, not a little bit. I have followed all the manufacturer's directions but this thing hasn't removed a single blackhead from my numerous pores. No matter which tip I use or what level of force I apply, the results are still absent. Do not believe the advertisement and waste your hard earned money."

"Blackhead vac was terrible for my sensitive skin. If you are of Irish or English descent, do not use this product. I may cause severe irritation. I have tested the action of this device on my arm and everything was fine, but when I used it on my nose for two seconds, it caused a big red hickey. I feel very embarrassed. My nose is still read after two days. Avoid this product."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, Blackhead Vac does not seem to be a good solution for people who suffer from blackheads. Based on many real users' reviews, this device does not work as claimed. It is ineffective not only for large pores but also for small ones. It may cause severe irritation and bruises on sensitive skin, so the owners of tender skin should be very careful with the device. If you have enlarged pores you will need to use special cosmetic products. Blackhead Vac does not seem to effectively minimize the appearance of pores or remove dirt associated with blackheads and acne. Some people report facing problems with operating of the device. The only advantage is that this device is portable, so it can be used while travelling. Taking into account all pros and cons of this product, I cannot recommend Blackhead Vac to buying.

Where To Buy Blackhead Vac In Stores?

Blackhead Vac can be found on a number of retail stores. The cost may differ from store to store. For example Amazon sells one unit for $26.99 plus free shipping. Each package contains one Facial Pore Cleanser. The device requires one AA battery to operate. It is not included.